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Posted 3/24/08
2nd December 07's afternoon, DBSK was invited to be part of a charity program.
Once they alight from the plane, they were followed by the crazy fans.
Resulting them to be half an hour late from their schedule.

Yunho the leader, represented DBSK to give away toys for the program.
& they were very willingly & happy to do charity work.
He also said that it has been a long time they haven't been to Beijing,
& they miss Beijing fans.
& he also said that in 2008, somewhere around may or June,
they will open a concert at Beijing & Shanghai,
& in 2007 it was the first time they started to learn Chinese.
Due to being in Japan for many activities, their Chinese isn't that good.

Even though their concert schedule is very packed,
DBSK members however, doesn't look tired.
Junsu &Yoochun where laughing "secretly",
when the other members where answering questions.
& the editor gave compliments to their friendship.

Junsu then joked that he &Yoochun aren't close,
however, every time they were made to sit next to each other,
& when they were asked if they are interested in working with China's artist,
Jaejoong answered, they admire Jay Chou.

credits: + shihui aka. c-minmin
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Posted 6/4/08
oh. i wish they knew Rainie yang
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