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Posted 3/24/08
Many Korean fans back home are impatient with DBSK’s (known as Tohoshinki in Japan) absence in the music scene. Crazy Cassiopeia, being greedy, feels as though the boys don’t need a Japanese career and should return home. But what if DBSK revealed that their hard work overseas helped them spiritually?

“Because of our Japanese debut, it was possible for us to further our career and mature,” stated DBSK on OBS’ The Interview. “We topped Japan after our third year’s work. At first, we were unsure about how we would succeed, but after accepting the culture, we’re able to touch the rest of the world. In doing so, we think we’ve matured.” The five boys shared all this in the hopes to silence complaining fan girls to show how much they’ve learn in the three years they’ve worked in Japan.

The interview continued to talk more about their experiences in Japan and showed their positive views. “Before we earned our popularity, we were able to walk the streets wearing training clothes. Now, a lot of people have been recognizing us, and we wear more presentable clothes as much as possible.” “During our debut, we sang to an audience of 50 people. Now we perform in arenas that hold thousands of fans,” DBSK continued.
Posted 3/25/08
wow!..going to japan was indeed a good thing for the group..
for them to mature is great!..^^
they should also be thinking of other DBSK fans around the globe esp in Japan..
dbsk!luv you!..^^

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