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Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/25/08
we dont want this to become a dead group so go ahead and help us out by throwing us some ideas for fun games and topics please!
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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
Once we have enough members we will start to do art and pics contests, member of the month, and also games like Guess That Quote
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
you all heard the boss! so lets get some members a goin!
Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/27/08
lol but we can only do versions. unless i can get permission of kelly to use the idea ^^
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/28/08
lol yeah. i should totally ask her if we could be some kind of odd partner group! that would definately help us out XD
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Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/30/08
lmao bleach partner with ayakashi/jyushin enbu??? lmao that would get us more members probably =DDD GAH!!! we could do something like......a what would you do if this happened?? or whatever....idk
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