Van Halen
Posted 3/24/08
It's just my opinion... oh hell with that it's a fact for sure, Van Halen rules.

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love and Jump are just awesome songs.

what do you all think?
Posted 3/26/08
I prefer to differentiate between "Van Halen" (the band) and Eddie Van Halen himself.

The band, unfortunately, doesn't really cut it. They wrote some great songs (Jump being the overplayed example), however they didn't write many other greats (very few in comparison to other bands).

Eddie himself is a completely different story. He practically developed the technique known as tapping (tapping the fretboard of a guitar in order to play notes faster without the need for picking), this enabled him to play much faster and more intricate solos than others around at the time (Eruption being the overplayed example). He was also a great showman and basically carried the band.

Van Halen without Eddie is nothing, however Eddie did perfectly well by himself. I consider him to be the real talent, and the band to be a "supporting act".

Random Trivia; Eddie was the guitarist playing the solo on Michael Jackson's "Beat It".
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Posted 1/20/10
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