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planet earth
Posted 12/27/06 , edited 12/27/06
They're one of my top fav bands. I love all their stuff. Mardraum - Beyond the Within is my fav though, along with Isa. Mardraum explores some neat stuff. Totally chaotic, uses swing beats a bit, and the soft sections are beautiful (like on the first and last songs). Isa to me is a masterpiece. Every song is distinctive & memorable and there's never a dull moment. There's so much to explore with this album. The transitions from song to song on the first half are cool, too bad they don't do it on the second half of the album. Lots of subtleties. The atmosphere through repetition, and slight variation (listen for those subtleties I mentioned) just takes me right away (especially on Bounded By Allegiance). It's one of the biggest things I love about Enslaved, I can just drift right away with it.

For those of you who haven't heard 'em, I highly reccomend thier albums Below the Lights, Isa, and Vikingligr Veldi. Enslaved can compared to Opeth, but far more atmospheric, not to mention they've done a ton of albums and gone through different phases in thier music over the years. Their more recent stuff is pretty prog metal.

http://www.blackmetalradio.com: plays Enslaved fairly often (where I found out about them as well), and a great site for any of you black metal fans out there.

http://www.enslaved.no: thier main site. If you click music, it'll bring you to thier myspace.

http://www.last.fm/music/Enslaved: you can preview a few albums there

http://youtube.com/results?search_query=enslaved&search=Search: i reccomend watching Return to Yggdrasil, Isa, and Path to Vanir isn't too bad.

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Posted 12/27/06
i dont get it im confused sum 1 help me out
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Posted 5/23/08
^ its a band dude...
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