Post Reply what is the worst anime you watch?
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28 / M / Philippines
Posted 3/25/08
for me, the worst anime i watched are the animes from 1960's - 1970's
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27 / F / in the moon, gush...
Posted 3/28/08
hmm. worst anime eh?? , mind is, it is not actually the worst anime, but i just don't like it...hmm it would, akazukin chacha(the writer is unfair, cha cha always think bout that wolf boy than shine hmp!there is no equality), magic knight rayearth(duh!! is hikaru alone the main character?, how come they call magic knights?!, poor ume and fuu) , ayashi no ceres and fushigi yuugi( the truth is these two anime is good bout the flow of the story, i really like it, but i hate hentai, is there a nid for them to show it?) :fury:, gravitation(all i can say is iw iw, damn! love those character they are so handsome) :P,,hmmm...i dont like also anime that is drama(full of drama yuck!, i like ranman 1/2, inuyasha,full metal panic and etc.. that is girls are brutal,hehehe but deep inside they care, and also boys that always bullies,yun bang d nagpapatalo, hehehehe,,and of course i dont like anime that is hentai...
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