What's your favorite anime? And what episode or part did you like your fav. anime?
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May you let me start it first.....
please include maybe a picture or not...hehe
here are the steps...

first...type your favorite anime
second (optional) you may put pictures
third...include there what part/s or episode/s did you like most...

me what I like is


first when amu-chan and tadase went to the mountains and they got lost...then when amu chan got scared....she ran to tadase....and their first date!!!


when hiroto was leaving japan...he suddenly hugged kirari

and when they have taping...

too many eh....next time...hehe...im tired when i typed this..sory!
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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
The Favorite Anime thread is sticked on the frontpage of the forums.
That, or please use the forum search!

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