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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 4/14/08
now that you have seen the anime version of our favorite character's, did they exceed your expectations?
if not, how did they look in your imagination?

in my imagination..

hikari- quite the same in my imagination..

kei- i thought he's hair is blondier or gray.. (much cooler)

tadashi- he's hair is black ( he looks like L but not the punk type)

akira-quite the same too..

jun and magumi- they look the same in my imagination..

ryuu- hmm,, his hair is just like the color of kei's hair here..

now that i have seen the anime, i would say that the they look much better in the manga than the anime!!..

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Posted 3/25/08
Almost all the character's anime appearances are fine with me. I never knew what the character's true hair colors were because Minami Maki kept on coloring their hair different colors for the manga colored illustrations!

(For example, in the manga color illustrations, Hikari's hair is always silver, brown, or black. Kei's hair ranges anywhere from blond to light brown, Tadashi's is sometimes brown but usually black, Akira's is usually black, Megumi's can be pink or blond, Jun's is usually blond or dirty blond, and Ryu's is always either dark red or light red. But this is the color manga illustrations......)

For the anime characters looking younger, I think it actually suits them. All those kids are only 15-16 years old! They don't need to look older^^.

The only character that met the expectations of my imagination for the anime appearances is Tadashi. I always imagined his hair brown.

Akira's looks, facial-wise, met my expectations the most.

Kei's hair, to me, is still too brown. I imagined it as, if not blond, light brown like some of the manga illustrations. The rest of him is fine to me (fine indeed^^).

Hikari's eyes are wider than the beginning manga looks (but her eyes do widen in later chapters, so I'm not annoyed).

Jun met my expectations very much (he looks adorable in the anime screenshots I saw of him^^)

Megumi has the cute, soft look that I expected from her. It didn't bother me that her hair was brown either.

Ryu.....................................................................................................They didn't have to turn his hair green-ish, grey-ish. They truly....did not have to do that. I LOVE him, but it's such a shame that they changed my most favorite S.A the most. C'mon, GREEN? No, it's RED! But it looks like they didn't change his kind-hearted nature, so I can't complain about that now^^. Complain about the hair now
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Posted 3/26/08
well i think they're great...although kei's apperance in the anime is somewhat like yahiro or something...but still everything is great to me....
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Posted 4/4/08
im a little dissapointed... i just dont get the awesome feelings like some other animes...and im very mad with kei's apearance....hope his personality comes through though ^^
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Posted 11/10/08
I'm only disappointed with Kei's appearance. He would have made an Awesome blonde . . but he's still pretty Awesome. ~''
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Posted 12/14/08
i think its the best
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Posted 12/30/08
fine by me...

but kei really does look better in blonde hair...

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