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Posted 3/25/08

1. Probably the only one who "matured" technically by appearance, Matsujun used to be a cute, adorable, short little round-faced munch kin back in his Johnny's Jr. days.

2. He is one of the very well-known "A"-list young actors in dramas and movies. He is also known for roles derived from popular manga (Japanese comics) series. His latest role (Fall 2005) was the unforgettable Tsukasa Domyouji in the Japanese live-action version of the manga series Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers).

3. The places he would love to visit are Los Angeles and Las Vegas. ^^

4. He is a huge fan of Tom Hanks and the Harry Potter series.

5. Probably the "coolest," most serious member of the group, Jun is also a sensitive guy when it comes to love, romance, and girls. ^_^;

6. Though mentioned that his bloodtype is "A," in technicality his bloodtype is rhesus negative, which is a VERY RARE bloodtype

7. Matsujun is also nearsighted. On stage, screen, and magazines, he makes himself look good by wearing contacts. Outside his work and during his free time, he is mainly seen by many wearing a pair of glasses.

8. Those turtles Nino gave him are “fine”, other than changes in size, they were once frozen to death, and were ‘revived’ after being dipped into hot water

9. He went to a fellow actor’s house during “Gokusen” shooting, fell in love with the darts there

10. His card reading result is: self lover, Aiba: “he loves himself VERY MUCH!

11. In the Official Arashi Calendar 2001, Jun’s pictures were edited to hide his leg hair, but there are still some pictures that “they forgot to edit”. Sho kept teasing Jun about this, as Sho thinks this is really entertaining

12. Loves to change his hairstyle

13. His 17th birthday presents from the members: electric massager (Sho), skateboard (Aiba), self portrait (Ohno), 5 small turtles (Nino). Jun felt really happy that the members remembered his birthday

14. Ohno said that his fans were the youngest

15. Wanted to spend his 17th birthday with Aiba, but was refused (politely, i guess)

16. Jun’s legend: he was once in the football team! But he never played a real game before, left when he entered Johnny’s

17. He was once really angry with Takki. On Takki’s 16th birthday, they were all working outstation. Jun bought a cake and planned to burst into his room to celebrate with him, but Takki refused to wake up. Jun was so angry that he finished up Takki’s cake with the rest

18. Sho was once his private tutor

19. During Video Concert, he forced Ohno to sleep with him on the same pillow

20. He’s quite close to Ohno, so he doesn’t use very respective words while talking to him

21. In June, he knew that they will debut, except for the fact that they would be named ‘Arashi’, he got to know it from Nino and Sho at the end of August

22. While they were having 109109 concert, the choreographer was very strict till Jun cried

23. His height when he first entered Johnny’s: 150cm

24. He once met an accident and was hospitalized for two months, went through physiotherapy even

25. The first thing he does in the morning, wash his face

26. He’s afraid of ticklish feelings, especially at the ears

27. During elementary days, he saw a white floating figure when he was visiting a deserted hospital with his schoolmates

28. He’s always late

29. He joined a ‘courage competition’ during elementary school, they had to go through the forest in the night without light to reach their destination. Because he was afraid, he walked in the middle of the line

30. Jun finds mandarin extremely difficult. no matter how much he tries to memorise the words, he always forgets them easily.

31. Surfing is one of Jun's hobbies. his so-called mentor is Yamaguchi Tatsuya of Tokio

32. Aoki Kotomi, the author of the manga "Boku wa Imouto ni koi o Suru" confessed being so excited that she nearly fainted when she found out that Jun was chosen to play the lead role of brother, Yori

33. Jun is quite a big fan of Harry Potter franchise

34. Jun seems to have this anime/manga thing going on in his screenwork

35. His personal time is from 12mn-3am

36. He is good in football

37. He likes dry plums so much that he snatches them away from Aiba

38. He is never able to sleep whenever he is in the same room with Aiba or Nino, because Aiba grinds his teeth and Nino howls in the middle of the night

39. Jun is very emotional and can cry while watching a movie

40. Once he almost got blown away while holding a flag (when he was younger of course)

41. His best friend in Arashi is Aiba

42. Jun is the first Japanese male to make it to the cover of the Japanese Marie Claire magazine. The only guys to grace the cover in its 24-yr history has been foreign superstars including David Beckham

43. Jun didn’t go thru an audition to get into Johnny Jrs. although the usual process is that the boys will have to go through auditions. Jun got a personal call by Johnny himself to come and watch the auditions, after that, he just got in without knowing it.

44. When he was in 2nd grade, he ran out onto the road and was knocked over by a van, he was severely injured, but he was as chirpy and cheerful as he could be. when the ambulance came, he kept apologising to the uncle, saying he was naughty for running out onto the road (from

45. Jun is very picky about movie/drama scripts, and will only act the roles that interest him

46. Jun is something of a fashion guru... he is known as the most stylish dresser in arashi

47. He didn’t like the HYD curls as much as any of us because of the fashion problems it posed on him. When he was on set, it was fine because he had costumes, but once he was out, he couldn’t find anything in his wardrobe to compliment his curly hairstyle

48. Little Jun used to idolise Sho

49. If you like Oguri Shun, hear this : shun got the role as Rui, because Jun told the producers that if they didn’t give Shun the role, he wouldn’t act as Doumyoji. In real life, Shun and Jun are good friends all the way from Gokusen days

50. Jun used to have a room so messy that sometimes when he slept, he would jerk awake when clothes fell onto his face. Now though, he has a sort of clothesline above his bed, and he just grabs the clothes he wants to wear, saying its a lot more convenient

51. Jun's ideal summer activity is to drive to the beach and play with a dog even though he doesn’t have a dog

52. He worries quite a fair bit about Arashi and how the public will respond to them especially overseas fans

53. One of the reasons why Jun took on the role of Domyouji Tsukasa was so that Arashi could release a new single, "Wish"

54. Jun would prefer to go dutch on dates

55. He doesn’t like kids, but he wants them... in the future

56. Sato Atsuhiro is a very respected senpai of Jun. he feels that they are "fated" to be friends since they share the same birthday and hobbies.

(from denise-dinc.vox.)
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Posted 3/25/08
hehe. Jun wants to visit where I live! yay!! Los Angeles, CA reppin!!

yay hes a Harry Potter fan as well!! ^^

some of this stuff is so random xD

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Posted 3/27/08
"55. He doesn’t like kids, but he wants them... in the future " Lolz? XD
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Posted 4/2/08
i've read this many many times but i still love reading it !!!!! still makes me smile! LOL!!!

arigatou ne!!!
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Posted 5/7/08
Me too, just keep them coming if you get to know some stuff about him okay.

Oh and he already got to visit LA and Las Vegas when they had a shooting for Hanadan Final. Yay, for him them.
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Posted 11/19/08
38. He is never able to sleep whenever he is in the same room with Aiba or Nino, because Aiba grinds his teeth and Nino howls in the middle of the night

Nino howls at night. LOL
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Posted 9/17/09

tuibuen wrote:

i've read this many many times but i still love reading it !!!!! still makes me smile! LOL!!!

arigatou ne!!!

Same here

Thank you
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