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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/31/08
This is a forum dedicated to describing the character in which you use in the progression of the Bingo-Book Series.

Character's name:
Position (if any):
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please):
Forms (if any):
Additional Info (anything you think we should know):

I will add some info about cities and environments soon but for now stick with this please thank you.
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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 6/15/08
Charecters name: Dante
Race: Vampire/ Death god
Clan: Hybrid
Position: 7th seat Mystical Council
Kills: Avetilde, Bekoji, Ferrinez, Hasha, Oran, Quazar, Ramona, Salvado, Serrian, Taquion, Uquiador, Zeldora, Zefon (Minor Fallen Order Members) ----- Leviat (leutenants) ------ Tobiya (officer)
Weapons: Scythe (Deaths Touch) duel katanas (Heaven and Hell) a broad sword (Eternal Damnation)
Forms: Human, Vampire(blood lust), Death God(Oversoul), Hybrid(Oversoul Blood Lust), More to be announced
Aditional Info: (STARTING AT THE BEGINING OF BINGO-BOOK) Dante is a self reliant fighter who loves the thrill of the fight and to push himself beyond his limits. He has a friendly rivalry with the leader of the Mystical Council, Sirberius, and forms an unusual friendship in that of Larac. As the story continues and he truly uses his ability to absorb the souls of the fallen enemies this new power fuels the inner Demon Lord Draethius causeing a personality twist. The once friendly rivalry with Sirberius becomes an obsession with proving his superiority, Draethius uses this as a way to use Dante, by making him absorb more souls and make his power grow beyond that of normal speculations. Dante's personality becomes twisted and uncaring he even kills two of his own partners in the Mystical Community in his attempt to kill Sirberius. Later as Sirberius traps Draethius in the Death Dimension, Dante is freed from the corruption of the Demon Lord Draethius and in an attampt at repentance Dante helps Sirberius escape through a rift in the Death Dimension by fighting off the hordes of demons and even stalling the Demon Lord himself long enough for Sirberius to escape through the portal into theMystical Realm. Thus ends the hero Dante.

Dante corrupted by Draethius

Over Soul Bloodlust Form

Bloodlust Form

Over Soul Form (thanks to Sirberius)

Vampiric Form

And finaly Casual Form
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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 5/30/08
Mewt Magashio Morakami
Head God
Minor-Azuno, Luther
Lieutenants-Zevon, Rasharia
Weapons:What ever he feel like summoning. No machines or guns, but extra limbs are ok.
Forms: Elemental

Additional Info: Mewt is always in his demigod form. Weapons are made from him (Bone, Blood, Fat, Flesh, ect.), they are alive and a part of him. When they are destroyed, a piece of him is. Over time he will regenerate, his body limits his power. He can't die because his body will regenerate over alot of time.
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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 6/4/08

Real Name: Ru'ul Va'arinth avalde Areadhleth
Other Name : Va'arinth, Varinthiael, Varinthi
Name Meaning : 'The Lonely One'
Type : God
Age :-Unknown-
Deity Race : The Vargicans or 'the Exiled Ones'
Level Divine : 67 Divine (that means he's a powerful god Image )
Title or rank given : 'Lord of the 7th Netherworld', 'Dark Prince of Va'athril', 'Ruler of the Dark Winterlands'
Powers or elements used : Darkness, Ice and Astral (Light) element.
Special powers/ Great powers : Dark Winter, Dark Holy, Blizzard of the Abyss, Wrath of the Exiled Ones
Headquarter : Frozen Palace, Mount Va'athril, Varinthiael's Netherworld
Weapons Used : Laenacranth (Black sword with a runic inscription on the blade) & Valdacranth
(Golden staff with divine power, gifted by the Aemireans = the Ruling Deities)

Subordinates : Lythammos the disciple, Avithanas the advisor,
Ryvathanos the subordinate,Syrlathan
the messenger,Manothas the guardian,'Jannas the grand
commander,Svactimael the collector and Ardhelael the
Info : Varinthiael is once an Aemirean, a class of ruling deities who rules the universe and heaven. He was betrayed by their own kind, exiled and casted out from Eanthralhein (world or the Aemireans) to Vathrulhein (realm of the Netherworlds). For thousands of millenia he sleep to his ruined world, gathered back his powers and gained supporters who followed him since the exile and take revenge to eliminate the Aemirians. He is now awaken from his slumber and then he begin his act of revolution on his own to destroy the corrupted Aemireans including their Cheif God, Khazaseth....

True Form

Common Form

Battle Form
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Posted 3/27/08 , edited 2/1/09
Character's name: L'rac Aledan (Larac)

Age: Total age 174 years old (43 yrs old 1st life, 131 yrs old 2nd life, couple of days old)

Race: Shapeshifter, Prophet

Clan/affiliations: Last Prophets, Mystic Council

Profession: Knight, Council, Prophet, Magus

Position/Ranks: 8th council, Wanted Hellrunner, Leader of Last Prophets

Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): too lazy to put it here

Weapons: Quicksilver Blades, Simple swords, Fist

Shapeshifting - Can change into any shape of any being. can lengthen bone and skin from any part of the body. possible to grow feathers, bone, flesh, blood and etc from unknown source of energy. it is also possible to change any part of the body to be as hard as any known metal/rock/crystal element. shifting to water/air/fire is not possible.
Shapeshift to stone/metal - can transform to metal/rock(rarely uses it)
Hell's touch - An ability he uses to send any living thing or soul to hell or anywhere
Seals and Sigils mastery - master of the art of binding seals and sigils
Summoning - Golems and Demons
Prophecy - Can see to distant/far/galactic future (Distorted Future)(found in bingo book)
Divination - Looks at everyday objects as signs from the divine
Binding Infestation - Binds self to opponent(body and soul), causing mental and physical harm. acts as a leech feeding on the host.
Immunity - Immune from curses, Energy Draining, Insanity.
Partial Immortality - Can live long until killed
Shapeshift to crystal - Shapeshifts self to crystal (he is aware of this this skill but never plan to use it, because it'll take him bout 4 to 10 years to return to normal)
Body Swap - A technique he can use only once, by swapping his body with the target.(He is reserving this move for a Devil Demon God)
Blood Pollution - Turns blood into poisonous/deadly/virus/disease. (effective only to beings not undead)
Clone - Makes a perfect(100%) clone of self.(A move he fears because the clone is a perfect copy of himself)

Known for:
He is known for his vast connection of friends, acquaintances, information.
Belief of the old tradition.
Going to blood bars to terrorize vampires.
Heavy drinker.
Binding seals and sigils in a fight or even for no reason at all.
Shapeshifts to attract/use as bait for his enemy.
Vampires and demons dont drink his blood because of its foulness.
To occasionally hate vampires.

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Posted 3/31/08 , edited 4/23/08
Characters name: Ky
Race: Half demon/half slayer
Clan: Hybrid
Position (if any): Dont make me laugh
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): 2 <From the list>
Weapons: Chain, Sword, Claws, Wings and Best friend and tutor Deidore (Not really a weapon more like blood +s Haku)
Forms (if any):


Demonic :Not yet

Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Im tamed. Deidore tames me. If he is not by my side I can- no WILL- kill a whole continent in a heartbeat.Just thought you ought to know.
Details later on how I work.
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Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
Azriel (Ira) - Wrath

Apearence - long black hair, wears a black long coat with violet interior, black pants with chains, Black angel wings, two demonic horns (as mark that he was repeled from the heavens, an arch-angel), shoulder spikes, spiked wrist guards, Broadsword on back.

Weapons - carries a Broadsword, uses hand claws, and also a expert hand-to-hand fighter.

Abilities - Due to the nature of his Sin he is able to infest peoples bodies who are weak willed and cause them to commit suicide, he can also provoke turmoil between people. Controls minions fueled by hatered. He can also control flames and shadows to use as attacks or essences to empower other forms of attacks (example: flaming sword)

Fortress - Burning City of Dis - a city that is set aflame other then the fortress of the city which houses Azriel himself. The city itself is littered with corpses and heads of the fallen on pikes. The common households are set aflame, but never burn down completely, with the stench of burning carcases filling the air. The city is pretty large, and the souls of the restless undead can be heard screeching. Unliving corpses walk around aimlessly ruthlessly attacking each other and anything else that moves. The fortress is the only part of the city that is still as elegant as it once was in the past, a victorian style castle. On the castle grounds is a chapel that is completely constructed of the bones of the dead, a way of showing defiance to the gods.

Obsticles to get to Azriel's Throne Room - The gates to the fortress are guarded by his pet Cerberus (three headed dog each head has the ability of one element), this is also a graveyard where the army of the dead fight intruders. After this you go through a dungeon/maze which also contains a blood crazed minatour and the common foot soldiers in Azriels Army, which leads to a tourtue chamber where experiments authorized by Azriel are created, these creatures include those who have been captured and enslaved by Azriel around the realms of his travel these are his leutenants. His throne room is guarded by his elite minions (strongest) and his right hand man (Damien), some of the elite guards include; Bael, demon with six arms, Behemoth, Demon resembling a human torso and head but with a scorpion bottom, Caim, a warrior who feels no pain and is incredibly swift and agile, among many others (8 elites). Damien is the strongest fighter that Azriel has under his command he is only insufferior to Azriel himself, he is an arch-angel who followed Azreil's decent from the gods and is completely loyal to Azriel. If one is able to pass all these obsticals and trials then they will be granted a court with Azriel himself.

Personality - He is suprisingly very calm (ironiclly) and he is a very charismatic leader, this causes his army to be the second largest of the SALIGIA, second only to pride. He is extremely powerful and very often kills his in very brutal fashion, he toys and provokes his opponents by taking what they care most about and destroying it to provoke anger. Then when they break down emotionally he will use his ability to control the person's feelings while they are in a weakend state and cause them to kill them selves in a very slow and painful way. He seems to enjoy the anger and sinful feelings of others, and takes the heads of those he kills placing them on stakes which litter the city of Dis. He is probably the most morbid of the SALIGIA members and probably the most cruel. He takes the strong fighters who challenge him and use them in experiments to make his army grow even larger.

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Zein (The Unnamed Member)

Appearance – Long black spiky hair with red streaks, has wine red eyes, and tan skin. Wears a long black short-sleeve shirt that and zip open in the front with black baggy pants that seem like sweat pants, black boots, and black gloves. He keeps his dagger-tail, Death Sentence at his side. A dark aura is constantly swirling around his body, showing his immense amount of energy that flows through his body.

Info – He is the supposed partner of Phaethon. Not much is known of him amongst SALIGIA. Zein is a Doppelganger that chose to take the form of Complete Hybrid Sirberius and used his power to strike down Sirberius in front of the eyes of Dante and Larac. He is often mistaken for Sirberius, even amongst the Council.

Weapons – Is a major hand-to-hand fighter, but also uses his weapon called Death Sentence. Death Sentence is a long dagger-tail whip chain. He also uses the weapons of Complete Hybrid Sirberius known as Heine’s Obliteration and Death Penalty.

Abilities – Has all of the powers and abilities as Complete Hybrid Sirberius. Most are still a mystery to SALIGIA and to the Council for that matter. He also commands a vast army of the undead.
Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
Character's name: Riruko Kagehiko....also called Risa
Race: vampire/elf/demon
Clan: Hybrid
Position (if any): not yet =P
Weapons: uses magic and a sword
Forms (if any):

Hybrid form:

Elf form:

Demon form:

Vampire form:

Additional Info:

Was born a demon/elf hybrid and was turned into a vampire on her 16th birthday. Is the current queen of the Shou clan (vampire clan). Puts a lot of value on respect and loyalty and can be a very nice person to the people she cares about. Her past is something shed rather not talk about, but if you get close enough to her she will tell you in time, just so that you would understand the choice that she makes in life a little better.

She dosnt like the ways of her clan and so she lives apart from it. Although she is not really part of the clan anymore she still fufills her duty as the queen, evenif she dosnt want to. Does not want her fate of being the queen to be passed to anyone so she is also trying to find a way to break the cicle.

She keeps to herself and hardly talks about her feelings or anything in that direction.

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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/29/08
THIS CHARACTER IS ezra_kulit's

Character's name: Ezra

Age: Unknown

Race: Witch, Prophet

Clan/affiliations: Last Prophets, Witch clan of the North

Profession: Musician, Witch

Position/Ranks: Larac's accomplice

Weapons: 2 Flutes (Black, silver), Staff, Short Blade

Flute of Chaos - Uses flute(black), To make an eerie sound that will confuse and painfully attack hearers.
Apocalyptic Tune - Uses flute(black), To create illusions, mirages to anyone who hears a single note.
Fire Spells - Create fire using staff or hands.
Frost Spells - Create Ice and freezing winds with staff.
Poison Nails - Injects poisonous substance with nails
Prophecy - Can see to distant/far/galactic future (Distorted Future)(found in bingo book)
Divination - Looks at everyday objects as signs from the divine
Chaos Spells - Spells that causes destruction on any real object or being.
Power Scan - Can detect the beings overall power.
Curse - Puts curse into beings
White Magic - Heal, Cure and regenerate

Known for:
Destruction of multiple targets.
Accompanied with a prophet.
spend most of her free time playing music with her flute.
can create a very destructive spell(strong enough to kill any being!!!).
has a seal marked on the middle of her chest(used against her, binded to a prophet)
Avenging her sisters by killing a hybrid Lycan/God

Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/29/08
Character's name: Raikosuke

Race: Elf/human

Clan: Society of Elementalists

Position: None at the moment.

Kills: None at the moment.

Weapons: Thunder Halberd


Additional Info:
Raikosuke's parents were killed when he was younger by humans. They always told him to never hold a grudge against anyone, no matter how evil or cruel they are. So he doesn't. He is now traveling, helping those in need when he can. He doesn't take sides, no matter what.

Raikosuke is a very kind and caring person. He is one of the few elementals left that are good. He doesn't like killing. But he knows he wouldn't be able to survive if he wasn't able to defend himself. He loves children and animals and hates to see them die.
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 7/17/08
Character's name: javex serva
Age: 16
Race:Geno Hybrid
Clan: ????
Position (if any): None
Kills :lady Ashely de Superubia
Weapons: Hand to hand fighter,E-bladescythe ,creatures of the necro metro.elemental realease,liquid reconfurization,molecular reconfiguration.blood burst,mysterious artifacts,hybrid sword kaiju

original human form

shadow hunter form:

realease slash form

death form:

the third realease form: body becomes white and becomes more demonic and strict in tone
infinte chaos form:,,,,..the creature that was sealed in my soul and my heart fuse with the effects of the infinte drain cannons energy.creating a new creature.
E-blade scythe:
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 6/15/08
Character's name: Tenkai Hyachi
Age: 297 but looks 14
Race: Hybrid (Divine Elemental/Divine Dragon), Kim-un-Kur
Clan: The Vahari
Position (if any): None
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please):
Weapons: Hand to hand fighter. Scythe(DEADLY GODDESS) Combines attackes with different elements to block and attack


Final Burst
Spinning Inferno
Consuming Inferno

Water Prison
Frozen Miasma

Dragon Twister
Swath of Destruction

Gaia's Vengence

Chaos Blast
Dance of Death

Healing Moonlight
Lux Ultima

Lightning Wave
Lightning Strike
Dragon Strike
Shattered Sky
Thunder Pierce

Divine Blast
Divine Dragon Cannon
Divine Strike

Forms (if any):

Elemental (Normal form)
Divine Dragon Form
Enraged Hybrid Form
Complete Hybrid form

Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Tenkai is an outcast to the Vahari clan. His being a Hybrid cause him to lose his title to the next Vahashi (Elemental Lord). Once he was kicked out of the clan he began to wander the Mystical Community in search of acceptance. But what he stumbled upon was the Old Elder Gods speaking with an unknown person about plans to kill all Hybrids. Tenkai took it upon himself to stop they plans. He is the reason why the Great god War ended. He (by himself) took out the Old Elder Gods and banished them to the Underworld.

He is very playful, and energetic. He has also lost his right to the Kim-un-Kur Hybrid title but can still retain his Complete Hybrid form. Both of his “others” were killed and destroyed in his fight with the Old Elder Gods. He has a very wild sense of humor. He will kill upon instinct with no hesitation to determine wither or not you are his enemy or just an innocent bystander which makes him deadly.

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Posted 5/30/08 , edited 6/15/08
Name – Sirberius Reono (Dominant Personality), Zane Hediyoshi (Inner Personality), Sparda Horaku (Inner Personality)

Age – 17 (In Vampire and Dragon years), 170 (age once every 10 years in the Mystical Realm), and 850 (in mortal realm years)

Race – Vampire/Dragon Hybrid

Sub-class – Kim-un-Kur (a rare Hybrid breed that comes every 500 years after the last one has died)

Position – Grand Mystic of the Mystic Council

Kills – Alastor, Aximili, Blaze, Calz, Cheruna, Kavaso, Natsume, Ovan, Requiva, Toltayose, Vasharan, Yuado, and Zycaira

Forms – DEMI (Dragon/Vampire),

TRUE HYBRID (a form made to use the powers of the souls of his captured enemies. Given to him by the Demon Lord),


DEMON (a form given to him by The Demon Lord),

COMPLETE HYBRID (can only be used if all personalities are combined together)

PURE HYBRID FORM (My final and far most powerful yet dangerous form........ I don't know much about it, but I acquire it during my second period of time in the Death Dimension. It takes every form that I have and melds it into one ultimate form of destruction)

Sirberius –

HEINE’S SHADOW(second stage Dual Guns aka DG-2)

Zane – HEINE'S INVASION (triple blade dual swords)
(normal form)
(three bladed form)

Sparda – HEINE'S ZERO (Bastard Sword)

Complete Hybrid Sirberius –
HEINE’S OBLITERATION (Combination of Rengito, Heine’s Invasion, and Heine’s Invasion. A bastard sword with a rifle in the middle that separates the blade. The sword has the power to embed the blade the elements. The sword can also be split in two and be used as dual swords, both with rifles on top of the blade.
DEATH PENALTY (Sirberius’s main choice in weapons. Gauntlets made of an unbreakable metal alloy that can harvest the power of the elements)
DEATH SENTENCE (An addition to the Death Penalty. It's formed out of the chain the Rubi had given him during his childhood. It's a long dagger-tail chain whip. By using Death Penalty with it, the user can channel power through both and double the force and power behind each attack.)

Skills – Sirberius
Dragon Fire,
Reaper’s Dance (Creates up to five clones of Sirberius to do combination spells or attacks with him),
Reaper’s Edge (flings targets into the air and creates a razor sharp circle that is emitted by circular swings of Sirberius’s scythe),
Reaper’s Wrath (Allows Sirberius to create a sword of pure fire that can be used to destroy almost anything),
Reaper’s Vengeance (Creates a destructive energy wave with the swing of Sirberius’s scythe),
Hellfire Quake (Creates a lava pit by destroying the earth’s crust with an earthquake. Work’s best after Reaper’s Edge, Reaper’s Dance, and Reaper’s Wrath),
Infinity Bullet (creates a large bullet blast of destructive energy)
Infinity Cannon (creates a beam of destructive energy)
Death Dimension (creates a spell circle that sends everyone in it to the Sin Realm were the user will have their strength increased by ten-fold, but drains your energy in return. Lasts as long as the user has power or cancels it out.)

Chaotic Strike (Creates two clones of Zane and executes a combination attack with him ending with an attack that binds the target to the ground where they are)
Drain Cannon (Drains the life force and energy of its target and transfers it to Zane)
Trinity Barrage (Allows Zane to fire off hundreds of fireballs at multiple (or one) targets)

Sword Dance (creates two clones of Sparda and executes a combination attack with him)
Chaos Blast (covers Sparda in dark energy and expands outward up to twenty feet while destroying anything in its path)
Demonic Ray (Shoots a ray of dark energy that follows its target where ever they may go)

Complete Hybrid Sirberius
All the skills of his personalities
Demonic Draining Infinity Cannon (Sirberius shoots a ball of energy that follows its target. Once it hits, it traps them inside and drains them of life force and energy)
Dragon’s Strike (Combines punches and kicks embedded with an element to damage its target)
Dragon’s Fury (An attack of 30-50 punches that are embedded with elemental power)
Dragon’s Rage (Combines punches and kicks embedded with an element. Ranging from 50-80 blows. Then finishes off with a blast of energy with the used element
Heavenly Blow (An attack of 20 punches embedded with light energy and finishes with a light energy blast)
Hell’s Vengeance (An attack of 20 kicks embedded with fire energy and finishes with a devastating kick)
Time spell – Replay, Time Lapse, Haste, Standstill
Soul Ripper - (Needs Death Sentence to work. Allows the user to open a vortex into the Death Dimension. Then lets the user reach inside of their target and grab the very essence of their spirit. The user can either rip their soul from their body or fling the target into the vortex. Uses almost all of the user's Ka'dai(light energy) and De'Kaju(dark energy).)
Dragon's Assault - (Still unkown)

Additional Information on Sirberius’s Personalities

Sirberius Reono (Strategically minded and Childish)
Main Weapon: Rengito (Dual Guns)
A very large spell caster. Like to play around… a lot. Even though he is 17, he has a very childish look about him and acts that way too. But only if he isn’t combines with Zane or Sparda.

Zane Hediyoshi (Aggressive fighter and Serious)
Main Weapon: Heine’s Invasion (Dual Swords)
A very large user of attack skills. Likes to get to the point in a conversation and is very hot headed. He is mainly on the offensive in a fight. He is the one that keeps the childish Sirberius in check.

Sparda Horaku (Passive fighter and Calm minded)
Main Weapon: Heine’s Zero (Bastard Sword)
A very large user of defensive skills. Mainly sits back and listens during a conversation. He is mainly defending in a fight.

Complete Hybrid Sirberius (All personalities in one)
Main Weapon: Death Penalty (To be unveiled in the final fight of the Bingo Book)
A very large user of combination attacks and spells. Combines all the skills of his personalities for the ultimate off and defense. Refers to his other side as ‘The Childish Sirberius’ when talking about him. Doesn’t like too many people. Isn’t very friendly.

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