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Mystical Community Character Info
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25 / M / The World That Ne...
Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/1/08
Character's name: KRAD
Race: Espada
Clan:Hollows and Arrancer of Hueco Mundo
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): 0
Weapons: Eternal Abyss(Scythe), Sin & Pein (Dual Guns), Zero Point(Zweihander), Divine & Despair(Dual Masamunes), Blaize & Flame(Chakrams)
Forms (if any):
Wrath Form: Uses dual guns and zweihander.
Holy Form: Uses Masamunes
Demon Form: Uses Chakrams
Final Form: Uses Scythe
Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Even though my character's power is darkness, he is not evil. He's basically a really good guy, minus his flirtatious attitude and ecchi nature.
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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/3/08 , edited 7/10/08
Character's name: Lord Valentine de Invidia
Race: Sinner
Position (if any): Mystic Council?
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): Drakov, Phaethon
Weapons: Envious Scyph
Attacks: Fatal Attraction, Thousand Eyes Restrict, Art of Sand & Ice
Forms (if any): [Since Sinners became the embodiments of sin, their original forms are gone. They basically don't have a "true" form but I'll post a few of Valentine's]
"Normal" Form

"Sinner" Form

"Human" Form

"Elf" Form

"God" Form

Original Form

Pic of Kira, Valentine's twin

Additional Information: Valentine is more mysterious of SALIGIA. He occasionally mocks people. With his manipulation, he has gained as much power as Dominic. Sometimes known as the "Puppeteer of Frozen Sand", he creates puppets using ice and sand. Only having an army of thirteen, he is usually targeted; however, he and his army can easily disappear within an instant. His "unit" is led by Envy. He has a twin named Sir Kira.
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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/6/08
Luke- An Old Elder God. Later to be known as the God of Creation when he created Earth. He was the one to organize SALIGIA. Shortly before the Great God War, he vanished without a trace.

Eon- An Old Elder God who created the mystical creatures that later inhabited the Mystic Community. He was killed by his servant, the angel Draethiel who later became Draethius.

Kane- Lesser God killed during the Battle of Swawns.

Nathaniel- angel killed during the Battle of Swawns.

Akirael- angel that is twin to Barrel. When Barrel became Valentine, Akirael changed his name to Sir Kira.

Mystia- Elder God who created the Mystic Community to home Eon's mystical creatures. She was one of the gods that protested against the Elder Gods' wishes to eliminate all hybrids.
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27 / F / someplace high . . .
Posted 6/6/08 , edited 6/25/08
Character's name:Calintz Stir Ferena
Race: Hybrids - half demon, half Alchemist
Position:Mystical Council 5th Seat
Profession:Mercenary, Scholars, Traveler
Weapons:Spell, potion, katana
This is the ability to communicate and read thoughts, especially of humans.
to move objects with the mind.
Mind control
to cloud the mind of a human or enemy, bending them to his or her will.
Rapid Healing
Able to heal quickly.
Art of alchemy
the ability to make and create and transform many things.
Demon power
As a result of her demonic heritage she possesses numerous superhuman abilities like controling fire, superhuman strength and senses, immortality.
human form

normal form

Additional Info:
I need to work on it . . . plz wait ~
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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/6/08 , edited 7/10/08
Character's name: Dr. Dmitri Valenti
Race: human
Clan: The Order (group of humans in Earth that know of the Mystic Community's existence)
Position (if any): Coordinator (Earth Representative)
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): Noah
Weapons: hand gun
Forms (if any): only human
Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Dmitri became The Order's Coordinator thirty years ago when the last, Sebastian Darling, was killed in the Maverick Hills Incident. He was given the Hawkeye Curse by Leonardo which turned his eyes yellow, made immune from magic, and gave him the ability to sense the darkness in peoples' hearts. This caused him to be less open to those around him than he was before he was eight. He constantly works with Youichi in making sure that the mystical creatures do not enter Earth. He began working with Tenkai and Joel in the SALIGIA investigation after Larac and Dante saw The Unnamed Member kill Sirberius.

Character's name: Sebastin Darling
Race: human
Clan: The Order
Position (if any): former Coordinator
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): none
Weapons: handgun
Forms (if any): only human
Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Sebastin was a good friend of the Sinner Leonardo. Until thirty years ago, he had been the Coordinator for The Order. His apprentice, Dmitri Valenti, took his place after Dmitri and Leonardo were killed at the Maverick Hills Incident.

Character's name: Joel
Race: angel
Clan: Raines
Position (if any): archangel, replaced Azriel after his banishment when replacing Leonardo
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): none
Weapons: unknown
Forms (if any): only one known
Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Joel had originally been an angel under the command of the God Eon. When Draethius killed Eon, Joel taken in by Mystia when the rest of Eon's angels were discriminated and killed. He later helped as a medic during the Battle of Swawns and the Fallen Order War. Lately he has been helping Mystia locate Luke. After find a clue that might lead him to Luke, he joined up with Dmitri and Tenkai to confront SALIGIA
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/9/08
Evangline (alternate self – Psiren)

Race: Hybrid (Vampire/Demon Wolf/Demon)

Clan: none

Kills: (Lieutenant) Anemone

Weapons: Twin Blades, Scythe, and a Curved Sabre

Skills; Demonic Ray, Chaos Blast, Reaper's Dance, Reaper's Vengence, Reaper's Edge, Demise Slash, Assault of the Black Rose, Rose Storm, Triangulate, Covergence of Tides, Tiger Blitz, Heavenly Wheel, Cataclismic Strike.


(Evangeline and Psiren)

Black Rose Vampire

Wolf Demon

Black Rose Demon

Infernal Black Rose Hybrid

Additional Information: She is the adoptive sister of the Grand Mystic Sirberius. She was born in the city Tyruna during the Age of Reminisce. Her parents were killed during a riot between the people who wanted things to stay the same, and those who thought it was time for change. When Sirberius found her, she was a street kid fighting for her life between the people that didn’t like Hybrids. Sirberius rescued her from a mob and defeated her pursuers. That’s when she asked him to train her. He gladly agreed. After a while they developed a brother and sister relationship. Sirberius has taught her a lot about what her vampire and demon races can do. She knows about 40% of Sirberius’s techniques and has become creative enough to mold them into her own special moves.

She has a twin named Psiren but she is infused inside of Evangeline. Evangeline is a very short tempered girl, and Psiren is even more hot-headed than her. She is a great strategist. She can be sweet and care loving, but if you irritate her, then you will be seeing your life flash before your eyes within moments. Even though Psiren is infused her Evangeline, she switches with her once they change forms. They community with each other the same way Zane, Sparda, and Sirberius do (though each others thoughts).
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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/11/08
Character's name: Lord Leonardo de Ira
Race: Sinner
Position (if any): Ira
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): none
Weapons: none, he uses martial arts
Attacks: Thunder Wave
Forms (if any): unknown

Additional Info: He was a good friend of Sebastin. He once worked with Valentine. He died at the Maverick Hills Incident in which he gave Dmitri a Hawkeye Curse before dying. He was replaced by Azriel, the only Sinner to keep his original name.
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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/12/08
Character's name: Count Solomon Gregorovitch a.k.a. Count Grindell the Grim Reaper
Race: elf and demon
Clan: Gregorovitch
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): none
Weapons: Claws
Forms (if any):
Normal form
Dragon form
Demon form
Complete Hybrid form
Additional Info (anything you think we should know): As royal as he was, he was in fact a bastard. He was born due to the affair an elf had with a demon. His existence was considered a sin, like all the other hybrids beginning to be born. At one time he had been considered the reincarnation of the angel Nathaniel, who died in the Battle of Swawns, but there wasn't enough data to support that. When he was five, his parents tried to kill him. His "others" -Heliosephysis and Legato- combined with his dominate personality to create a new personality -Grindell. Grindell killed his parents and took over the estate. With his new powers, he tried to go on a crusade against the humans. He became later known throughout the human realm as the mythical Grim Reaper. However elves from the Mystic Community helped the humans form The Order. Coordinator Miranda Press, the appointed leader of The Order, led a counterstrike against Grindell. Grindell was stacked to an obelisk and burnt alive. Later on, Press discovered scrolls written by Grindell on the topic of his existence which he called the Complete Hybrid or Kim-un-Kur. The Elder Gods have played with his genes for centuries and have found a way to place this Kim-un-Kur gene into the offsprings of other races. But soon discovered that it only matures inside of a Hybrid child. Even though the Elders find this gene an abomination, they manipulate and control the person with the gene to do as they wishes so that the same thing doesn't happen as it did with Grindell.
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24 / M / Above Wherever I...
Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/14/08
Character's name: Patsu Longringer
Race: Human
Clan: None
Weapons: Crown Slay (sword)



-Bend Raze- Crown Slay weaves through the air like a wraith...a basic ability sparked by any emotion that is correctly channelled into the sword.

-Lucifer's Debt- Crown Slay breaks into feathers into the air, which form cushions that he can step on. A complex technique sparked by the feeling of hope. If his feelings become negative, the feathers condense into his sword, so they can't be used as weapons.

-Hatred Channel- Crown Slay separates into two swords, one unable to cut, but able to give the sensation of thousands of burning cuts on contact, imitating heated anger. The other sword represents cold hatred, also unable to cut, but reducing the opponent's body temperature drastically. Patsu's strength is also boosted in this technique, and his reasoning is reduced.

-Cross Cleave- This technique is actually used by using legs in a similar manner to a sword, and Patsu perfected it to be used aerially. Though on the ground he can't use it well, he can create huge impact from midair.

-World Graveyard- Patsu's "Endscape," in which all memorized forms of his sword Crown Slay appear as cemetary decorations, with a fence of more swords. Patsu needs intense calm for this to be successful, but then within the Graveyard he can move anywhere instantly, and also switch between all versions of his Crown Slay.

-Aer Yin- A quick pulse of emotion emanating from within Crown Slay that either corrodes substances (if negative) or heals them (if positive). Though Patsu is told this is his strongest asset by a Maester, he doesn't believe it is powerful, and neither do his companions. (also bounty hunters)

-and etc...all attacks are based on emotions and using his sword as a physical channel...

Additional Info:
Patsu Longringer is an innocent but powerful bounty hunter. His father stumbled upon a Crystal, a vessel of the power of gods. This drove him insane, and he attempted to kill his son and wife. Patsu lost his memory of the incident afterwards, but also somehow absorbed the ability of the Crystal. This one's particular ability applies directly to the blade, changing its shape, size and all its properties based on Patsu's emotions.
As Patsu grows, he dreams to be a "Maester," what members of the Council are called in his country. His adult form shows him as a future Maester, master of the use of Emotion Channel and Crown Slay. I admit...the angel form was just kinda interesting...I have no intention of Patsu becoming a messenger of god.
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
Character's name: Rubi Delacoure

Age: 19 or (193) (ages once every ten years…. It’s a dragon thing…. She is essentially younger than Sirberius by birth date, but since he didn’t age in the Death Dimension, she is currently older age wise.

Race: Hybrid (Neko/Dragon)

Clan: The Royal of the Ish’Rai Clan

Position (if any): none

Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): none

Weapons: Nothing but her Claw, Fists, Tail. and Dragon magic

Forms (if any):
Normal Form

Neko Form

Dragon Form

Demi Form

Hybrid Form

Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Rubi is the fiancé of Siberius. She was born in Zelcova and is the heir to taking over the Ish’Rai Clan (an elite noble family built entirely of Hybrids). She had been in love with Sirberius since they were teenagers. Then he was sent to the Death Dimension. While Sirberius served The Demon Lord, Rubi started up a group of people called the Mystic Knights. They are not very well known, but they are what would be referred to as a lower class Mystic Council. They helped out towns and cities that were being attacked by others, and were targeted for being Hybrids.

She is a very subtle and caring person, but when irritated she can become more ferocious and vicious as Sirberius in his Complete Hybrid form. She mainly loves to use combination attacks when fighting, and embeds her attacks in an assortment elements to add more power to the blows.

A hidden fact about Rubi is that her family has been in touch with one of the Sinners of SALIGIA. That person had given them a red ruby as a family heirloom. It had been passed down generation to generation until Rubi received it. Before Sirberius was sent to the Death Dimension for the first time, she gave it to him inside of the chain that she gave him to remember her by. That Ruby is a source of great power, and a cause of great destruction.
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F / Chronos Academy
Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/23/08
Character's name: Aeris Nightstriker (Youichi is her other name)
Clan: Head of the Nightstriker Clan
Race: Elementalist
Position (if any): 2nd Seat Mystic
Weapons: swords, staff, bow, magic
Target: Larac (would gladly beat him up any day)
Forms (if any):


Shadow Form:

Aeonist Form:

Sword Form:

Additional Info (anything you think we should know):

Aeris is a well-known elementalist and master of various weapons, mastering all known weapons and magic. Her specialties vary from being able to bring someone/a group of people back, giving instant death, summoning aeons, healing all types of injuries, teleporting, being in several places at once, changing herself or her weapons into something else and being to block any attacks, abilities etc with just two fingers or her hand.

She can see everything, from what is in front of her, behind her so she knows if you’re going to attack her. Because she has countless abilities, and her promise never to kill anyone, she always wears a pair of gloves and a blindfold (she can see through it) to prevent her from hurting any innocent people around her. There are more, but these are so far the only specialties ever recorded.

Her forms are never seen only to be used in the harshest conditions or if there is no other way. She is most commonly referred to as “Nightstriker” as she’s most active at night and feared by many. Her other name is "Youichi" in which she is called that when she's active in the daytime because no one actually knows her real first name. Although she is feared by many, there are those who wish to capture her because her blood is able to be used for many things such as giving life to those who have fallen, sealing barriers, summoning/casting magic, controlling others etc.

Aeris happens to be one of the oldest people still living however her appearance proves otherwise. Her guardian's name is Dietrich, who happens to be her cousin that no one seen or known of his existence. Any information on her family lies in the dark. She has been known to lose control as the world was once destroyed by her in the past and now is trying to repair the damage in the present world. Aeris is currently serving as the Chronos Academy's Head which is an academy that uses the special abilities people have to protect humankind from those who hides in the shadows.

Her target is Larac because although she has the promise of not killing anyone, it has been revealed that herself and Larac have some sort of link that was made years ago. Larac himself doesn't remember anymore what happened that day and seemingly no one else does. She is currently searching for Larac in the present time.
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/16/08
Character's name: Yugo Bloodmare

Race: Devil Angel/Demi-God

Weapons: Can summon weapon at command. It is named after its color. He can control his weapons movements. Is sometimes in a form of spheres that surrounds him.
Ruby (Eye) - A floating eye that follows me around, fires lazers either by my command or on its own(the intenity of the heat depends on how I command the RUBY). Sometimes hides behind my back.

Sapphire (Crystal ball) - It acts as a scout. It shows me the pathways of where i want to go by viewing the crystal. It can also float on its own and acts as a decoy. It can change it shape to anything i please, from sword to spike ball.

Obsidian (Bastard sword) - Its a special bastard sword made from special materials and will never ever be dull. and its special materials also makes it light and element resistant. It also absorbs the element then used to fire back at attacker.

Jade (Dice) A stone that can take any form of beasts(medium size only). it is a strong material but if it breaks it comes back to its original form

Sugilite(Unknown) It is unknown what Sugilate is. Sugilite works mysteriously and cannot be seen around or attach to me like the other weapons. Sugilite acts as a shield for those who attack his back. Whenever an energy beam or a sword is behind him and is purpose is to inflict damage on me, Sugilite appears out of nowhere and either block or deflect the attack.

Forms (if any): My normal form and human form are flightless form.
here is the order of Hybrid forms starting from humanoid (1 - 1.a- 2.a) (1 - 1.b - 2.b )
Normal Humanoid Form 1

Yugo Normal Form (Hell angel / Demigod form) 1.a

Devil God Form 2.a

(Devik/Angel fusion Hybrid) FUSION HYBRID 1.b

Black Devil Hybrid Form 2.b

ENERGY DISPERSE - when a magic or energy is used to attack me. I can separate the energy causing to lose its form. the energy disappears into thin air.
TOXIC COUNTRY - when changing to hell angel overdrive mode, the atmosphere fills up with horror, rotten, and the scent changes into the scent of skin burning. the soil in the ground becomes one with me, it follows my command and is alive. The soil is posessed by me.
WINGS OF A HELL ANGEL - because i was born as a hybrid, my wings didnt develop well. but whenever i change to a form like hell-god/angel fusion my wings become a hot black substance, that has unknown bacterial substance. it is also very hot like magma. the hell angel overdrive mode wings becomes a living creature attached at my back, it has its own separate energy source and it also defends itself and me
FEATHER ESCAPE - I cover myself in wings, when attacker comes and attacks me. the feathers disperse and teleporting me to a far away distant, depending on where I choose. i can view it using sapphire.
FEATHER ESCAPE AFTERMATH - after I use the feather escape, a vacuum of space pulls everything close to my proximity(kinda like JUMPER)
GODS WRATH(RUBY) - Ruby, flies high into the air. It telepathically follows my orders and waits for my signal to fire. fires a hundred lasers at one area causing destruction. the lazer fires when it reaches on the target it explodes(kinda like in animes)
SAW/SPIKES/BLADES (SAPPHIRE) - sapphire changes into sharp objects. when sapphire is destroyed it turns to liquid. if I cannot retrieve sapphire i can make a new 1 with water.
TOXIC SWORD(OBSIDIAN) - i can change obsidians form to hard solid to dripping liquid kinda sword. it has the same material from my black wings but was acquired from a different source. Even though it continues to drip, it will always never lose its form.
MIND BOMB - If an enemy gets close to me, like 5 feet close, I can fill his mind with Illusions. Things that he fear, regrets manifest itself infront of his/herself
GUIDE RUBY's LAZER - When ruby fires her lazer, I can telepathically control its direction. Then use Sapphire to see where the lazer goes. But if it is open grounds, i can freely control the lazers movements. the lazer does not curve.
DEVIL EYES - An enemy that looks into my eyes becomes an enemy of gravity. The victim feels heavy due to greater pull of gravity.
ANGELIC BLOOD - When blood is expose to air, It becomes controllable. The blood's physical form can be change to my thoughts content. I can make it into bullets. If it is a large amount of blood I can turn it into a weapon.
GOD HANDS - changes material into a different type. like changing water to wine, metal to rock, diamond to rock.
DARK WHISPER - The target becomes engulf in stress, he hears voices in his head. His mind becomes a slow victim of hell insanity.

ENERGY SPHERES - As a demi god, I discovered that I can control elements using my weapons. but in order to do that I have to turn the weapon into the sphere for that certain element.I can also combine the two spheres to manipulate the element that is advanced.

Fire Sphere - After Ruby becomes a sphere, any fire will be absorbed by Ruby. The fire will be release to whenever I wish.
Fire Breath
Fire Ball
Cold Sphere - The sphere can absorb water and coldness, but it cannot absorb ice. Even though it cannot absorb ice it can make one.
Water blast
Frost Breath
Ice wall
Life Sphere - It can absorb plant like material and soil(earth soil, sand, gravel, mud). It can also absorb poison in the body.
Poison Darts
Vine Entaglement
Stone Ammo
Darker Sphere - Dark spells or any magic that is powered by darkness is absorbed. It can also absorb Curses.
Dark arrows
Shadow Blast
Void Sphere - Sugilite absorbs anything that disrupts time and space. Like teleportation. When one teleports, He/She lose control of her ability, when one uses their ability to teleport they are teleported to a place at random.
Combo Sphere Attacks - the cap letters are symbol of the first letters of the spheres. btw the attack comes out of the spheres. mwahahaha
Steam Blast - FC - Hot steam
Magma Burst - FL - Magma
Reapers Breath - CFLD - Poisonous air that can kill life forms
Energy Beam - FV - Energy that is hot and can either blast the person or knock him off
Dark Energy Beam - FVD - same as energy beam only with dark attributes to it
Fire arrows - FL - Sharp vines that airbourne(Burning)
Mass Vacuum - DVC - creates a pulling force of air
Gravity Blast - VL - Pushes all the beings around me
Replica - FCLDV - Creates a replica of what form I am
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24 / M / Above Wherever I...
Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
Character's name: C. Ling Kett
Race: Nirvayan
Clan: none
Position: Senior Maester
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): Aiming for Sutherland, the Sun.
Weapons: Sword Cane, the "Voice of God" Crystal ability, and "Impact of Words" Crystal ability

C. Ling Kett, the Voice of God

Additional Info: An extremely lazy Maester that is known to have disobeyed the Grand Maester many times due to his own views. The only reason that he is still in the Council is because of his great power and knowledge (whenever he disobeyed, it saved many lives). He is almost Asian in appearance, with narrow eyes and thin lips. He has not chosen to evolve at all, despite being a Nirvayan, so he is essentially still human, though with a potentially longer lifespan.

C. Ling Kett is wordplay on "Ceiling Cat," and Kett talks very much like the Ceiling Cat of the lolcat bible (search wikipedia if ya are confused). It is this speech that gives him the name "Voice of God." Kett is often seen walking upside-down, because he can walk on air and it is simpler for him to get out of bed by walking his feet up the air. He is the only Senior Maester to have an incomplete Endscape, as his Crystal synchronization only hit 79%. Nevertheless, he is very strong and is one of the youngest to be made into a Senior Maester. Senior Maesters just have more priveleges, they aren't always older.

Character's name: Fey
Race: Half-faerie, half-human
Clan: none
Position: Senior Maester
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): none
Weapons: Her fists, feet, Ying Yang Crystal ability, and Mech Tools

Fey (Left) and her Lieutenant, Rel

Additional Info: A confident and very straightforward woman, Fey has no intention of letting anything get in the way of the tight timetable she sets for herself. She learned to be a mechanic against the law, but she managed to keep her skills mostly hidden. After becoming a Maester, she worked to improve the technology in the Maester Institutes and is the only person in the world who is truly a master of all machinery. She rarely uses machinery to battle, however. When not busy, she likes to visit exotic places or to create new inventions. Many men lust for her, but she remains unmarried and uninterested.

She seems to have a love-hate relationship with Kett, often testing her new inventions on him out of "love." She hates his laziness and finds his gentleman-inspired speech very false. However, she admires the way he can take control in serious conditions and also for his inability to be swayed once he reaches a decision. Kett, in return, completely disregards Fey as just "another woman." She teases him for being a pervert (After all, he walks upside-down, giving him a fine view beneath dresses if he chooses to remain low to the ground). When teased by her, Kett usually acts as if he is temporarily deaf.

This is odd compared to other women, as Kett usually answers all insults with jibes of his own.
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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 7/12/08
Character's name: Captain Envy (later called NV)
Race: Sub-Sinner
Clan: Invidia (past clan/group unknown)
Position (if any): Captain, right-hand to Valentine
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): targeting Tsae
Weapons: Envious Scythe (same as Valentine's), Exploding Notes
Forms (if any):

Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Envy/ or Envy was once known as Noel, a war hero from the Battle of Swawns. During the creation of SALIGIA, Noel was selected to be the captain of Valentine's army, which consisted of only thirteen soliders known as the Envy Court 13, and obtained the name Envy. Noel is one of the few Valentine trusts very much. She is informed of everything that Valentine is planning to do, making her one of the leading conspirators of the "Valentine Conspiracy". After the SALIGIA fiasco, Envy finally confesses her feelings for Valentine. They soon become a lot closer. When Azriel steals Key 4, Valentine and Envy (around she changes her name to NV) team up to take out Tsae.
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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/22/08
Character's name: Noe Cross
Race: Shinigami
Clan: the Royal family
Position (if any): Prince
Kills (from the Bingo-Book lists only please): none
Weapons: four katana named after the cardinal directions (North, West, East, South) which can combine to form a scythe called Empty Vengeance
Forms (if any): Shinigami form

Additional Info (anything you think we should know): Noe Cross is the adopted son of Tiolee, the Shinigami King. His childhood friend was Zayru, who died betraying Sirberius. Afterwards, Noe and Sirberius went to collect others to be in Sirberius' later-to-be Mystic Council. When the Mystic Council was completed, Noe was one of the minor players. However, in a plot to overthrough Sirberius, he suggested that the Mystic Council deal with the more powerful criminals on the Bingos. Sirberius, Dante, and Larac, along with a few others, liked the idea and went along with it. With a fake injury, he was able to stay behind at the Hall of Mystics along with Youichi. He had hoped for Sirberius to be killed in one of the bingos but it never happened. Noe got impatient and executed a coup d'etat. Unfortuanately Cantilz and Youichi were able to defeat him. In a cowardly act, he dentonated a bomb in which he made his escape to the forest. Luckily no one was hurt. Injured, Noe was stumbling around the forest trying to find his contact to his father, a person only refered to as "him", later to be revealed as Kira. From the shadows, Tenkai killed Noe.
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