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27 / F / calgary alberta
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
name: konata aya
apearance:pink hair and blue eyes

age: 11
abillitys: blood bending and if she touchs someone she gains their power,shape shiffting
bio:she is half demon and wonts too become full demon so she can get revenge on the person who killed her brother.dont let her cuteness fool you she has a very bad temper sometime at random she kills people for no reason or for getting in her way
Posted 4/15/08
Name: ayame aya
Apearance: blue/black hair *look nothing like her sister konata*

Age: 17
Abillitys: blood bending *family skill* able to summon the guard dog of hell and many others
bio unlike her little sister she is a full demon doesnt really care about her brother but she is willing to give her life to protect her sister.beliver in yevon *an evil god* her second name is ayame the mystical blade
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22 / F
Posted 6/7/08
Name: Kimiko Haruno
Appearance: purple hair, purple eyes

Ability: expert in wielding a sword, scythe, and guns. able to send people directly to hell. able to bring down a whole city by combine all her abilities.
Bio: She has a very cold and rebelious additude but can be very kind heart when needed. When she was young her mother died and her father left her alone in an old abandoned masion, leading her to trust almost no one. She also has a demon locked up inside her which only come out when she's extremely sad or mad. She travels from place to place now and barely stays long there. Also due to her ability of being able to send people to hell some people call her Naraku no Miko or Priestess of Hell
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F / in my own kingdom
Posted 9/26/08
Name: Aki Sayuri

gender: female

Age: 10

Appearance: has black hair with red hairlights and pink eyes. she also has fairy wings that are multicolor.

Ability: she has the power of water and ice. she is a fairy. she's very smart and knows how to get out of stick situtions.
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23 / F / in the ginger bre...
Posted 9/27/08
name: Annie
appearance: long black eyes..tall..
age: 13
Ability: half vampire and half human
bio: is a human during day and turns into vampire during night...
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F / calgary,alberta
Posted 11/2/08
name larsa solidor
age 11
appearance: long blue hair blue tail and ears

ability: can control elements weilds a sword and a bow and arrow she is a pureblood vampire as well
bio: a neko princess from the empire but she ran away to fight along side her friends
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