Anime Series Drag-downs
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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
"what are some of worst (and most used) cliche in series that you absolutely despise (but that many others may love)?"

I'm sure the topic description above is pretty self-explanatory.

Having watched anime for the past 6 or 7 years of my life on a regular basis, I've noticed lots and lots of variations of the same events happen - for ex, there's almost ALWAYS an onsen and/or beach scene in romance dramas, or even TINY things like "rich, cathedral-like schools with traditional Japanese desks, floors, and class routines... or little maidens - that are Catholic but wear kimonos"... or even stereotypes that are still being used.

Rant in this forum if you must.
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Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
Done in quite a few threads,

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