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Edward Elric: The main protagonist, Edward ("Ed") Elric is the famous Fullmetal Alchemist, though Al is occasionally mistaken for him because of his armored body. He has a prosthetic automail right arm and left leg, is of short stature, and typically reacts in an exaggerated manner to any remarks about his height. He is known for being the youngest State Alchemist, gaining this title at the age of 12.

Alphonse Elric: Alphonse, often nicknamed "Al," is Fullmetal Alchemist's secondary protagonist; he is Edward's younger brother and the narrator of the series. For most of the series his soul is trapped in a large suit of armor, causing other characters throughout the series to confuse Al with the "Fullmetal" Alchemist. Alphonse is the calmer of the two, and can be seen as a foil to Edward's character.

Colonel Roy Mustang: Roy Mustang is known as the Flame Alchemist. His gloves are made of a special material called "ignition cloth," which allows him to create a spark by snapping his fingers. He then uses alchemy to change the oxygen density in the air with the help of transmutation circles on his gloves, causing a controlled explosion. He is Edward's direct superior officer in the military, but has his own goal, mainly to become the Führer, leader of the military.

Winry Rockbell: Winry is a mechanical expert who is a childhood friend of the Elrics. She, along with her grandmother Pinako, built Edward's automail, and she also helps maintain the automail when it gets broken. Her parents were called into service as doctors for the Ishvalan Civil War (Ishbalan Civil War in the Funimation's adaptation of the anime) and were killed, because they were providing services to both sides of the army (curing all injuries regardless of side).

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye: A hard-working member of the state military, and a loyal, capable aide to her superior officer, Roy Mustang. She is especially proficient in the use of firearms and a good marksman. While she may be level-headed, she sometimes uses her shooting skills in situations where they may not be entirely necessary. There is an unspoken relationship between her and Mustang.

Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes: A member of the Investigations Division and a good friend of Colonel Mustang and the Elric brothers. He wishes to push Mustang up to the position of Führer by working closely under him. Hughes loves his wife, Gracia, and is overly enthusiastic regarding his love for his daughter Elysia, and talks about her to everyone he meets.

Scar: One of the few surviving Ishvalans (Ishbalans in the Funimation's adaptation of the anime). His real name is never revealed, but he is referred to as "Scar" because of the X-shaped scar on his face. Scar's right arm, which is tattooed with a rare transmutation circle, was given to him by his brother shortly before he died. Scar believes himself to be an instrument of God, and kills State Alchemists using his alchemical skills, despite the fact that he believes alchemy is an abomination against the natural world.

King Bradley: Known as the Führer, he is the military dictator of Amestris, holding the official political title of president (King is his first name). Although he seems to be quite easy-going and perhaps a little eccentric, he has a mind like a steel trap, and maintaining Amestris is his chief priority at all times. He hungers for war and is constantly sending troops to locations all over Amestris, "purifying the land." He is also renowned as an exceptional swordsman. In the anime he is the Homunculus Pride, while in the manga he is Wrath.

Hohenheim: Ed and Al's mysterious father, who disappears a few years after they are born.

Lust: Sultry and cool-hearted, she is the first of the Homunculi encountered in the series. She has the power to extend her fingers into a spear to use as a weapon, and is thus known in some translations as the "Ultimate Spear" or "Ultimate Lance".

Gluttony: A large figure who eats anything he can get his hands on, including humans and inanimate objects. He latches on to Lust like a child to a parent.

Envy: Sarcastic, sadistic, and cold-hearted, Envy has the ability to change appearance. He hates mankind, viewing them as pitiful and weak.


Ling Yao: A young prince of the country of Xing, Ling Yao seeks the secrets of eternal life in order to gain the throne, and travels to Amestris in the course of his quest. He is attended by two retainers, Lan Fan and Foo.

Mei Chan: A very young princess of Xing from a low ranking family that is accompanied by a very small panda named Xiao Mei. She has the same goal as Ling of obtaining the secrets to eternal life. Having no one else to accompany her she has mastered Rentan Jutsu, a different form of alchemy that is mainly used for healing.

Father: The main antagonist of the manga storyline, "Father" is the creator of the Homunculi and of Amestris itself, which, along with special alchemists he calls "human sacrifices", is a piece of a far-reaching plan.


Dante: The main antagonist of the anime storyline, Dante is the leader of the Homunculi and she made the first Philosopher's Stone with Hohenheim of Light. Her desire to create another sets the events of the anime into motion.
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