KR actors of JP actors?
Posted 3/25/08
hmm.. between the two countries, whose actors generally have a better performance, taking into account their acting skills (expressions and so on)an d their hotness?
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Posted 3/25/08
Acting skills wise I'd have to admit that korean actors might be better than japanese actors. Although I prefer J-actors lookswise. Damn Johnnys! xD
Posted 3/25/08
lol, in my opinion, i think that jap actors are a lot better at acting, and the hot factor, well i think there are certain actors in both of them that i love
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Posted 3/26/08
Damn a top decision......... I hate korean drama and love J Drama.
But korean actors are so good at acting I don't find any of them act uncomfortably
In the other hand, J actors show emotion pretty good while acting.
But I'm afraid that I will go with Korean actors.
Posted 7/24/09
No versus/or threads allowed. Start a poll for this instead.

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