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31 / M / from the midnight...
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/31/08
Most of the facts written here is based almost in the roleplay and the Bingo book hit list.
but it is possible for you to add facts but it will be judge.

it does not need to be long. . . . .anything will do, but it will be judged
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Expirementation ... The Birth of a Demon God

Before there was even a Mystical Community, there was war. In fact there was so much turmoil between clans that many used any means necisary to gain an uperhand ... this included weapons of mass destruction, and even genetic experiments that went against todays morals. Yet this is the description of but only one of such experiments, but to fully explain i must go further back then just the great war, i need to describe the events of the tyrant known as Draethius, The Demon Lord.

The leader of a force of demons from Hell, he was extremely strong and arogant in his own power. He escaped out of Hell, the exact way he did this is unsure to this day, and easily over powered the weak clans of the time. With his hore of demon minions he decimated the lands, killing those who he deemed a threat, or anyone who did not pleadge full loyalty to The Fallen Order, a relegion of types with followers who worshiped him as a God. The rule of this tyrant lasted for hundreds of years until finally the clans grouped together and sealed this demon away banishing him back to the pits of hell from wence he came. The seal is the only thing keeping this demon at bay, but it is prohicized that he will once again break free, and when he does the clans must once again rise to the occasion. This was the bases of the idea of The Mystical Community, where every clan would live in peace, so that one day if need be they can rise against this Demon Lord again.

Many years later, it seems that The Fallen Order has been plotting to bring back the Demon Lord, but this time not as a religious god but instead as a leader to take over The Mystical Community. So they begain with experiments that were so inhumain that they kept it hidden from thepublic veiw for years.

The experiment was to find a vessel that was able to contain the essence of the Demon Lord Draethius, but when they tried to imbude his essence into ordinary vessels the body would not be capable of retaining the power and would in turn disintergrate. They decided that they needed a creature that was capable of holding dark energies, a creature that survives off of life force, the perfect creature was a pure blooded vampire. They attacked the town of the vampires and captured many vampires, which they used to try to hold the power of the Demon Lord. They failed many times, but they got closer using one specific family, whos name has been lost to the ages. They were able to temporarily imbude the essence in the body, they eventually died but it was closer. They decided that they could not put the demon in at full power, so they decided to put the demon lord in at a very weakened state. There was only one drawback Draethius needed souls to gain more power, and blood did not help much for it would take to long. The lead scientist, being a Shinigami, knew that his race could absorb the souls of the wicked, and decided to imbude his own genes into the vampire child. It worked and the child succesfully became a pure blooded hybrid, a first of its kind. The child was the perfect vessel for Draethius, they injected the childs heart with the pure essence of Draethius and the expirement was a success. The child just had to grow up and grow stronger, which was in his blood as a vampire.

The orginization placed the child back in the vampire village, knowing that the leader of the village would be there, and would raise him as a warrior (that was the future of all pure blooded vampires). The childs name that went through this whole ordeal and survived was Dante. It is thought that there could be others who have survived but there is no verifiable evidence of this.
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The Old war

The Old war. No one knows how the Old war started, not even our own elders. The only thing is certain about this war is that it scarred the earth and scarred trust among brothers.

The Old war. It has reached the age of 54.

This war, It might end for the reason that all sides of faction lose power both in military and government. They said that all of the death counted could reach about 300,000 or more, but some survivors I've managed to talked to remembers more than the counted number. They have said that the body count could reach more than a million.

Ye Olde war. A war that had the most cause and deaths.

Elementals and Angels fought for the glory of their king and their kingdom.
The Lycans and Dragons fought for their equality in all races.
The Vampires and Immortal beings wanted rights to the land which they use to own.
Humans fighting along the struggle, fighting to survive.
Faeries and Nymphs caught in the war of aimless rage and hate.
Everyone wanted everything in this war.

The Old war. This war gave birth to Hate and Discrimination. This war annihilated races that never got the chance to be written in history books, beings that never got the chance to be seen. Not even our imagination can help us see how many beings this war has taken

The Old war. It was given many names. it was even named "The Blind Sword War" by knights and "War For Power" by Gods. Me and my colleagues call this war the "Old war" because of its age.

I hate this war. I lost all of my family and friends. I look at my wife beside me now. Her name is Aersx she is beautiful and is most dear to me, she died yesterday because of a blessed knife trying to protect me. How Ironic, I am now happy that she made the decision not to be a lesser vampire when we got married. .

I am sorry, I wish to write more about this war and my life but it seems that the Elementals and Angels have found me in my secret basement. They must've followed the bloodied trail of my wife, It is her happiness for me to write this.

I just hope my friends and colleagues would survive this war, and that they would not forget our old traditions. Luther, She'in, Banr'DO, L'rac, Telvi, Wisdom, Disseer, Toir and Endless Brotherhood.

I'm running out of ink and the protection seal I made is weakening.

For my captors, killer or for the one who survives and get a chance to read this I pray for you to consider, Hide this as a token or as your prize for slaying me. If you are by any chance feel the same way about what I have written here, please pass this letter to the names found above.

Hoping for your better actions,
Eis Gaille Allis
Demi-god/Vampire, Knight, Magus, Brother, Husband

Savior of Twilight
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/13/08
The Plan Begins (A sneak peek of Complete Hybrid
Sirberius while in the services of Draethius)

I look up at the dark figure in front of me, “What do
you want Draethius,” I as sounding a bit irritated.
“I believe that I have found you a worthy opponent to
spar with,” came his reply. His voice echoed through
the chamber.
“Oh really,” I say smiling. “You mean you searched all
around for someone who could stand more than 40
seconds in the arena with me? Did the ‘childish
Sirberius’ tell you that your best men?”
“No he did not. I wanted to find someone to test your
abilities to their limits, so I could see your perfect
defense and offense in use.”

I turn around and start to walk away, “Let’s hope he
lasts long enough for you to see it. My poor Death
Penalty hasn’t gotten to play with anyone for a very
long time.”

I exit through the large chamber doors and head to my
quarters. Upon entering, I use a bit of fire energy to
slash a mark on the wall with my finger. I tally up
all the marks there and get a total of thirty-five.

“Today makes thirty-five months since I’ve been in the
Demon Lord’s services.”

I lie down on my bed and
relax, “To think that my debt will finally be paid off
and I can leave this horrible place. It’s really
surprising that he isn’t keeping me longer because I
tricked him. But he’s probably trying to find someone
to beat me as punishment for that.“

I sit up and clutch my fist tightly, “I don’t know why he is
playing around Draethius knows that I believe him to
be the only worthy enough to test my abilities.”

I stand up and grab Heine’s Obliteration. It was one
of my prized possessions. I had to fight and kill the
three beasts of Heine, plus Heine himself deep within
the depths of the Sin Realm. Three weapons were my
prizes. I thought they were worthless until learned of
their combined state. It rivals the power of Death
Penalty. But I’d choose Death Heine anytime.
I put the weapon on my back, it locks in place with
help of my Ka’dai energy, and I walk out of my room.

“It’s time to go see who’s the sorry son-of-a-bitch
Draethius pulled out for me to fight now.”

I step out doors and the bloody red sun started
gleaming down on my face. To a normal person (mystical
creature of not) the heat here would fry them alive,
but I’ve grown used to it. The yells of the Demons
could be heard from the arena. They were all waiting
to see the fight.

I made it to the arena after crossing the flaming hot
ground, which was covered in the corpses and bones of
people and demons. The Demons roared in excitement
once they saw me step through the gates. The upper
seats were packed with Demons. Some were even bunched
up at the iron fence that surrounded the fighting

“Glad you made it, Sirberius,” bellowed Draethius
voice. He wasn’t even here, but could see and speak to
“Yeah, well, I just wanted to see how this person will
fair against me.”
“I am sure that sure will like him.”

I started to sense a large amount of energy gathering
in front of me. Soon, I saw a dark cloud or fog of
some kind starting to appear. The cloud started to
swirl around and take shape. Once it was finished, a
look of surprise swept over my face. The dark cloud
had taken the look and shape of me. It had my Heine
and Death Penalty on its person.

“Oh this should be interesting,” I say smiling. “You
found me a Doppelganger, eh Draethius? I hear that
they are the fifth highest demon race. But I wonder
who is stronger, the knock off copy, or the original.”
I grab Heine’s handle and pull it off of my back. The
Doppelganger did the same

“I shall refer to you ask Doppel. Is that okay with
It didn’t respond. It just made a grunt like noise.
“I’ll just take that as a yes. Well then Doppel, let’s
have a good fight.”
I touched the blade and watched as it turned red. The
blade started getting really hot; I could practically
feel Heine humming between my fingers. Doppel was
already running toward me with his copy Heine raised
above his head.
“What an amateur thing to do,” I say pointing my
weapon’s point at Doppel. “You leave yourself so open
that way.”

My finger finds the trigger right where the blade
starts at the top of the handle. I raised the blade so
that the rifle barrel was in line with Doppel’s chest.

“Gotcha,” I say smiling. “Infinity Bullet.”

The blade transferred all the heat stored up in it to
the rifle. It started to smoke and glow red. I waited
till Doppel was about ten feet away. Doppel jumped
into the air. I quickly raised Heine and pulled it
apart. The two blades separated and the rifle split
into two. The top cover of both sides of the rifle
closed itself and they became two smaller rifle

I aimed for Doppel’s chest and pulled the trigger. Two
balls of energy were fired from the guns; both of them
were covered in fire. Doppel barely blocked the first,
but got hit by the second right in the middle of it
chest. Doppel started to fall lifelessly to the

“It seems that I overestimated your potential,” I say
irritated. “I might as well finish it off. Death
Penalty will love to get out; even if it is just for a

I put Heine back together and place it on my back.
Then I put my hands to the pouches on my sides. My
channeling my Ka’dai energy into them, I break the
level five seals place on them. Death comes streaking
out, before I even get the chance to open the straps,
and points at my in mid-air. I raise my hands and it
flies to my in response.

In the blink of an eye, I am up over Doppel. I grab
its head and slam it into the ground once we get to
the floor. Its body bounces up due to the amount of
force I used.

“Hell’s Vengeance,” I say smirking.
My feet are covered in fire and I instantly start
kicking Doppel. I land two kicks to both its shins,
and ten to its chest. I do a handstand and kick Doppel
six times in the chest, get back to my feet and do a
back flip to kick Doppel into the air. Once it comes
down, I roundhouse kick it in the side sending it
flying across the arena and into the iron fence. I run
after Doppel, run up the iron fence and twist my body

“Here’s the finisher!”

The fire around my right foot starts to burns more
fiercely than before. I put all my strength into one
last roundhouse kick that connects with Doppel’s face.
Its lifeless body streaks back across the arena, hits
the dirt, rolls over a couple of times, and lies
still. The Demons above start roaring in an
uncontrollable frenzy of excitement. I put Death
Penalty back into the pouches and replace the seals on

“I thought that you said he was better than the
others,” I yell out to Draethius. “I was mistaken to
think that you could find me a worthy opponent. Don’t
insult me with trash like this again. Call me when you
find someone with your level of power. That will be
the on person worthy enough to fight against me.”

I walk out of the arena and walk aimlessly through the
scorching desserts of the Sin Realm.

Meanwhile, Draethius is having a conversation with one
of his captains.

“My Lord, don’t you believe that Sirberius has grown a
bit too powerful?”
“ Why, do you fear him, Toltayose? True, he is
undeniably powerful. So powerful in fact that I can’t
use him as a vessel, which was my original plan.”
“He can resist you?”
“Well, what shall you do now my lord?”
“I will find another vessel to carry my power. And I
have placed the necessary seals on Sirberius without
him knowing. Once you have a chance, and when he has
separated, I want you to capture Sparda. Taint his
mind and set him after Sirberius. That should keep him
busy while I have someone prepare my vessel. Then I’ll
be able to give Sirberius the opponent he wants.”
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Azriel (Ira) – Wrath
The Acquisition of the City of Dis

“Sir I have done as you asked, I have surveyed the perimeter and the city has some pretty decent offensive and defensive capabilities.” said a beautiful, non-mortal, voice.
“Well what did we honestly expect; we are in the inhospitable bowels of the second level of Hell. Did you expect us to just walk right in and take it? No, no this will take a lot more then sheer power; we will need to plan this out. Damien, how many troops are left over from the journey here?” I replied.
“Not many my lord, out of the five hundred foot soldiers and ten lieutenants we have lost already half our foot soldiers.” Damien replied.
“That should be enough, by your report it seems the only challenge here are the guards of the city, our own kin, the Fallen Angels. I think we can beat them, after all they I used to rule over them I know their capabilities.” I reply somewhat mockingly. Ready the troops, and position them on all sides of the city, on my command send them in.”
“Yes my lord,” Damien says bowing and walking out of the makeshift tent. I walk out after him and survey the city from the peak where my army is stationed. “Ah Dis I have returned for you, and this time I will have my revenge on you, my old friends.” I think to myself.
I fly into the air heading towards the city of Dis; I arrive at the gates to the city quickly. A giant gate covered with the bones of demons and mortals alike stands before me, surrounded by the graves of those stupid enough to try and attack the city of the damned. Encrusted across the gate is the saying that all those in Hell abide by, a warning of sorts, “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate” meaning “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”
“Who goes there, no living person may enter these gates.” A voice coming from above the gate, an arch-angel standing on a ledge holding a spear stares at me. I fly up to the ledge, “who said anything about being mortal? Now take me to Michael.” I say demandingly.
“Azriel? Is that really you? I thought you were banished from the realm of the damned, yes sir I will gladly escort you to his throne.” The angel responds saluting.
We fly to the throne room, as the screeching of the eternally tortured beings bellow scream in agony. The buildings set aflame as the smell of burning flesh fill my nostrils; it would be enough for mortals to be stricken by. As we arrive to the Fortress I notice that it hasn’t changed at all from what I remembered; it is still completely beautiful and unscathed. We walk into the throne room and the arch-angels bow as I walk along the walkway.
“Azriel! You are back my friend, but I must ask, how did you get here? You were banished by the Great Gods for conspiring treason.” Michael asks.
“That’s why I am here old friend, the Great Gods are no longer in control, I am taking back what was taken from me, and if the Gods have anything to say I will talk it over with blood.” I reply.
“What! You can’t disobey the Gods. You will get us all killed and I can’t let that happen even if it means killing you myself.” Michael responds surprised.
“Michael you could join me, imagine how strong we could be.” I turn around to the surrounding fallen angels and say “Listen to me all of you, is eternal torture what you wish for, to live in this festering pit, the Gods placed us here cause they fear what we may become, because we saw the light, we saw the truth of their so called ideals. The same thing is happening everywhere, we must arise from this eternal Hell and fight for what we want, fight for our freedom, fight for our honor as arch-angels.” I look back at Michael “join me brother, fight with me, rule by my side.” I extend my hand out to him.
“Your petty words will not reassure me of anything, you can’t charm me, I don’t know your motives but I know the risks and I am not willing to be placed in a worse Hell then we have already woven ourselves into. Wasn’t it you who got us placed here in the first place, I will not listen to you again, leave now or die.” He replies bringing his pole arm to his front in and preparing to fight.
“If that is your final decision then so it shall be, in fact all those who disagree with me prepare yourselves right now, lets end this quickly” I reply grabbing my broadsword.
Michael and six of the other arch-angels attack me surrounding me, my wing flap to the ground as I bolt into the air above them underneath me the ground turning black as if a shadow is enveloping the ground. Damien erupts from the shadows and with his razor shard winged tips he spins slashing the surrounding angels causing some damage. Fire covers my sword as I charge at Michael, we clash weapons, I look into his eyes and him into mine. “Do you see it? The power I have gained, the strength to take back this wretched place, the power to dethrone the Gods themselves. I now have the power of the Great sin wrath, my new alias is Ira, and now is the time you die.” I say in a soft tone to him. I use a little force and his pole arm snaps in half as the searing blade cuts through his flesh like paper. I spin around quickly slashing my sword beheading another angel who was dashing at me. Damien now standing above the morbid corpses littered on the floor underneath him says “My lord the armies are ready, give the signal when you want them to attack.”
“No have them enter through the front gate, this city and its in habitants now belong to us. Don’t kill the angels though; I have a better idea for them. Bring in my pets also, they will make good guardians.” I tell Damien. He nods “As you say my lord” and he flies out the window of the fortress.
“Now the decorating begins,” I say chuckling to myself as I rip the skull off of Michael’s body and let the blood pour into my mouth. I grab on of the bars of the window and break it off stabbing it into the skull of Michael and tossing it into the city itself; it stabs into the ground of the city as a display of what happens to those who challenge the great Ira. I continue to do the same with the remaining bodies.
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31 / M / from the midnight...
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Article XXI-75 - Hellrunners (meaning running away from hell or escaping hell). Demons or damned beings who are caught making contracts for runners are either strip of their status or Expired(term for being killed in hell, permanently).

5 facts to be a hellrunner/Laws of a hellrunner
1.)Only beings that are not damned can be a hellrunner, it is because they are not bound to hell or not meant to be there.
-Angels(Dark angels are exempted from the rule, they cannot be hellrunners)
-Vampire hybrids with any race that are not hell bound or damned.
-Innocent Souls
-Immortals(immortals can't die but they can be also transported to hell)

2.)Ceremonies that involves a number of hell bound beings.
- King (1), Count (2) - one king and two counts are needed to perform a ritual, to create a contract allowing being to leave hell.
- Duke(5), Marquis (1), Soul Sacrifice (10) - Five dukes and one marquis are need for a contract but also ten souls must be sacrifice for the contract to be valid.
- Prince (3) - having princes to make the contract is different because a time limit is given to a hellrunner on staying in Mystical Community.
- Dark Angels (7) - Contracts with dark angels are the same with other contracts, the only difference is that constant communication are done with the contractors; to keep contract valid.

3.)A hellrunner will never be allowed to enter heaven or purgatory, before or after contract expires.If hell runner is in territories of heaven, he/she will be executed on the spot.

4.) Hellrunners must capture or terminate another runner to be sent back to hell. Because if contractor is caught, the hell bound being will be punished by hell laws.

5.) If contractor expires and the runner does not hold the contract, the runner may either wait for the contract to be used by another hell bound being or get the contract his/her self. If contract is destroyed, runner goes back to hell.
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First Article of Nirvanism, Religion of the Chapters of Bliss


-Nirvanism is vastly accepted in the Southland, where there was much war until it became popular. The other parts of the Mystical World have no major official religion, so in the sense of belief and faith the Southland is almost a separate nation. In terms of rule, however, it is still part of the rest of the Mystical World, as it is controlled ultimately by the Council

-Nirvanism accepts that there are elder gods. However, it places the Mystical Council in an almost similar position.

-Nirvanism started due to racial wars in the South. A group of the race of men, calling themselves a new race, Nirvayan, ended these wars with the power of "miracles" and with the backing of the Mystic Council. Though many of the Council disapproved of these people making themselves a new race, the stoppage of continuous random small wars in the South was a welcome relief.

A Few Ideas

-According to Nirvanism, all races are equal.

-According to Nirvanism, machines and "mech tools" are the ultimate origin for sin, and thus are forbidden to all normal civilians and non-government personnel. This includes guns, airships, and all non-mechanical items. Though the line that is drawn on "mech tools" is vague (guns aren't allowed, but lightbulbs are, etc..) it is understood that the line is drawn based on personal ethics.

-According to Nirvanism, lives led "through process of magic, spells, witchcraft, and magi" are preferred over technological advances. Many household appliances, although non-efficient by themselves due to the ban on machinery, are made close to the same efficiency as machinery by magical power.

-According to Nirvanism, the Maesters (spiritual and government leaders) are the closest to the Mystic Council. However, these Maesters have no right to treat others as beneath them. Also, Maesters are many races, though most commonly human due merely to the large population of humans in the Southland.

-According to Nirvanism, the Mystic Council exists on a "Sky Whale," a mechanical/magical being that can fly. This concept was originally a metaphor for the fact that the Mystic Council is "out of reach" and can be in different planes or dimensions. However, Nirvanism takes it literally.

-According to Nirvanism, there must always be Nine Maesters, each representative of one of the Nine Pilgrimage Sites.

-According to Nirvanism, Crystals are sacred remnants of other dimensions or energy deposits, and many Crystals are kept by the Nirvanist Council, or the Maesters.

Notes on Crystals

-Crystals are pure embodiments of energy left behind by dimensional rifts, extremely powerful energy techniques, and other unknown elements. People with strong wills can absorb the energy within a crystal to gain mystical power. These powers are often strange and unpredictable.

-Crystal sites are preserved by the Maesters for the sake of Pilgrims (explained later) and some Crystals are used to provide power for large cities. Crystals are considered sacred, so machines running on crystal energy is given more slack than other machines.


-Pilgrim: A person striving through hardships and challenges for a chance to meet with the Mystic Council. There are traditionally male years for Pilgrims and female years for Pilgrims.

-A Pilgrim is supposed to journey through pre-determined Crystal Sites to go through the hardships. Instead of being absorbed by the Pilgrim, a Crystal accepts them and give them a mental trial. These trials constitute if the person is worthy for the next trial. After nine of these trials, a person is ready to be accompanied by their guardians to the "Sky Whale."

-A Pilgrim has guardians that are supposed to protect them from bandits and such. This way, a Pilgrim can be in the best condition when going through trials and will not suffer unduly. Also, this means a person can be weak but still be a Pilgrim if they are strong mentally.

-In the Chapters of Bliss, it is a year for female Pilgrims

-Pilgrims traditionally are Nirvayan. These are of the race of man, but have been altered to have the power of "miracles."

-Pilgrims do not make the final journey to the Sky Whale with their guardians. Once a Pilgrim leaves for this journey, it is said that they are granted a minor seat in the Council and almost never come back to earth.

-It is true that Pilgrims do not come back to earth, but no one knows for sure if they are accepted by the Mystics.

Current Maesters

C. Ling Kett- Patsu is officially under this man, who wears a tuxedo, dark silk pants and a top hat. He has a cane. He is quite famous, called "The Gentleman Maester," "Voice of God," and "The Hanged Man." This last nickname is due to his tendency to float in midair, upside down.

Peter don Vich- Story below.

Karl Bates- An aggressive bearded man with the ability to alter the weights of things. Not much else is known of him.

"Fey"- A beautiful female Maester, this is what people call her, but her real name is not known.

Pravda van Alba- An elegant man who is said to be a very quiet member of the Maesters.

Vivian Scarletti- A young female Maester.

...and four others, as of yet unknown.
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24 / M / Above Wherever I...
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History of the Maesters

...the revelation of the Past...

notes: In this first story, I jump between using "Vivian" and Scarletti." Same person. Same with "Peter" and "Don Vich." Same person. Their full names are, respectively, Vivian Scarletti and Peter don Vich.

Peter don Vich, with Staff
Arc I. Peter don Vich

The man stood with his back to the girl, respecting her privacy as she changed. Despite the heat, he wore a richly decorated fur coat. It was perhaps the only sign that he was not your average man, for underneath it he wore a coarse shirt with patches on its sleeves. His pants were worn and the fabric rough, and though his belt may once have been fine leather, it was now a dusty strip of various shades of grey. His boots rested next to him as he relaxed his feet in a stream.

"I'm done," came the crisp voice of the girl. He turned to see her in a new outfit, absent of the bloodstains on her previous costume. She wore a loose-fitting shirt with a fairly low neckline, exposing her collarbone. Her skin was a shade of dark olive, and her eyes, which contrasted sharply as a startling green, playfully watched him, making him more than a bit self-conscious. She had changed to a longer skirt than before, he was relieved to find; one that did not so outrageously display her thighs to passersby. Her wavy hair fell to her shoulders, a dark cascade of perfect strands.

Satisfied that she was both free of the bloodstains and that her clothing was more modest than before, the man slipped on his boots.
"It's time to go. We'll leave everything that has blood on it behind. Here's your pack." So saying, he passed her a knapsack.
"Peter, is this really necessary? We're taking a huge detour, away from the main band of caravans."

He smiled reassuringly at her. Master Alba had specifically instructed them to leave the caravans at this point, to visit a little-known village in the mountains. There was a chance that a Crystal would fall there, he had said, and he wanted only the strongest to be there. That would be me, Peter don Vich thought to himself. He felt a surge of pride at being picked out as worthy enough to handle a Crystal all on his own, then discarded the feeling as impure.

To the girl, he answered, "Yes, it is necessary. Let's go, Scarletti." She pouted at the use of her last name, as if they were in a meeting, but Don Vich was already setting out again.

It was evening when they reached the village, and Peter was discouraged to see that there was no sign of the usual panic that followed the formation of a Crystal. He sensed no abnormal magic at work either, so nobody was concealing the object. Confidently he and his apprentice descended into the valley.

"Maybe we should have brought Bates along," Vivian piped up. Peter ignored her. Something was up. At first he didn't recognize the feeling, and then he heard it. A deep buzzing. Vivian was the first to realize what was happening.
"Somebody's absorbing the Crystal!" she gasped.

Of course! That was the only time when a Crystal's aura could be hidden without seals. It was not hidden at all, merely so synchronized with someone that not a trace of it could leak out! Peter panicked, as he calculated the implications. Someone was absorbing a Crystal with almost 100% synchronization. How could this happen? Even the Maesters mostly had barely reached the 80% mark.

He made a mad dash toward the buzzing, calling out to Scarletti to follow. They were almost at the source (a building that looked like a smithy) when two blurs came from above and crashed in front of them. Peter stopped short as he felt their auras expand. At least one was a Crystal user, and a skilled one at that.
"Stand aside! I am former lieutenant to the Maester Pravda van Alba, currently the Maester of Flame, Peter don Vich. I am here on business from the Council!"

The two men blocking his way did not move. The fatter of the two laughed, an eerily high-pitched sound, considering he was male.

"EEE-HEE-EEEEEEIII-HHHEEEE! Puny man think to stop us! Know who we are? Nope, not at all!" With a gesture of his fat hand, the man indicated himself and his partner. "I'm the "Golden Balloon," Goron Vaal! And this here is the "Mad Juggler," Clay Willins! You will not enter this building, no! EEE-HEEE-HIIIII!"


"Scarletti, you take them."
The girl smiled.
"With pleasure, Peter. And call me Vivian, please."
Then she made a quick hand gesture. The two men blinked as they felt needle-like weapons at their necks, and turned to see...nothing. They looked back at the girl, confused.

"Wasps of the Moon," she whispered, and the two wasps behind them stung.

Neither men fell. Instead, they smiled. Vivian gasped as a wasp fell off of the Mad Juggler's neck, pierced neatly by a knife. A piece of blackened flesh also fell off of his neck, apparently cut off. He sneered at her, and said in a nasal voice,
"Tha' was close, my pretty, but now I know your tricks."

Vivian stole a glance at the Balloon man to see him smirking at her too. He looked at the Juggler and spat out a wasp from his mouth.
"I'll take the girl. She interests me. You take the man." The Juggler nodded and lunged for Peter, who jumped away. Now they were separated.

Vivian turned with narrow eyes to the Balloon man, Goron. He returned her look with a high-pitched laugh.
"HIII-EEE-HIII! And now we dance!"


Peter glared at the Juggler. He hadn't expected to fight at all. His plan was just to take a Crystal, but now it seemed as if someone was absorbing it with almost no hitches, making that person dangerous. In addition, he was now being herded. Like a cow. Peter hated cows.

Of course, the Juggler alone wouldn't have been enough to make him hop farther and farther from Vivian. Somebody was shooting at him with real accuracy while the Juggler stalked him. This was another concern. Guns were outlawed! Who could get such an excellent firearm to be able to scope him out and shoot him? In addition, how could this sniper be so skilled as to make the bullets come from so many damned directions at once?

Peter had planned not to use his magic, as it was unsuitable for capture and interrogation. However, now he realized that he would have to. One of his two opponents would need to be terminated for him to effectively deal with the other.

Peter made some quick calculations as to where the bullets were coming from, and realized that they were being bounced off of some of the more sturdy surfaces in the village. Rock walls and street signs. He quickly ducked into an abandoned building, deciding that it was safe. He was wrong. The building was a trap, and as soon as he entered, the supports started to break. These men knew their game well. With a snap of his fingers, Peter blew up the roof. He was tired of playing cow.

The Juggler leapt through the doorway as soon as it was clear the roof would not crush the Maester. A wicked metal claw was whipped out in front of him. Peter snapped the fingers of his right hand, making a quick incantation. A quick burst of flame lashed out and caught the Juggler in the stomach. Not letting up, Peter snapped his fingers from his left, causing the flame to explode as if it was a solid grenade instead of just fire. The Juggler's life ended quickly, his eyes opened in surprise.

Few people witnessed the power of Peter don Vich and lived to tell the tale. His natural affinity for all elements made him a great magic-user. The Crystal had further enhanced his ability to manipulate fire: he could make it solid, liquid, gas, explosive, container, or whatever else suited his purposes. There was more to it than that, but it was only explosive fire that he had used to deal with the building. And the Juggler.

He fought with weapons and his aura was weaker...this means that he wasn't the Crystal user, Peter mused.

A whiz through the dying fire brought the Flame Maester out of his musing. He ducked a spiraling bullet and scowled. The sniper was now in position to shoot him again.

Vivian Scarletti broke off looking at the Balloon man, for his teeth were simply too disgusting to look at for any amount of time. She tested his aura, as Peter had taught her too, and realized that he was a Crystal user. This made things difficult. She had no clue what his power was, though it apparently made him able to eat a wasp on the back of his neck and laugh at a high pitch. Perhaps it was noise-based?

Goron suddenly moved forward with a loud popping noise. Odd. Then his hand accelerated impossibly quickly to collide with the side of her face. Vivian was sent flying into a nearby building, and it was only due to her Crystal ability that she wasn't squished to a pulp.

Vivian had had a terrible childhood, perhaps steeling her will enough that she absorbed a huge percentage of Crystal energy. After being chosen by Peter to be one of many apprentices, her ability was codenamed "Beezlebub." Soon she became his favorite, not only due to the strength of "Beezlebub" but also due to their mutual understanding of each other.

Now she used it. It was terribly messy, but she came out of the wall unhurt, though her back was a mass of crushed ants and cobwebs. She had called out to the pest-infested house, convincing the simple-minded bugs to cover the wall. To the spiders she had issued a command to use all of their energy to make a silk cushion. The nature of her ability was that she could convince all bugs to do as she bid them, and to do it at impossible speeds.

Goron laughed again that high pitched laugh. "You're really interesting, girl!" he shouted to her. "I love your type! EEEE-HIIII-"
Then he groaned, for she had called all the wasps within the vicinity to sting him. They obliged as usual at their top possible speeds, shredding their bodies to follow her command. Then Goron smiled, and he popped. It was the strangest thing. All the wasps flew aside from the air let out from his body, as most of him simply exploded. The shreds of the popped man then gathered together, forming a much smaller body.

The midget cried out in fury, "I'll get you back for this! Remember me, the Balloon man!" Then it seemed as if a gust of air exploded from his feet and he flew away.

Vivian fell to the ground, barely conscious. Talking to bugs was her natural Crystal ability. Imbuing them with speed and power from her own magic was a whole other story. This time, she'd overdone it. With a half-whimper, she managed to wheeze out, "Sorry, Don Vich...sama..."
Then she drifted off to unconsciousness.


This will be continued in Arc II. The Father.

Sorry if it seems to be a cliffhanger. Also, the balloon guy shows up in the Chapters of Bliss.
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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
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Once there was an entity
It considered all equal
But it was truly alone
The source was nothingness
There was nothing but he

The entity decided to take action
With mighty powers he exercises
Za World is born
He occupies the lands with life
The beings divide into clans of power

The Ish’Rai ruled the demons
The Rocain ruled the vampires
The Kim-un-Kur ruled the shamed
The Orda ruled the humans
The Gods ruled the angels

His people loved him
They gave him a name and praised it
‘Praised be the Holy Lord’ they praised
Peace and prosperity was quo
But every light has a dark

The shadows were consumed by evil
Anger, sin, lie, and other horrible acts
Wars brew in Za World
Many were killed and many injured
The Holy Lord cried for them

However, shadow was born
Created from the lock of light and dark
It took a name that was Blue Satan
Blue Satan sent his Words
The Words caused chaos in their wake

The Holy Lord sent out Zein, the Savior of Twilight
Joining Zein was Rac L., the Shapeshifter
And the brothers Daniel and Francesco
Zein made a pact with Draethius, the Demon Lord
The others were Zane and Sparda

The mind was Daniel was warped
Influenced by the Words
He challenged Zein to a duel
Killed Daniel was by his stupidity
The group knew the Words were waiting

Rivalry, envy, competition
Twas of the First Word
Enchant could Nemesis, the First Word
Her lust for power laid no bounds
With order comes chaos

Nemesis attacked the group
Francesco was separated from the group
Zane and Sparda worked with Zein
Together Nemesis was slain
The first wave was rung

They went to Draethius’ home
The desert paradise of Kaidva
The people were strange
They didn’t believe in the Holy Lord
Here Holy Lord was a myth

The group was ambushed by Key
First was Norbert, the Left
Next was Tsae, the Dawn
Then was Wes, the Evening
Lastly was Sutherland, the Sun

The group defeated Key
The people refused Holy Lord’s existence
They attempted to kick them out
One of the group was unaffected
Rac L. realized the truth of Draethius

Disbelief, lie, trickery
Twas of the Second Word
Manipulate could Athius, the Second Word
Hooded in the eyes of Draethius
With chaos comes destruction

Athius destroyed the paradise of Kaidva
A baren wasteland Kaidva became
Zein fought against Athius
Athius fled from Za World
The second wave was rung

Death, pain, suffering
Twas of the Third Word
Twist could Phaethon, the Third Word
Death is only the beginning
With destruction comes death

Phaethon tried to kill the group members
He was defeated by his own sins
Repented did Ashley, Noah, Diva
And Valentine, Dominique, Leonardo, Dominic
The third wave was rung

The group traveled with the likes of the Exiled
The hearts of the Exiled increased
They began to rebel against Holy Lord and the gods
Poorly repelled they weren’t
A Word was the cause

Multiply, copy, rebirth
Twas of the Last Word
Confuse could Duo, the Last Word
Double in size was a trait
With death comes new order

The Exiled sieged Atlantis, home of the gods
The Holy Lord eradicated them
The group fought Duo
Zein slayed Duo and the Exiled remnants
The last wave was rung

All the waves crashed
The balance of good and evil shook
Dimensions ripped apart
Athius was killed in the terror
Holy Lord confronts Blue Satan

Two sides of the same coin
Their powers were equal
Zein and Valentine aided Holy Lord
The balance of power was tipped
Blue Satan was destroyed

One without the other
Such impossible phenomenon
Holy Lord began to fade away into nothingness
He told the gods to be just
And then Holy Lord departed from Za World

-Anonymous (believed to be the work of deceased god Eon)
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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
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Original members of the Mystic Council
Leader Sirberius Reono
Rubi Delacoure
Aeris Nightstriker/Youichi
L'rac Aledan/ Larac
Calintz Stir Ferena
Noe Cross
Vode con Len
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The Twilight Cipher:

Light and Dark, representative of Order and Chaos, are bridged by only the Known and the Unknown. A conflict swift approaches that will involve this Cipher, so study it well!

Orb of Life (top): Tree of Life
Orb of Peace: Bubble of Calm
Orb of Heavenly Virtues: Grand Cross
Orb of Existence: Shimmering Reality
Orb of the Future: Clockwork Insight
Orb of Light: Cosmos

Orb of the Known: Wisdom Pearl
Orb of the Unknown: Black Noise

Orb of Cardinal Sins: Crimson Aurora
Orb of Warfare: Gaia Bloodpool
Orb of the Past: Distorted Time
Orb of Nothingness: Royal Blank
Orb of Death: Finis Vitae
Orb of Darkness: Chaotica

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31 / M / from the midnight...
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A Forgotten War, the birth of Zombie Needle Forest by Krisz Rello

A long forgotten war was fought between The God of Space (Yardas), The God of Absolute Death (Bloodpool) and The God of Anti-life (Isosoplis). Jealousy, Anger and Pride was the foundation for this unnecessary war. The other Gods wanted to intrude but the three wouldn't listen to any conclusion.

Yardas' army was the most feared. They don't have any sign of emotion. In the dark they looked like black statues. Crows would trust this army and rest their birdfeet on the shoulders of these soldiers. Other birds would also rest their talons on these soldiers like Hawks and Eagles. They only have swords and spears, and none of them wore any armor. The only protection they have were Leather suits and Cloaks.

Yardas' Army was known for it's prowess.

Bloodpool's Army was known for its massive numbers. For every one of Yardas' men, there are seven of Bloodpool's, and for every one of Isosoplis men, there are eleven of Bloodpool's. His men were merciless and some of them were undead, brought to life by Bloodpool himself. The other Gods could see his army destroying the land while it marched to the battlegrounds.

Bloodpool's Warriors were the most deadly.

Isosoplis Army was the most inexperienced, but that didn't mean they were powerless. Isosoplis did not want to lose in the battle, so he asked assistance from other Gods. They blessed Isosoplis' army with luck to survive the battle but not to be victorious. Sadly Isosoplis asked the Gods to make his men Strong and Agile - they hid the fact that his men were only given luck.

Isosoplis Army were nonetheless lucky.

The Gods who did not participate had different reactions to the war to come, tears and laughter were among the most. The other Gods did not care while others were calculating the outcome of this war. A few of the Gods made a bet, but was discontinued when they noticed the anger it produced. The wiser Gods spectated expecting the predicted outcome.

The war was intense, it lasted for twenty two days straight. The land was covered with the color red, black and brown. Bones and flesh were poisoning and nourishing the land at the same time.

Yardas' army would take down a number of soldiers before they are taken down.
Bloodpool would create more men as soon as he lost one.
Isososplis was untouchable, even though his army was weak, he was not.

On the 30th day, there were only a few who survived (Bloodpool had the most men), few enough to be counted by a dozen hands. The Gods still stood strong, and none of them showed any weakness.

On the 31st, the only one left were the Gods and a few of their soldiers.
Yardas with four of his men.
Bloodpool with seven.
Isosoplis with none.

The final battle is unclear, a lot of myths tell the tale, but there is only one outcome, the death of all three Gods.

It was said that the bones of Yardas' men became the trees of Zombie Needle Forest, making it undead trees because of Bloodpool's Magick. No animals are present because of Isosoplis essence.

The locals who live close to the Forest made a some sort of jingle or saying to scare children and Adults.

Run, run from the Demon of Zombie Needle
Don't look back, don't slow down
Run till your out of the forest
Run and dont think of resting

The demon is silent
The demon is cunning
Don't trust anything inside the forest
Don't sleep inside the belly of Zombie Needle

If you use the path of Zombie Needle
Be sure to avoid a tempting feeling
Of flirting with the forest
Avoid a tempting feeling of going deep in this forest
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The Oracle: A divine item rumored to have the ability to affect the future. In the result of changing a timeline, people affected will gain what are called "Nobodies", the anti-existence created from the original timeline.

The Rebirth: item locked in the realm Twilight that has the ability to control life and death.
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31 / M / from the midnight...
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Six Power Factions - From Oldest to Latest (Will be edited)
1. Elders
3. Bloodspire Ward
4. Mystic Council
5. Maesters
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