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Has manga ever...
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Posted 12/3/08
when i see a comic i automatically try to read it right to left.
then when i realize im reading it backwards.. i can't finish it, i mess it up.

i try not to be to timid. actually.. im probably meaner, i dont hold everything in.
i have dark humor so..
other than that not much..

oh yah in total manga will probably take up much more of my life than sleeping.
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F / Incagnito.
Posted 2/9/09

loserboy wrote:

mamupolz wrote:

ummm... it did change me.. in some ways... umm... for example... nowadays i dont consider boys as insensitive fools... ahaha..

hahaha but all boys are insensitive fools. and if they arnt then there just trying to get somthing from you.
(as much as i hate to say this. i beleave its true) that's how it is.
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