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Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
Let's see, I want to see what is required to unlock the rest without having to go to a sight that'll make me wanna read the rest.
Well..use spoilers here people.
Here's a good format!

Well, I really want to unlock if anyone can help thanks!
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Posted 3/26/08
heres a way to unlock snake
but you can unlock evryone but wolf, jigglypuff and toon link just by
to unlock toon link
i would also post how to get wolf and jigglypuff but i forgot.
Posted 3/27/08
Ty Djtuskwolf...Wow..Subspace emisary is soooo easy....long though*I'm on last part.*
Posted 3/29/08
Well, here's how I got Jigglypuff, I don't know if its just this one thing or not.
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Posted 3/29/08
to unlock wolf

to unlock jiggly puff

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