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25 / F / in a box on Haraj...
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/26/08
name: Tsukiko, ledi, or that one chick(creator)
Age: wat evr age you want me to be
Race: mosyly Haitian french and black
occupation/hobies: draw music and desighning
Love: fashion music and art
reason for vkei: i like vkei because its an awesome escape from the real world. and it seems to me that the music is a little more interesting

doesnt have to be limited to these starters please add more
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25 / F / the castle beyond...
Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/26/08
name: Emiru
Age: 15 going on 12344509893714
Race: mexican and Salvadorian
occupation/hobies: drawing, listening to music,being bored, talking to friends
Love: fashion music and art, boys who look like chicks, crossdressers, and ice cream same as tsukiko :)
reason for vkei: the style is different, i love how the music sounds, even if i cannot understand it. and alot ov Vk musicians are really talented :)
Somthing random: i like to moove it moove it!
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25 / F
Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/31/08
name- Lumiere
race-african american and french
occupations/hobbies-listening to music talking about things i like and learning everything i can about japanese fashion
love-friends, fashion,guys,and hello kitty
reason for vkei-its a really cool fashion and the music is awesome
somthing random-i am the vampire bunny queen and one day i will rule the world but right now i will take a nap
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