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Choose Your Anime Family
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22 / F
Posted 7/2/09
Mother: Kyoko (Fruits Basket)
Father: "Papa" (Shugo Chara)
Older brother: Mugen (Samurai Champloo)
Older brother 2: Luffy (One Piece)
Younger brother: Black Star (Soul Eater)
Fiancé: Hitsugaya (Bleach)

xD I had to add the last one!
Posted 7/2/09
Older Brother- Gaara(from Naruto)
Older Sister- Rukia(from Bleach)
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21 / F
Posted 7/24/09
Father: Kosuke Niwa - DNAngel

Mother: Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

Younger sister: Yachiru Kusajishi - Bleach

Older sister: Isuzu 'Rin' Sohma - Fruits Basket

Younger brother: Kohei (I forget his surname) - W Juliet
There isn't a picture of Kohei that I can find sorry!
Older brother: Dark - DNAngel, Fai D Flowright - Tsubasa Chronicles, Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach, Haru Sohma - Fruits Basket

Pet: Wiz - DNAngel, Mokona - Tsubasa Chronicles, Kon - Bleach

This is a slightly whacked-out family, since Rukia wouldn't really be a good mother, and there would be seven of us! It's bad enough with four (I should know)! And then there would be Wiz, Moki-chan and Kon! Man, what a household!

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F / Camelot
Posted 7/24/09
I'd want...

Bleach: Ishin Kurosaki as my Dad! Or Katsuya Honda...

Fruits Basket: Umm... Tohru Honda's mom, Kyoko

Hetalia: Austria as my brother (because, by default, Germany, Prussia and Switzerland would be, like, extended family! XD)

La Corda D'Oro: Kahoko Hino (so that she can bring all of the guys home! XD)

Prince of Tennis: Fuji Shusuke as my other brother

My family would be really messed up... It'd be like, a combination of fighting, sports and music under one household... Oh wells, my real-life family is even worse! XD
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21 / F / Inside ur closet...
Posted 7/26/09
ok let see...
hum...MOM:Sakura (Shippuden)
older brother:kairi(peach girl)
older sister:miku(vocaloid)
boyfriend:natsume(gakuen alice)
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27 / F
Posted 7/26/09
Big Family!!!

Dad: Kaein Cross from Vampire Knight

Mom: Satella from Chrono Crusade

Older Brother #1 and Older Sister: Shannon Casull and Raquel Casull from Scrapped Princess

Older Brother #2: Fai from Tsubasa Chronicle

Younger Brother #1: Honey from Ouran High School Host Club

Younger Brother #2: Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicle

Younger Sister: Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club

Pet: Wiz from DN Angel

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26 / F / Texas but I want...
Posted 7/26/09
Father: 4th Hokage (Naruto)
Mother: Akiko Minase (Kanon)
Big Bro: Lelouch (Code Geass)
Little Bro: Conan (Detective Conan)
Big Sis: Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic!)
Little Sis: Mikan Sakura (Gakuen Alice)
Pet: Kero (Cardcaptor Sakura)

This would be my anime family I would love for this to come true!!! lol
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09
I won't pick any from parents but for siblings:

Konata Izumi
Mikan Sakura
Rena Ryuugu

Natsume Hyuuga
Yuuri Shibuya

Maaya(Azumanga daioh cat)

Also, I wold like to add Rin and Len of Vocaloid but they aren't anime yet...
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23 / M / Soul Society aka...
Posted 7/27/09
Dad - Reborn (Reborn!)
Mum - Maria (Hayate no Gotoku)
Sister - Taiga (Toradora)
Brother - Alphonse (Full Metal Alchemist)
Pet - Tama (Hayate no Gotoku)

LOL k?
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Posted 8/16/09
my husband: Athrun Zala ( were going to make baby tonight )
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24 / F / Indonesia
Posted 8/17/09





[dont bash me ^^]

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32 / Punching YOU
Posted 8/17/09 , edited 8/17/09

Lockon Stratos




Roy Mustang


Riza Hawkeye


Alice / B-Rabbit


Oz Bezarius


Setsuna F. Seiei


Black Hayate

If only...
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28 / M / 茨城県, 日本
Posted 8/17/09
papa: furukawa akio of clannad

mama: lisa of ponyo

sister: excel of excel saga

brother: ikuto of shugo chara

sasuke of naruto

laharl of makai senki disgaea

pet: yoru of shugo chara
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21 / M / up the roof
Posted 8/17/09
Dad: Shiraishi Kuranosuke (prince of tennis)

Mom: Hinamori Amu (shugo chara)

Brother: Shiki Senri(vampire knight)

Pet: Yoru(shugo chara)
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24 / M
Posted 8/18/09
Dad: Kuran rido

Mom: Kurenai Yuhi (my hot mom)

big sis: Ga-rei zero 1st episode dont know what's her name (My beautiful sis)

my big bro: Light

My wife: Charlotte Hazelrink's (my HOT wife)

My 2 daughters:(my 2 cute angels)
Nel Tu

and Ringo

my sis in law: mizore shirayuki (she's cute too, )

my father in law:

My brother in law: Casshern

My best friend: Kenpachi (we are so close, and he's the 1st division boss)

My bodyguards:
The first division: 11 squad

My second division boss:byakuya

The second division: shinsengumi

My pet: Sadharu

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