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Choose Your Anime Family
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Posted 7/9/11
Me >:3

Ai Enma from Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo

My Father

Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

My Mother

nadeshiko benibara from Suhuffle!

My older Sister

Saya from Blood+

heh, I'm so lame -w-
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24 / F
Posted 7/10/11
Haha okay this should be fun...

Mom: Yoruichi Shihoin(Bleach)

Dad: Urahara Kisuke (Bleach)

Brothers: Tamaki from ouran (sorry I don't have a pic) And Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama.

Uncle: Shusui Kyoraku

Aunt: Nanoa Ise

Other uncle: (Just to be able to say that I've got him in my family) Kenpachi Zaraki

And yeah... I think that's it... Two brothers would be enough, but if I had to pick a little sister, it would be the little version of Nel in Bleach.

Hehe So there is my family... Very Bleachy, but still super cool! I would also love for Ichigo's dad to be in my family, I think he would make a lot of good, funny memories.

The URL to my IchiRuki FanFic... Please go check it out!
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31 / M / the land of wincest
Posted 7/10/11
Dad: Jet from Cowboy Bebop

Mom: Sawako from K-on!

Little Sister: Konata from Lucky Star

Littler Sister: Victorique from Gosick

Childhood Friend: Asa from Shuffle

Hehe, My sisters are midgets.
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22 / F / USA
Posted 7/10/11
Grandmother: Tsunade (Naruto)
Grandfather: Jiraiya (Naruto)
Mom: Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Father: Zolf J. Kimbly (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Older Brother: Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)
Older Sister: Nana Osaki (Nana)
Younger Brother: Rayne (Neo Angelique Abyss)
Younger Sister: Sakura Haruno (Naruto)
Dog: Akamaru (Naruto)
Cat/cousin: Kyo (Fruits Basket
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22 / F / Under the same sk...
Posted 7/10/11
Daddy: Tamaki [ouran host club]
Mommy: Ash's Mom [pokemon]
older Brother: Mori [ouran host club]
little Brother: Momo [fruits basket]
cousin: Shusei [uraboku]
butler: Sebastian [black butler]
pet: sodom [uraboku]

Isn't Sodom CUTE?!
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24 / M / anywhere
Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
Father: Kira Yamato

Mother: Lacus Clyne

Brother: Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Sister: Hinagiku Katsura

Pet: Torii

Girlfriend: Nogizaka Haruka
Posted 7/11/11


Husband 2

Husband 3

Husband 4

Husband 5

Husband 6

Husband 7

Daughter from whichever husband gets me pregs first


My plant
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Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
Parents: Tamaki and Haruhi

Sisters: Tohru and Utau

Brothers: Soul Eater, Momiji, Tsuna

Cousins: Death the Kid, Chrome, Hitachiin Twins, Yuki, Kyo

Really wish my family was like this, with more ppls my age

Hmmm, So let's see, out of youngest to oldest siblings its:
Me, Tsuna, Soul, Utau, Momiji, Tohru. Ironic since I'm the oldest sibling in my REAL family
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22 / F
Posted 7/11/11



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F / Earth
Posted 7/11/11
Dad: Tamaki Suou (!!!!)
Mom: Haruhi Fujioka (might as well stick with the pairing)
Older brother: Lelouch Lamperouge
Twin older brothers: The Hitachin Twins!!!!
Older sister: Kyoko Mogami
Housekeeper: Sebastian Michaelis (lol)
Little brothers: Ciel Phantomhive and Hitsugaya Toshiro
Pet: Nyanko sensei
Cousins: Natsume (Natsume Yujinchou), Kyoya Ootori, Rukia Kuchiki
Uncles: Orihara Izaya, Kakashi Hatake
Aunts: GRELL SUTCLIFFE. And for Kakashi, that lady with the beehive hat thing -_-''' (in Naruto)
Grandmother: Tsunade-obachan.
Grandfather: Jiraiya-ojichan.

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22 / Sleeping on C L...
Posted 7/11/11
Older Brother- Stein (Soul Eater)
Father- Shinigami-sama (Soul Eater)
Mother- Ryuk (I think thats what the name is Death Note)
Pet- Kero-chan (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Younger Sister- Jubei (Jubei-chan)
Boyfriend- Jaejoong and Taemin XD
Older Brother- Ikuto (Shugo Chara!)
Godfather1- Usagi-san (Junjou Romantica)
Godmother1- Misaki (Junjou Romantica)
Godfather2- Takano (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)
Godmother2- Ritsu (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)
Twin Sister- Suzuki-chan (Junjou Romantica)
Older Brother- L
Older Brother's lover- Light
Cousin- Yukio (Blue Exorcist )
Cousin's lover- Rin (Blue Exorcist)
Beloved Stalker- Undertaker (Pandora Heart)
Twin Brother- Mukuro (KHR)
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36 / M
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
My Fic family of DA

Me - Jordan Levin

Brother 1 - Johnathan Levin

Brother 2 - Kevin Levin

Dad - Joshua Levin

- Mirajane (Fairy Tail)

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30 / M / Toronto
Posted 7/12/11
FATHER: 4TH HOKAGE - The legend himself

STEP FATHER (as we all know the real father is dead, thus the new step father is): Madara Uchiha

Mother: Boa Hancock (A mother who is a queen of her country and a member of shichibukai and did i mention she can fight as well... yep that's my mom alright lol....) from One Piece for those who don't know who she is

Elder Brother 1: Itachi Uchiha - To have a brother like him is an honor lol

Elder Brother 2: Portgas D Ace - who wouldn't love to have a brother like Ace lol....

Elder Brother 3: Pein - Yes i know it's a coincidence but all my 3 elder brothers are dead... although I believe Pein might have been the strongest of all 3... just a thought

Younger Brother 1: Lelouch Lamperouge: Yes another brother who has yet lost his life in the war and is a true martyr lol - From Code Geass

Younger Brother 2: Monkey D. Luffy - Does his own thing and wouldn't bother me and of course making a name for himself just like all of his brothers mentioned above lol...

Younger Brother 3: Tsuna Sawada from Reborn - The youngest brother amongst the entire family - yes i know it's a big family but if you take a closer look at it half of the family is already lol... pretty fucked up i know lol..........

Sister 1: Nico Robin from One Piece - just like the entire family mentioned above she is definitively making a name for herself lol

Sister 2: Yoruichi from Bleach - with the entire family history above it doesn't surprise me she was the captain of the 2nd squad lol...

Sister 3: Konan from Naruto Shippuden... A rogue member of the family and still a mystery to us all as she left the entire family at a very young age and yes she does live up to the family reputation by making it into the akatsuki lol....

Grandfather: Edward Newgate AKA Whitebeard - Aah yes that make sense no wonder the entire family is strong no thanks to Whitebeard as their grandfather...

Uncle 1: Red Hair Shanks - You know who to call when shit happens lol....

Uncle 2: Jiraiya - A crazy uncle to go when you need tips for picking up girls lol

and yes finally the Pet: Gamakichi from Naruto Shippuden lol

THAT's one big family of superheros alright lol
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20 / F
Posted 7/12/11
Mother and father: Kushina and Minato (from Naruto)

brother: Light (from Death Note)

pet: Ponta (from Guru Guru Pon-Chan)
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23 / F / Insanity :P
Posted 7/12/11
Mother and Father: None (didn't you know that all the coolest characters are orphans? XD)

Brother: Hige

Even though he is a playboy, I know that he would stand up for and protect me :P

Sister: Tsubaki

Because she is kind and kick ass

Pet: Akamaru

He's so funneh
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