Post Reply Physical class ~Training Field Trip~
Posted 3/26/08

Well first things first
Hmm ok students where do u thing is the best place to go out and train
mountain *hiking*
Gym *out of town*
School Grounds
Mountain *Camping*
Mountain *endurance test*

Just vote 4 wat u like
or do u have any idea of ur own let me know
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F / Sg
Posted 3/26/08
beach! My idea is go club and bowling and tennis.
Posted 3/28/08
for me .... hiking
Posted 4/5/08
Hmmmmmmm Well i think we should camp in the mountains.........
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21 / F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 6/9/08
hi im arika im new and its nice to meet u all i think that we should go to the beach so we can volleyball!!!
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