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"OMGWTF! Naruto and Bleach got licensed?! Now CR is useless!"
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Posted 3/26/08 , edited 4/12/08

bluefox wrote:

Dusterbayala wrote:

bluefox wrote:

The anime section of the forums have been flooded with kinds of forums ever since Bleach and Naruto got licensed. If not for the mods locking them(and getting sick of doing so) there'd surely be an overflow. I am honestly tired of these threads, and you prolly are too. As to why people are still posting these kind of threads I wish to get your insights as well as your thoughts as to how to deal with them. Eudd's and iambill10's preferred method? FLAME THEM TO KINGDOM come. Not that it's a bad thing, at least I dun think so

This may as well be one those said threads but hell I care.

wow i'm sorry, unfortunately people don't take the time to read what your wrote, and just started flaming you.

Sadly i think this is a good thread, however, it IS a poll.. and polls go in the polls section.

but no one ever looks at the polls section, do they?

Oh sorry about that, my bad I didn't know. But putting this on the poll section would greatly reduce it's "noticeability".

no it's ok, that's all part of the learning process..

and i agree with you, once the polls section was made, i don't think that anyone really went there.. i just think that the polls should be limited and have something to actually discuss about the poll... like your poll for example.

I think it's very highly likely that a lot of the kids that watch Naruto and Bleach have no idea how licensing works. They blame it on Shinji, when shinji was mearly following the cease and desist orders he recieved from the legal copyright holders.

*shrugs shoulders*

I do dislike that they've made about a million threads regarding the same thing, even when one is very clearly on the thread list.

i think people just don't look.

there's a definate lack of attention to detail around these forums. Perhaps it's laziness, perhaps it's a language barrier, i doubt it's either one, i think it may just be impatience.

either way, duplicate threads and duplicate polls and such (like all the bleach and naruto is licensed ZOMG threads) makes the volunteer mods stressed and tired. This place would be madness without them, so i just wish that the narutards and the bleachstans would pay just a bit more attention.

And.. just a note here, even though i like bleach, i'm not freaking out because CR removed it. I can watch it on or i can torrent or DDL the newest episode.
so it's really not that big of a deal for me.. plus then it's full screen, and higher quality.

I knew Shinji was going to have to eventually remove naruto and bleach as they were licensed long ago, but it was nice while it lasted!
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Posted 3/26/08 , edited 4/12/08
i am getting very angry......

~ locked
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