opinion about racism
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Posted 3/26/08

Racism has many definitions, the most common being that members of one racial group consider themselves intrinsically superior to members of other racial groups. Racism inherently starts with the assumption that there are taxonomic differences between different groups of people. Without this assumption, prejudices against different peoples would be catagorised as being prejudices related to national or regional origin, religion, occupation, social status or some other distinction.

well then............... i know that lots of people discriminate others for being black or for being asian or for being from a 3rd world country......

they also discriminate people who are biased when there country's name is stated in articles or in forums or in discussion rooms and surely out of 10 people in the discussion room will suddenly shout racism. but that isn't right since being biased on your own country comes naturally and it shows patriotism.

how about all of your opinions?

[im not refering to only my own country]
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Posted 3/26/08
Just saying this now.Racism sucks.
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Posted 3/26/08
Racism makes me cry..
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Posted 3/26/08

n_n303 wrote:

Please search before posting a new thread


here's some more racism threads for you to rant more about, in case you were interested.

Racism within your own Race

Is it ok to poke fun at racism?

thanks n_n

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