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24 / F / Behind you!!!! Bo...
Posted 4/23/08
Hello everyone!
My names Nel! but please call me Rin! or Mai! ^-^

I'm 14 and a Filipino!
I ♥♥TENNIS!!!!
I ♥ Cookies!
I ♥ Coffee! lol~
I ♥ Music
I ♥ Anime!!!!
I ♥ Tezuka, fuji, eiji and ryoma! lol
and..... TENNIS!

Sports that i play:
TENNIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Badminton, Volleyball, and table tennis!

That's all!^^

Posted 5/19/08
Hi guyzz! :P

I'm Princess,

13 years of age... 3/4 Filipino and 1/4 Spanish from my grand-grand mother from my father side. I consider myself as a pure blood Filipino coz I dunno Spanish words and besides I love and I'm Proud being a Filipino!

I love the characters of Eiji Kikumaru and Fuji Shuusuke. And as you can see they're always cheerful and happy like me!! xD I'm not a sporty one but I love intellectual competitions. They were a challenge for me, but if I had a chance i'll play tennis even i'm not good..LOL..xD
Posted 5/19/08
P.S: It's not that i'm not proud being a one-fourth Spanish but I just feel like it.. You get my point?
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F / I would like to b...
Posted 5/20/08
Name: spelled my screename backward
I started anime in 1995. Yes I am kinda old but i dun feel old.
I love prince of tennis and never know tennis could be so cool.
I love all of the characters. I mean c'mon after 178 ep...yea....
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25 / F / a world of dwinde...
Posted 7/26/08
Hey I'm Tazz-spaz-taz but call me Lissy or Ly! I play for my high school's varsity tennis team and lettered with a 3.5 of higher gpa. I've read all of the prince of Tennis chapters and desperatly hoping they're make a second season/series. I've also watche about half of the anime. I could go on forever so just check out my profile and buddy me!
Posted 7/27/08
hihi^^im mirai wanni 15 , i just join this group and i love tennis!!! nice to meet all of u ne!!
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08
hi minna
my realy name is jenny nick name is mana and i love anime lots of it and even manga and theres a lot more i like and of course prince of tennis. my fave character is tezuka and fuji
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34 / F / Philippines
Posted 8/27/08 heidi chan... im 24 years old...
i really love anime and manga...
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26 / F / Arkham Asylum.
Posted 9/10/08
Hello, my name is Samantha and I'm new here obviously haha. I'm 16, going on 17 soon :] I don't really play sport.. A bit of backyard cricket here and there, and kick around the footy, but that's it '^^
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23 / F / Nanimori
Posted 11/5/08
Im Piedontlie
Call me Ashley
I like playing tennis,soccer,basketball,and volleyball
any more questions feel free to ask
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23 / F / with Ciel Phantom...
Posted 12/19/08
hey everybody...
username: leavitalone7
nickname: Lil-e or Thea... but Lil-e is more preferable...
I'm 14 years old... very talkative... and I get hyper very easily...
not much of a sports person unless we're talking about the sports volleyball and table tennis...
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25 / F
Posted 1/22/09
im a newbie..yumi desu yorohsku:)
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F / In a corner .
Posted 2/9/09
Hiyas!!! I'm Erica.... my favorite things to do is play Audition XD , basketball and ya..... also P.O.T is awesomness ^0^
Posted 2/12/09
name: saifon just call me fon if you like
age: 18
yeah i know i'm old but .... i look kinda like 14 XD
i love reading manga and watching anime
my fav. manga are: kamichama karin (chu), special a, skip beat, vampire knighht, shugo chara, tsubasa chronicles and much more
my fav. anime are: kamichama karin, special a, shugo chara (doki), vampire knight (guilty), skip beat and lots more
i also Love chocolates XD
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28 / F
Posted 3/3/09
Hi everybody!
Username: cute_marces24
Nickname: cess-chan/hime
I really love POT, it's like my favorite sport anime of all time! My favorite characters are Ryoma & Tezuka, however, I really like all the Seigaku team's regulars! I like the rikkaida regulars too..
Hobbies: reading manga, watching anime, i play tennis too.. ^^
Nice to meet you all !
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