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Post Reply U Got Ur Characters?? then...RP!!
Posted 4/16/08
muahahahahaha !!!! bing bang boom BANKAI !!!!!!!
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Posted 4/16/08
and what about me ruining your fun, Abarai?
Posted 4/17/08
O_O' ano..... you usually kill the big hollows or menos before i even get a chance and if you actually let me kill 'em then you speak in that bland tone that takes all the fun out of it!!! >_<

... wow, i didn't think i could do that.
Posted 4/18/08

ah byakuya give it a rest (note that ichigo never uses a formal title with byakuya because he believes they are equals) old renji baka cant help himself he loves to fight we have alot in common but no one will get the hollows before me !

Posted 4/19/08
there are no more hollows you baka, Kuchiki killed 'em because, yet again, he takes the fun out of fighting hollows ¬_¬
Posted 4/20/08
damn great thats just what i needed now how am i going to work out to get stronger so i can go save orihime !
Posted 4/22/08
you could go up against Kuchiki again although i think most of that would be you screaming at him... id volunteer but i prefer to train alone...
you could try going up against Hitsugaya i guess
Posted 4/26/08
no i want another match with zaraki what can i say no bankai and still one strong mofo GET SOME !!!
Posted 4/28/08
get some what?? are you attracted to Kenpachi??
Posted 4/30/08
haha trust me renji i am in no way attracted to kenpachi i ment get some as in lets fight !! but sence you wana be funny lets go !! BANKAI !!!
Posted 5/2/08
yeahyeah, BANKAI!!
but i can't make this funny, post-poning fight until i come up with somethign to make it more fun
Posted 5/6/08
haha so be it im going to go train with the vizard the blonde kids pretty tough
Posted 5/14/08
woah...silence for over a week
how odd, can someone come and liven this up a bit?? i don't mind if it's Kuchiki or that odd girl Orihime, it's just so quiet in here
Posted 5/15/08
agreed i havent seen chado or any of the gang in a while whats going on
Posted 5/15/08
i don't have a clue, they all came at first, but then they disappeared.... u don't think a menos or two got 'em do u??
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