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Post Reply U Got Ur Characters?? then...RP!!
Posted 5/15/08
its probably aizen maybe he took them to heco mundo and is holding them hostage maybe we should go take a look
Posted 5/16/08
couldn't hurt... wait, yes it could
Posted 5/20/08
haha scared renji why not have rukia protect you !! BANKAI !!
Posted 5/23/08
oh shove off strawberry!! i'm just speaking logic! with your headstrong attitude, you are probably gonna charge in headfirst and get yourself near enough killed and then we'll come in and save your ass.
simply put: yes it could hurt you to go take a look
Posted 5/24/08
BANKAI !!!! need i say more !!!
Posted 5/26/08
yes because 'BANKAI' doesn't solve everything you baka!
for a smart guy, you really are dumb
Posted 5/29/08
Haha for a dumb guy you really are dumb !!! now shut up and kick some hollow butt
Posted 5/30/08
dumb? i'm a fukutaicho you moron!! if i was dumb, i wouldn't have made it this far!!
now, i don't give a crap about your little friends' lives and i was just gonna help because i'm bored; with insults like that, you can go get yourself killed for all i care!!
*slashes through 5 hollows on way out*
Posted 6/19/08
O_o Jashin, someone's sensitive. 20 days and not a thing.
anybody else for hollow-busting or is this gonna end up an empty Seireitei??
Posted 7/9/08
sorry i got knocked out by aizen but im back and rdy for action orihime healed me !!! BANKAI !!!
Posted 7/12/08
*mutters* again with the freaking bankai.
*sighs* you're gonna get hurt again, you do realize that don't you?
Posted 7/16/08
eh its what i do BAKA!! you should worry less about me and more about yourself renji my bankai is bigger !!!

Posted 7/31/08
bad image in my head Ichi-foo
anyway, why do i need to worry about myself? i'm better in tactical fighting with hollows so there's no issue with me. it's you that has issues in this kinda situation!! it always takes you two tries because first time you always underestimate the opposition!
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