Who would you like to be pair up onscreen in tdrama?
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30 / F / with Wilson Chen,...
Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/27/08
I'm just curious....
There's a lot of the "it" couples out there from highly liked Taiwanese dramas... such as Wu Zun and Ella, and Chen Qiao En with Ming Dao. However, wouldn't it be more interesting if other great actors and actresses who has never been paired up as lovers be paired up as lovers? How about those that you wanted to ended up together but didn't? Like for say, Hebe and Lee Wei in Bull Fighting or Jiro with Ariel in It Started with a Kiss? Which actors and actresses would you like to pair up if you could, on screen that is.

Please don't name actors/actress that HAVE been together in a drama and ended up with each other before. We all know they were great but I want to see others who would be just as great together.

For me, since I just finish "My Lucky Star," I was thinking how interesting it would be to see Jimmy Lin and Ruby Lin act together in a modern love story. It'll be interesting to see the chemistry between the two past lovers.

But also I was thinking how it would be cool to see Jimmy Lin with Chen Qiao En.

Haha, please accompany me... sorry for the long paragraph...
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