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Posted 3/27/08 , edited 7/7/08
Alright, now tt our dear forum is up for business, have to keep things in order here (:
So there r juz some simple rules tt I wana point out.
Happy forum-ing & thanks for the participation always ^^

Making a New Thread
-Always check before creating. Browse thru all of the topics, & make sure tt the purpose of your topic is not the same; or rather similar, wif any of them. We do not want many redundant topics do we? If found, of cos it will be locked. To be even neater, do pm the mods or myself for approval first.
-State the purpose of the thread clearly. Hey, u know we have to know wat we r discussing & the objective. If not we'll all go out of topic. If found, well I'll juz edit it a lil.

Posting a Reply
-No flaming/thrashing of characters or anyone. Except for Orihime Haters of cos. Anyway, I guess this rule is very clearly stated in other threads. Preventive measure for forum war.
-Give relevant replies. Meaning, stick to the topic. It's always okay to get abit too high & go OT a lil, but if u type juz a phrase or a sentence, u will leave insufficient room for discussion. Also, it might be boring to read a 1-sentence reply or some irrelevant stuff, right? Preventive measure for dead forum hehe.
-Use the 'edit' button when necessary. No double-posting. I'm sure all of u know. If u need to change smth, press the edit button on the right. This will ensure neatness of the thread.
-Always be polite & respect other pple's views. I duno how to say this. But juz think of how the other person would feel if u were to disagree wif every single post tt u made. Rmb things tt r sensitive & watch out for pple's feelings @ all times. If mistake is made, we can always apologize. Everyone loves frendly pple.
-Spoiler tags. If your reply is gona be related in 1 way or another to the recent chapter/epi, do use spoiler tags. Do not ruin the fun tt our members r gona have. A warning or alert is always gd for ahem, a weak heart I suppose.

Uploading a Photo
(Though this is not in the forums, but I wana say the rules.)
-No repeated photos. I know this is kinda hard not to repeat the photos, but if u manage to realli c them, pls do not upload anymore. If it's by accident, it's okay. But if u happen to c it sometime later & gain awareness, pls auto-delete.
-Onli ULQUIHIME-related photos allowed. Hmm, this is an ULQUIHIME fangrp. I think of cos everyone knows tt we upload onli their photos. But in case, some OT peeps uploaded some other characters, if unrelated pictures are found, they will be deleted.
-Strictly PG-13. Pple, be it avatars, photo album, or any photos tt we r posting, pls keep it PG-13. Crunchyroll is a PG-13 site. Any pics wif sexual implication (It's ulquihime, we know tt there r many of them out there.) Pls be sensitive enough to either put them in spoiler tags provided wif a warning or juz dun post it. Photo must be removed. For convenience, I shall ignore those tt r alr in the album. Ulquihime is definitely more dan 'tt' type of relationship, aren't they?

Wall Posts
(Also not under forum but rules r needed.)
-Strictly no advertising. Be it for video sites, be it for other fangrps, be it for your own widening of buddy-circle, be it for your own or other purposes. No advertising, this fangrp is not an advertisement ground. We do not host advertisements. This is solely for ULQUIHIME-ness. First time warning, second time ban. If you find UlquiHime related sites, videos, etc, and you wish to share with the group, please post them on the Forum under 'Share all your UlquiHime Tributes' thread and follow the rules of the thread.
-Feel free to have idle chat. It's juz wall post. Wat more can it be? It's not like in forums where we realli discuss. If we wana chat, we go to the wall & scribbbbbbbble right away. Scream abt the recent chapter, rant abt your love for this pairing, or basically - juz hanging around.

Hall of Fame
(A section for mi to show appreciation for my dear members.)
-lys46, mistyowl, our 2 mods (:
-Am01, our big contributor for the photo album (:
darkcountessb for the beautiful and new pics that she brings to the UlquiHime album :)
-mistyowl, our #1 active member (:
-All threadmakers (:
-All forums participants (:
-All photo uploaders, commentors, raters (:
-All who posted on wall (:
-All who joined ULQUIHIME (:
I will add more some other time xD

Msg to Mods
(Reserve this section for mi to say smth to the mods. I have to voice out my opinion.)
I would like to officially express my gratitude to our 2 mods for their hard work ^^ It's been realli hard on them as I was away for quite sometime hehe. Great work done & thumbs up as the grp is growing strong & active!
Anyway, I wana have some mod rules as well. I want to keep things in harmony between us. As for the choosing of avatar, I can leave it up to u. Perhaps till I can find a realli amazing ulquihime pic anytime soon.

-No editing to copyrighted stuffs. Copyrighted means credited ulquihime fandoms like the manga analysis & my anime analysis. If u edit basically anything from it, it isn't tt person's work anymore. Do not touch anything. If u did smth yourself, u claimed it, & someone juz changed it, how would u feel? "Omg tt's my stuff, my words. Why do they have to touch it?"
-Not allowed to appoint mods. If there's a suggestion, we need to do a voting. Do not appoint a mod yourself. This is to prevent chaos. We dun need alot of mods.
-Use RED & UNDERLINE for sub-headings. BLACK for all other texts. For profile, no rainbows to be made. This is to ensure neatness. Neat & tidy.
-Use BOLD to highlight impt terms. All the rest should not be bolded. A guide for profile neatness. If u duno how, do not edit. Or u can ask mi to do so. As long as it's neat, it's alright. Not much control on this 1.
-Approach mi for any queries. Or there's a need tt u have to change smth realli major, pls let mi know first. Whether it's a change in the rules, a massive change in the profile, or in any way the grp shall work. I'll greatly appreciate the notice as it's a form of respect to mi as the creator.

"Grp members, I apologise for the lack of updates. I doubt I can find alot of time to mingle wif u all. Of cos I will be constantly coming back to make sure things r alright, but I cannot make frequent updates to keep the grp active. I have to count on my mods for this 1. Thanks a million again. Cheers! Good luck for those having exams soon."

~As said by emptied-dreams.

Hey, if u made any of the mistakes it's alright.
Juz apologise & dun repeat the mistake will do ^^
I will change again if I find more rules.
Feel free to comment on them, or if u have any rule in mind to add (:
If u want, u can also suggest on how we can make this fangrp a better place.

Enjoy your stay in ULQUIHIME fangrp & have fun!
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Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/28/08
yea I did'nt thinkmuch before I made that ulquiorra foroum i just thought hey if we have somthing dedicated to only Hime ( or more spicifaclly her haters) why dont we have somthing for ulquiorra? (I dont think he has that many haters so I made one for guessing his thoughts,past and possible sword realeses but if you dont like it you can destroy it) also thank you for renameing it that first name was stupid
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Posted 3/29/08 , edited 3/29/08
A suggestion:
Before making a thread, members have to submit it for approval of either the creator or the mods, if it passes the member will be allow to make it, but if it doesnn't it won't be made at all. Doing this will keep the group free of uneccesary threads, or threads that just use space, also it won't allow duplicates (yeah some memebers don't even check)
Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/30/08
emptied-dreams,misty I think it would be best if from time to time we changed the group's avi ...if it's ok with you guys I'll like to start,then every week we'll chose different avis..maybe we could give that chance to other members,the one that are active,so they would feel more involved with this group I wanted your opinion before posting it on the main page...
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Posted 3/31/08 , edited 3/31/08

lys46 wrote:

emptied-dreams,misty I think it would be best if from time to time we changed the group's avi ...if it's ok with you guys I'll like to start,then every week we'll chose different avis..maybe we could give that chance to other members,the one that are active,so they would feel more involved with this group I wanted your opinion before posting it on the main page...

i wonder how that will work, what is your idea to have people involve in choosing the avi/pictures, i'm pretty sure memebers look at the pictures but only a few comment on them (i'm normally the one commenting on them), and i don't think we want memebers tells us on the guess book, also if we make a thread about, i'm sure will have different pictures!!! so what's your idea besides choosing them ourselves
wel mostly I was thinking about quitecrusade and Am01 cause they are the most active members and the nicest they could just indicate the picture they want and we'll unpload it...after we previously announce them to be prepared with that pic..
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