Rematch:Kira Yamato in X20A Stike Freedom VS Athrun Zala in X19A Infinite Justice
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24 / M / Republic of Georg...
Posted 3/27/08
1)Both are fully motivated to send each other to hell(why they should hate each other?I dunno?lets assume Kira caught Athrun doing it with Lacus or Kira smashing Athruns fancy sportscar or ...gundamn it all!They hate each other cause I want them to!)
2)Both SF and IJ enter the battle with no damage whatsoever,fully equiped.
3)Both Kira and Athrun are in SEED-mode before battle commences.
4)No plot armor involved.

And we have 3 scenarios:
Scenario 1:Battle is at long\medium range
Scenario 2 :Battle is at close range.
Scenario 3:Both are docked with METEOR units.

My opinion:
Scenario 1:Kira has an advantege due to SFs firepower and DRAGOONs and wins.
Scenario 2:IJ rips SF to shreads.
Scenario 3:Battle can go eather way...

Gundam fight all set!
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28 / M / Philippines
Posted 3/27/08
no more VS. thread

sooo yup you guessed it---

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30 / M / "The World"
Posted 3/27/08
Amuro and the Hi-Nu Gundam kills them both...GOOD END!
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Posted 3/27/08
sorry mate, we dont allow VS threads, they lead to empty spam posts.
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