Anyone (wanna) play Sims/Sims 2?
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Posted 3/27/08
I used to play the Sims then Sims 2. I'm still loving the game haha!
But I gave up on Sims 2 when my com gave up on me because I am clueless abt the memory needed and stuff so I decided to sell my babies:

The Sims:
Hot Date Expansion Pack (EP)*
Unleashed EP

The Sims 2:
The Sims 2 Original
University EP
Nightlife EP
Open for Business EP

You can be assured they are in very good condition = brand new.
If you, or know anyone who is interested,pls pm me and i'll give you more info -

*EP meaning you need the Original before you can install and play.

Godspeed .
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