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M / Los Angeles
Posted 3/27/08
I see that some of you Niggers want me back or missed my use of the word Nigger in statements that many of you know is true about our Sambo Singing, Loud talking, Asshole women, Back Stabbing Race.

It was Crasy-That Nigger from Violent Town Houstan that bought me back.

Here is why I left:
1. I thought someone found my name. I make it a point to hide my name. Niggers can be a back-stabbing group. Look at Ex-Pastor Allan Wright of Chicago, someone gave that 7 year old video of his "I Hate America" sermon which ruined him.

I was wrong, I think someone used a name of a tv character that has a name similar to mine.

2. I noticed I was saying the word Nigger to many times. and when I backed off Niggers kept attacking me. So since I was in a Christian A.K.A Pussy moment I might as well leave and go into Grown folks group which has more intelligent forums than here.

Now I am back, bitches. And Ill bring up some topics that are true but because I use the word Nigger you maybe blinded to the truth

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