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Post Reply What if there was a US version?
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
Dooode, US soap operas are the WORST !
Like everyone says, it's probably gonna have a High School Musical-like cast and singing and all that jazz.
Pshhhhhhhhhhh ~
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Posted 8/5/08 , edited 8/6/08

pnaylover_14 wrote:

oxkimchi wrote:

Georgia-Jade wrote:

An american version would suck ... They would probably put the cast from like highschool musical ( like zac efron) and make it corny. lol ok maybe not but still ... :S

Hahahaha, I'd laugh so hard if they put in a cast like High School Musical.

Pretty much it would ruin it for me.
They are also making an American version of My Sassy Girl..
I'm kinda afraid of what it'll turn out to be.

hahaha. wow theres going to me an American version of My Sassy Girl?!?! wow.
i wonder whats it gonna be like. thats very...very interesting.

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Posted 9/2/08 , edited 9/2/08
I hope there will never be an American version of Hana Yori Dango because they would not stay true to the original and turn it into a never ending soap. This the reason why I do not watch American soaps and only Asian dramas. In American films, one girl gets with everyone and it is the same story line over and over again.
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