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well.... i guess ill go first...... also.... please follow the format.... and after that... you can add things at the end
thanks =)

hey, you can call me sanosuke or sano for short

my favorite anime are:
1. rurouni kenshin
2. bleach
3. deathnote
4. naruto
5. either full metal alchemist or inuyasha

im the kinda person who:
tries not to offend people, most likely won't offer a buddy request... but i will accept any...

i hate:
how they licensed all my favorite anime.... and the fact that you can't write a simple thx on someone's guest-book......XD

i love:
____, __________, and __ _________( confidential......) ;P

prabably most known for my:
habit of sending a " cya around "
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hello! im Seiryuu_no_Inu (and ill need a nickname) but ppl call me Seiryuu.

fav anime:
1. naruto
2. hikaru no go
3. bleach

im the type who changes the subject a lot without noticing and whenever i upload photos, a certain someone says it never ends.

i like eating sweets so thats why i get hyper online (not in real life).

i dont like vegetables or the licenses thingy.

umm...i dont feel like typing anymore so cya around!

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hey peeps my name is michael/mike,
fav anime
Detective conan
demon eyes kyo
rurounin kenshin
code geass
and etc....
and u dont need to know rest...
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Hi,You can call me Krisy
My all time fav animes are:
1.Ruronie kenshin
3.Shukugan no shana
I'm the kind of person thats:
cheers people up,happy,nice(unless your on my bad side,then you really don't want to mess with me). ^_^
I hate:
people who cuss,are mean,gross,and hurt my family and friends.
I love:
animals,meeting new people,sports and the beach!!
Probably most known for:
sending people happy birthdays and happy holidays.
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24 / M / Space Australia
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You can Call me any name u want as long as its not sexual

my favorite anime are:
1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn
2. Gintama
3. Great Teacher Onizuka
4. Gundam Wnig
5. Bleach

im the kinda person who:
likes to start arguments and fight

i hate:
Same as Sanos & how much it is too buy Manga now adays

i love:
Manga, My gf, and Sports

probably most known for my:
changing my avatar alot
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Intro: Hey lolz u don't need 2 know my name....^ . *. My nickname is kujin, so plz call me kujin!!

My totally fav anime are...:
1. D.N Angel
2. Naruto
3. Shugo Chara
4. Rurouni Kenshin
5. Loveless
6. One Piece
............if i remember any more i'll edit my post and put them down! ^ . ^

I'm the kind of person that...:
Seems to always help people out and totally forget about hersrelf.........heh.

I hate...:
Licensed anime, when my bandwidth runs out, when someone backstabs you and totally denys it when u confront them.

I love:
Chocklate, anime, acting (i wanna become an actress lolz), manga, poetry, gaming.

Best known for...:
Getting thousands of people out of sticky situations when i don't even mean it....not that that's bad lolz!

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M / Canada
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ya... in case you where wondering... the one at the top is me, my account got banned somhow... not really sure why tho...
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