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If you had to hide youre most valuable stuff against thieves where would it be
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19 / M / the closet 5ever
Posted 9/27/11
oohhh...will hide in my computer while SHINee's Replay is on reply replay replay
Posted 9/27/11 , edited 9/27/11
It can't be big stuff. Unless it's in a warehouse or you have enough space in your own home to conceal it, hiding it isn't gonna be of any use. The best I could do is put it in-between old decrepit stuff, the kind that look like they're gonna be thrown out and hope they will not take a look at the trash.

I heard a story once. There was an old man who happened to be travelling in an area known for it's beguiling sneaky thieves. So this con shacked up to this old man, offering him protection. The old man straight out told him he was carrying precious jewels. The escort waited for him to fall fast asleep then ransacked the old mans luggage.

In the morning the theif asked the old man, 'Which one of your suit cases did you put the jewels in?'

The old man said, 'I put them in yours.'
Posted 9/27/11
Like I'm actually going to tell you this. Pfft.
Posted 9/28/11
My penis. Please don't take my penis.
Posted 9/28/11 , edited 9/28/11
i would keep it in the shed. c:
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32 / F / dining area, eating
Posted 10/1/11
i'll hide it in the bank safe and get an insurance for the items so that even if the bank is robbed i still get something back....
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