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29 / M / Somewhere
Posted 7/13/08
Sorry i cant spell some word
well here my story

“Soul, did u finish ur homework?” said some girl. “Homework, what homework Sai?” said soul. He Start to open the door to the fan group room. “What homework!” she yelled, “The homework we r going to have a test over.” “Oh, that homework,” he said, “Hehe, no” “What am I going to so with u Soul?” she said with a worry face. “why do u care Sai?” said soul, “It not like u like me or everything.” Sai look at him with evil eye and went to talk with someone else in the fan group room.

A one hour past and the fan people r talk about the story they like.
“Man, I bored, nothing to do,” Said Soul. “Come on I hear better story,” Said in his mind. “I wish I can tell the fan group about the story” A bight light come and a girl come out of it. She give him a stone and the stone got bright and bright.

“What Happen!” Said Soul. He look around him and nobody was there, but that girl and him. “Where am I and who r u?” Soul ask her. She give him no answer, but smile and a way. She point at the stone and start to talk to him. “This is a stone use long ago by a great story teller,” she said. “So what does that have to do with me” said Soul. “I don’t know that answer u have to found it out urself,” she said as the light slow go away.

“Soul, Soul!” some clam voice said. Soul open his eye and look at where the voice come from. “You!” He yell in shock. “Sai, what r u doing?” said soul. “Well, after you come in the fan room u said something and u just fell down.” said Sai worrying. “Sai, u worry about me, wow.” said Soul. Sai start to brush. “No, as the class rep. student in my class I worry about, that all.” “Right, whatever, but thank.” he said. “Well, I have to go home, bye Sai,” said Soul
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61 / F / unknown =]
Posted 7/25/08
hrm. seems interesting. i wanna try. (^-^)
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21 / F / some where
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/22/08
My name is Claire. I'm one of the most popular girls in high school. I absolutly love reading. One day I hid eragon behind my text book and started reading. Out load i whispered that i wish i was in the book. Suddenly some random boy walked up to me and gave me a weird colored stone. I accepted it and quickly stuffed in my pocket and started to listen to the lesson. The lunch bell rang and I ran to the cafateria to catch up with my friends. As i stuffed my book in my pack I felt an unusual warmeth in my pocket and pulled out the stone. Suddenly the stone shone a blinding white light and a fell on the floor.
* * *
"Who do you think it is?" Asked someone.
"I don't know." whispered another.
"Huh." I said sitting up.
"It woke up." Screamed someone.
"Who woke up?" I asked?
"It spoke." Someone said.
"I stood up to find weird people staring at me."Where am I?" I asked
A small little boy came up to me and said i was in alagaesia.
"Huh. Does Galbatorix rule here." I Asked. I notice that I am wearing a hood.
Everyone took one big breath in.
Suddenly there was a noise outside. I opened up the little flap to see nothing. I made sure no one was looking and hopped out. I saw a small town not that far away. I ran as fast as I could. I reached it in at least three minutes tops. I dug in my pokiets and found that in them my money had become crowns. Sweet i have over 100 crowns. I think. When i reach the town i reconize what it looks like. Suddenly someone walks past me and i ask them where I am.
"Why your in Carvahall." He replies.
"Where does Eragon live i ask." The person points up the small hill. "Thank you." I say and give him a crown. I start to head up the hill. When i reach the house i knock on the door. Suddenly Eragon's uncle answered the door. "Where's eragon i asked."
"You just missed him. He was headed out to find some food."
"Okay thanks." As he closes the door i drop 6 crowns and leave. I start to head to the spine. Up ahead i see eragon. I run up to him and say hi. He spins around and sees me.
"Oh, I thought you were a knight of the king." He said.
"Nope." I reply
"Are you new around here?" He asked.
"Yes, I umm came here from... Teirm." I say.
"That far away. Well I'll see you in a few i have to go hunting." He says.
"Can i come." I ask in a huried voice.
"Sure but keep quiete when i'm in there don't want to scare anything off." He replies.
"Kk." We went through the spine slowly. Suddenly a deer shows up. When I start to think i remeber this part and whats happening. Suddenly a blinding white light scares off the doe. And in its place appears 2 eggs. Wierd I think. I thought only one egg appears. We head over to them. He starts to pick up the light green one when i quickly snatch it up knowing he needs the blue one. As we head back his house we stop by Sloan.
Eragon pulls out his stone and puts it on the counter. "How much will you take for it?" asked Eragon.
"3 crowns." replies Sloan.
"Thats not enough to last us even a week." Argued Eragon.
"Well thats how much i'm offering." They start a fight and in the end Eragon agrees. "So where did this egg come from anyways?"
"The spine." Said Eragon.
"Umm Eragon can I talk to you for a sec." I asked
"Sure." Said Eragon he walked. "Let me handle it? I say showing him my crowns.
"Okay." He replies.
I walked up to where Sloane is. "I'll take as much(Srry need to reread eragon in some parts.)
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Posted 8/29/08
Hikari saw the stone begin to glow a light blue color. She became entranced and saw only the soft and warm glow of the stone. It invited her in and she embraced the feeling that enveloped her. At once, she was transported to a different world. She looked up from the stone that had ceased to glow. She looked around. There were trees and only trees as far as she could see. Not knowing what else to do, she walked forward. She went on and on until she reached a mountain that she had not seen from farther away. She examined the mountain. It was a small mountain, but she had a stange feeling from it. She touched the ountain and the mountain opened for her. She knew that she should've been surprised but for some odd reason, she wasn't. She had the feeling that she had seen this all before. She entered the mountain. As soon as she entered, a pathway lit up. She followed the path, not knowing for sure where it lead but she was unable to stop moving.
Hikari reached the end of the path and saw that she could either make a left or a right. Before she could decide, she heard footsteps. A boy with silver hair walked up to her. He was reading a book and did not notice her presence. He almost bumped into her before looking up. He opened his eyes wide. "Hikari! You're back." Kabuto said amazed. Hikari looked at him questioningly. "Who are you?", she asked. Kabuto smiled gently and answered "I guess you don't remember anything. But that's fine. I must take you to Orochimaru at once." Kabuto took Hikari by the arm and dragged her along another pathway that he opened up. They walked about five minuted and reached an old wooden door. Kab!uto opened the door slowly. "Do not disturb me!" roared a voice behind the door. Hikari felt no fear and walked in. Orochimaru turned around and saw Hikari. Hikari noticed that he had been training with Sasuke. Both Sasuke and Orochimaru stood still in place watching Hikari. Kabuto was the first to speak. "She's back. Her experiment was successful." Hikari turned toward Kabuto. "Although it seems like she has lost her memory." he continued. Orochimaru continued to stare at Hikari while Sasuke laughed. "She's pathetic." Hikari turned toward Sasuke. "Even without my memory I can still wipe the floor with you." retorted Hikari. Orochimaru laughed and Sasuke became angry. "Fine, let's fight and see wo is stronger." Sasuke snarled. Orochimaru interrupted the conversation, " Although I would love to see this fight, I have more important thngs to deal with." and he left the room. Kabuto followed him out. Hikari turned toward Sasuke and smiled. "I missed you." Sasuke looked away. "You shouldn't turn away from your opponent." Hikari said. Sasuke looked back at her, "I know that I am still not ready to face you." Sasuke began to practice using the sword while Hikari sat down. She remembered everything now. She had been Sasuke's trainer for quite some time before Orochimaru took charge of him. She had tought him how to use a sword and how to improvise the Chidori. She was an extraordinary ninja who had abilities that could not be explained by anyone, including herself. She sighed. "Have you improved?" Hikari asked. Sasuke replied "Yes." Hikari put her head in her hands, "Have you spoken with Sakura yet?" Sauke stopped. "That's unimportant." Hikari replied "I think its very important.You need to have a clear mind when you fight Naruto." Sauke looked down. "I thought you believed that I was incapable fo killing Naruto and escpaing that life." Hikari smiled again. "I still think so, but I believe its is necessary for you to fight him in order for you to understand more about yourself." Sasuke began his sword practicing again. "WIll you train me again?", he asked. "I would love to train you. Just remember that I am training you in order to learn not to kill. You must promise not to kill Naruto the first time you see him." Sasuke looked at Hikari, "I have already made that rpomise to you. I will not break it." Hikari imagined a sword in her mind and it appeared in her hands. "Let's start practice."
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Posted 8/29/08
Whenever, Hikari had time she would talk to Kabuto about medicine and methods of healing. Hikari was an expert healer and Kabuto always cooperated with her. Hikari was also the one who convinced Kabuto nto to use too many human subjects for experiments. Kabuto, of course, listened to her because he was secretly in love with her. Hikari knew this but she pretended not to because it made things easier. Kabuto had been the one to teach her ninja skills on her first trip to this world. Her first time here, she fell asleep in her bed at home and awoke here. After meeting Orochimaru, Sasuke and Kabuto and spending about two years with them (the equivalent of two weeks in her world), she realized her need to go back home. Hikari could not remember how she got back home but she understood now how she got back. Kabuto experimented, during her previous stay, with teleporting. He found potential in certain stones, the potential to transport or teleport people. The stones appeared in the sme place Hikari appeared when she first came here. Kabuto had explained to her that in order to bring her back, they sent a stones to different worlds knowing that the stone would only react to Hikari. Fortunately, the experiment was successful and Hikari returned.
Finally, the day came when Sauke had to face Naruto. Hikari stayed at the sideline and hid her presence. She wanted to see what Sasuke would do. Hikari was ecstatic to see that Sauke's face softened when he saw Sakura and that he did not kill Naruto. This was exactly what she hoped for. She knew that Sasuke loved Sakura and thought of Naruto as a brother but refused to admit it. Hikari's ultimate goal was to make Sasuke accept his feelings and give up revenge. After the battle, Hikari teased Sauke for about a week before she realized that it wasn't the smartest thing to do. She stopped and allowed Sasuke to realize his feeling on his own. After the battle, she had full faith in him. The only problem now was getting home. Kabuto was insisting that she stay there but Hikari wanted to go home. She knew that she would miss everyone but her place was in another world. Hikari took one of the stone's Kabuto left in his lab and destroyed the rest. It would not be good if she interfered too much in this world. She understood that much. She didn't want Kabuto to call her back. She destroyed all the stones she could find and held only one in her hand. At that moment Kabuto entered the room and saw her about to use the stone to leave. He grabbed the stone from her and refused to give it back. "I know you know why I don't want you to leave." he said, "and I knwo you don't want to go." Hikari realized that she really didn't want to go, she loved Kabuto too but she knewher place was not here. "I belong somewhere else" she pleaded "Please let me go." "I won't let you go. If you won't stop yourself from going then I will stop you." ikari summoned the rock into her hands. As she wished, the stone appeared in her hands. "Don't do it Hikari." Kabuto said calmly. Hikari swallowed hard and wished to return home. The last thing she saw was Kabuto's dissapointed face. Then she saw the face of the dark haired boy who had given her the stone. "Was it that bad?" the boy asked. Hikari realized that se was crying. She wiped her tears. "In my opinion, it was the best and worst experience of my life?" The boy looked at her and laughed. "Do you want to forget it?" Hikari remembered being asked this question before. Before she said yes and forgot about th entire time she spent with Kabuto and Sasuke. This time, part of her wanted to forget and part of her wanted to remember. Last time, she was willing to forget because she thought of the experience as a dream. This time, she felt the pain or parting. "I want to remember." she said. "Are you sure? It will probably hurt",he asked.
"I'm sure it will hurt but I still want to remember."
"Because I don't want to forget."
"You love Kabuto that much?"
"He loves you too"
"I know"
"I love you."
"You should've told me that you love me that much"
"It took you a while to realize. My appereance is different but I still expected you to recognize me."
"I had a stone with me, for some reason, if I ask it to take me to you, it does."
Hikari started crying and hugged him.
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Posted 8/29/08
Oh, I forgot, my story is fantasy and you can rate it if you want
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F / sa tabi tabi lang XD
Posted 9/3/08
short story????
can we just do our own????
Posted 9/9/08

misterywaters wrote:

Ok, I know this contest may never even be posted in ( ) but I just want to see if there are any awesome writers there are out there, so here's the topic:

You are a really handsome/pretty girl/guy named meldoy atkins that everybody likes. You really like stories, and one day in the middle of your fan group, you wish out loud absentmindedly that you wished that you were the story "The Olympian Series". A girl/guy with dark hair hears you, and hands you a small stone. When you got home, the little stone started glowing.

What happens next?

P.S. You can put the character in a movie, or some kind of show, or anything that has a storyline. You can also make up the story, but make sure you know how everything goes first to make things easier.

Ex: The Pirates of the Caribbean, Naruto, Inkheart, The Artemis Fowl Series, your own story...e.t.c.

Thanks for reading this!

>>>sry that's all i can post for now but i will pst later! sorri!!! ><
Posted 9/10/08

you are a really pretty girl named melody atkins that everybody likes. you really like srtories and one day in the middle of your fan group, you wish out loud absentmindedly that you wished that you were in the srtoy, " The Olympian Series" [a series actually]. a guy with dark hair hears you and hands u a small stone. when you get home, the littles stone starts glowing....

>>>The stone in Melody's hand was glowing a bright yellow. Melody had thought it looked peculiar from the beginning and even more strange that a stranger had just handed her a randomn stone, and now this. Suddenly, the stone just vanished, and everything went dark....

>>>Melody looked around. Where am I? she thought. She started standing up but realized that she was chained to a chair. Melody looked around, bewildered. that's when she caught the sight of a boy a girl and a human/goat. She choked back a scream and quickly turned around.

>>>"It's Annabeth." said the girl suddenly. Melody still didn't turn. "you're probably wondering who we are. if you turn around, i might be able to tell you the answer." Melody slowly turned her head. "Why am i here?" she croaked. the boy, who had not bothered to look at her turned adrubtly. "you're a demi-god ordered to a quest. That's why you're here." Melody just stared at him. He looked oddly familiar. He had handsome features and dark hair......! Melody gasped.

>>> "You're the guy who gave me the stone!" she cried out.
the boy nodded. "you wished to be part of our story, and now ur wish is granted." he simply said. melody looked closely around the room again. several new things came into view. the most horrifying was: a pile of bones stacked neatly by the wall.

>>>that's when Melody reaslized she was in a LOT of trouble.

TO BE CONTINUED.............

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22 / F / what ever you DO...
Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/29/08
The war started far away only affecting our brave military soldiers. But one day my dad call from Afghanistan and it cut. We didn't think much of it till he never called back. That night the news was outraged the military base had been destroyed. They had killed everybody...Including my dad.

And they announced that they were going to spread till every country was under their controlled. And thats how 5 years later that the third world war started. Every family in Canada, U.S and the big countries would send their days in their basement.

Houses were destroyed. Buildings reduced to dust. We couldn't think for ourselves. We were surrounded. And death was upon us no matter what.

Monday, April 2nd, 2039

Dear Diary,

The Russian army is killing more and more ferociously. I still dont know when were going to be able to walk on the streets again and have fun. And I hope that one day we could get our freedom or that they kill us now so we can go to heaven and join daddy.

Quebec, Manitoba and half or Saskatchewan is nothing but dust and ruins. It wont be long before they come for Alberta too. It will maybe takes months you would think but some contries have joined with Russia, like those the germans They betrayed everybody those cowards! (Sorry for any Germans here I took a random country for my story do NOT be mad at me plz!) . SO before they invade the whole Canada and United States it might just take days.

You think I would be scared... but no I actually can't wait. After everyone is dead except them on earth they'll understand that it was a mistake an that after that theres nothing to do with the world.

The young girl that saw it all before it happened

Sunday, April 8th, 2039

Dear Diary,

I know its been a while since I've written anything but I didn't really have time. We had to move. The army was getting too close. So we drove with the minimum of clothe and tent so whenever we stop we can camp in the middle of nowhere. Well I dont why were running away from our faith. Our faith is to die and we should accept it. you might think I'm crazy but I'm not I'm just realistic. Think of that next time you hear about a suicide.

The young girl prevented who could have helped...

T.V Report channel 27

"That was the only thing we found from the dreadful war and that we were able too read. There was a whole book but those were the only entries we could read. The signature at the bottom tells us that maybe she could have mysterious powers like a couple of our patients." Researcher who found the diary in the middle of nowhere beside something that seems to be a tent and a car; Dr. Rooberta (researcher).

To be continued...

(and sorry doesn't really go with topic but I felt like posting it anyways since its still a short story)

Posted 10/5/08
You are a really handsome/pretty girl/guy named ______ ______ that everybody likes. You really like stories, and one day in the middle of your fan group, you wish out loud absentmindedly that you wished that you were the story _____________. A girl/guy with dark hair hears you, and hands you a small stone. When you got home, the little stone started glowing.

Well, I wished that I could be a famous actress and then the stone started glowing.
I was shocked at first, but then the next day m ovie scouts came to my house they said they wanted me to act in an upcoming film so I said yes.
[spoiler contains the movie story]
Posted 10/5/08
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25 / F / macy nebraska
Posted 10/7/08
i could io do a topic on here so members can comment on my story PLZ
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Posted 10/15/08
great story, i will try to continue.....
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hiding under you'...
Posted 12/4/08
GAH! IT'S SO HARD FOR ME TO WRITE A SHORT STORY!!!!!!!! i always get wayyyyyyy into it that i end up writing pages and pages and then lose track of time
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