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Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08
I'm not good in following a stream, but I have one of my own : (hope am not breaking the law )


Good morning ! I was in the car when I first recognize my being, somewhere in that lousy car rolling around myself in high speed, always soaked with oily stuff, I was doing my job properly with the nation of Steel Machina Car World, when we getting hotter with angry the car went faster, that lousy piece of trash !
Hi, good afternoon, we are getting hotter more than anytime before and the car world was unstable, we are all in danger ! the wise Machina keep telling us not to worry, the great maker is perfect and the car world will last forever. and something happen in the midst of the Machina speech, I was thrown outside the world rolling unlimited times around myself.. at that moment I came to recognize the other part of the truth : I was THE essential part down there, while I was running in the sky I thought of the Machina and doubted the perfection of our system, I thought of the car world not perfect without me, never...
I'm seeing the car from outside heaven, crashing and burning and the blue color is getting blacker, the Man, a higher being known to us as the mastermind, the one who have something to do with our creator, is down on the ground with his red oil running all over the street..
after rolling for some time in the sky I'm heading again to the ground, I was thinking that something went wrong with the perfect creation that caused our doom, am I the only survivor of our nation, there must be something wrong ! I kept falling and the earth is getting closer like hell, I'm fallen to some big scrap truck of the military, I was horrified by the scenes of death and twisted metals burned with sulfur and gun powder and other beautiful mechanic creations with many bullet holes in it, I believe that bullets are the worst of our kind, and the fastest (that's why we hate them) I'm feeling thirsty with my oil getting dry and greasy, where are you my Machina ?
good evening ! where am I now ? this place is not comfortable, I feel some ill natured atmosphere around, this heat is not like any heat before, it's the hell of the creator, what's going on ? oh, I will be transformed into a bullet !
-the day ends-
Perfectly !
Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09

Artemis Fowl~~~~~


Wait there's something I don't understand...

we have to use the story line?
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