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Posted 3/27/08
1. name
2. where do you come from?
3. your brithday?
4. what anime you like?
5. hobbies
6. anything about you?

i will start!!

1. my real name syafiqah and my nick name ika..
2. i'm from malaysia..
3. 25 brithday
4. anime i like.. clannad, naruto, bleach,air gear,slam dunk, blood+,oran high school, chobits,
and loteeeee........ more......
5. play computer, study wite my friends, disturb my friends at school hehehe... and lote more..
6. i have sis here.. her name hakusai..
me still at school.. fun, kind, littel carzy.. and more....
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Posted 3/27/08

Allowwzz... My name s_are_key_nah.. u all can call me haku or sai.....

n i smae with my sis from MALAYSIA.... :blink:

owwhh.. my birthday?? first i born in 30/12/1991...
so my birthday on 30/12 lol.....hohoho :blink:

what anime i like?? all anime i like but unfortunately....i didnt watch all...
my hobbies makes people happy...disturb my frenz.. bath.. hehehe
anything else about me?? emm letse... i just broke with some one.... n just 4get about that..
i'm a happy go lucky gurl.. funny.... always smile no tears anymore.. (very tired to cry) oww...1 more thing dun 4get to give some present when my birthday come...!!1! :phew:
thats all.........
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Posted 3/28/08
el0w there..hajimemashita..
~my name ecah..then u can cll me ecah..yay!~
~from malaysia!yay!~
~just a simple gurl~
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Posted 3/28/08
- my name is alia... you can call me alia, haruhi or kiriya(but i prefer haruhi)
-erm... from earth... >__< from johor, malaysia
-9 october 1994(still young... >__<)
-erm... everything except mecha anime...
-watching anime(the main reason i here).. reading manga.. watching tv.. make friends and sometime enemy...
-just an ordinary weird otaku girl....
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Posted 3/28/08
1)my name is Aqidah..nickname Ida
2. I from Malaysia b-day...5.12.1994
4. les miserable shoujo cosette is my favourite anime
5. cooking,draw n play computer
6.just a simple gurlz
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Posted 3/29/08 name is nur haziqah binti ahmad abdul can call me crazy :Dgurau je.. nicnikname iqa from malaysia bday 27 may 1999
4.ojamajo doremi n banyak lg...malas nk tulis
5.draw,reading,play com games n singing(dlm hati suara bukan sedap pun)
6.just a simple gurlz...
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