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naruto shippuden movie
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Posted 3/28/08

-Athrine- wrote:

mhck026 wrote:

why did people hate NARUTO, well guys it is a very big hit here in New JErsey...

and I know that NARUTO was the no.1 anime of japan last 2006 why u NARUTO-haters want to ruin the NARUTO-FANS FUn huh

if u dont like NARUTO SHUT ur PIE HOLES and BAng ur DOGS ASSES shut the fuck up

I Love naruto hwatever u wanna call me NARUARD or whatever, i dont care cuz no one, among all of u guys cant fight a narutard like me... BITCHES!

Its not NARUARD its Narutard Dumb Ass

r u a person?

A person made some mistakes.. u BITCH

if u dont stop Quoting my posts I will make YOU FUCK ur DOG asshole!

ok fine NARUTARD..

but this doesnt change the fact that u are a BITCH!

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