Post Reply What type of AAD do you have
Posted 3/28/08
Well the title explains it pretty much but if you want you name under one of the types of AAD - post here
but write what type you got X3
Posted 3/28/08
Also - if you want to Introduce yourself here u can


Im AnimexBlackxRose and i have type one AAD
I love blood
killing ppl [not in real life - if u think i do - plz get a sense of humour]
im an assassin [again not in real life]
the full moon and the moon and stars in general


X3 Take Away My Anime And U Will Die X3
Posted 3/28/08
And i also love putting stuff in purple - [sorri cant be stuffed to edit second post - im sleepy X3]

ohh look its in blue X3
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25 / F / shiroi rabbit is...
Posted 3/28/08
Kuro-chan / Mana
I Have the AAD TYPE ONE ~
I love Lavi from DGM
what else is there to say? hee X3
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24 / M / Unlimited bladeworks
Posted 3/28/08
I love anime and i cant live without it
I am ADD type 2
I love anime new or old ...i jux love all of them
I love Great Teacher Onizuka .....He's a very cool sensei.

I seem to be a really bad guy dun like doing good deed but i dun waste my time doing bad thing cos i will rather spend my time watching my animes.
I loves being emo but i am onli emo at nite Weird isn't it but i am a anime addict. Anime makes me feel happy and relaxed
Posted 3/28/08
i think i'm a AAD type 2.. x]
I just love anime! <33 *-*

and i can't think about what else to write right now <_<

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77 / M / at the end of the...
Posted 3/28/08
AAD type one pls~ X3

Im shuya, shushi-san, koneko~ or aerik~ whichever ouw anan call me its fine ^^
im 17 and Ive been obsessing over d.gray man, katekyo hitman reborn, and prince of tennis atm x333
I rarely sleep coz I got insomnia~ .-. so yeah...anime is my life at night when I cant sleep
Estimated hours of watching anime or reading a manga~ is around 130 hours a week~

>_> I throw stuff at random people if im not satisfied with the ending, or if the anime imi watching -.- isnt finished yet...
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22 / F / Davao, Philippines
Posted 3/31/08
I have a TYPE ONE...

I cant sleep well... Just thinking of Anime... If I cant use computer, I will watch Anime on TV. If I cant Watch or Use computer, I will play PSP that has anime games on it...

I'm really addicted...
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34 / F / Indonesia
Posted 3/31/08
i guess i am AAD TYPE 2
need 2 work but can't work wiyhout anime ^_^
Posted 3/31/08

prettyflower2183 wrote:

i guess i am AAD TYPE 2
need 2 work but can't work wiyhout anime ^_^

ok - i will put that up X3
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25 / F / NZ
Posted 6/9/11
Hi :3

My name is CandyRawr x3 And I'm a
type one ADD

I <3 Kuroshitsuji, Fruits Basket, Blood+, ]sekai ichi hatsukoi and more ^^"

If I don't watch anime I turn to Manga, to get my FIX.

T.T If I don't get my Manga then "BE WARNED"

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Posted 4/30/17
My name is Yonatan and I have Anime Addiction Disorder. It is a very serious dependency on Anime.

Everyone I know is drinking or drunk to the point of alcohol negatively impacting their lives.

The others around me go to these clubs once a week where they give 10 percent of their pay and believe that a story written ages ago before Science is a literal explanation of the world and Universe.
At least we know Anime is fiction. But I do know that when I die, I do not want to go to heaven, I want to go to Japan. I feel compelled to make a pilgrimage to Akihabara to make my life complete.

They also spend lots of time watching sports but never playing. And drinking lots of beer too.

So Anime is my substitute for healthy human interaction. It is the best I can do.

I live on the edge of a small town on a cliff with waterfalls down below.
I spent 25 years flying in the Coast Guard. (Mecha Anime is sorta, been there, done that.)

I hated alcohol when I was a kid because of my father and stayed away from those who drank. Which pretty much eliminated just about any social interaction. But I read all the Science Fiction books by Robert Heinlein and all the science and astronomy books I could find.

I never watched TV as a kid except for Gilligans Island (The first network aired shows back in the 60s. I am that old).
But I always read and instead of drinking with everyone I was out backpacking, sailing or building a sailboat. It has been a solitary life except for a few very good and real friends. But it also has been an amazing and adventurous life. I was privileged to work with some of the finest people in the world as Flight Crew in the Coast Guard.

So now I am retired and everyone is either drunk, watching sports or going to church. I will play sports but no one does so I do a lot of mountain bike riding.

I spend most of my time studying, designing and building CNC equipment. I have a large shop and I call it my Universal Fabricator Project. We can do amazing things with our lives if we do not give our time to spend with others who are involved in stupid stuff.

I enjoy Slice of life Anime. I enjoy watching people act respectful to each other and to be encouraging to each other. Haiyo Miyazaki was my gateway drug who I found surfing the net when I was sick. I never watched TV in my adult life up to this point. So now I just watch a bit before bed just so I do not forget what conversation with other humans is like. Sometimes when I am very tired or depressed, I will binge watch a series.

I am very selective about what I watch because I live alone and what goes into my brain can bounce around for several days and I worry about bad behavior patterns becoming part of my life.
The Anime I watch has to inspire me in one way or another to do awesome things or inspire me to be good to other people. Just the same way the books by Robert Heinlein inspired me to build my own space ship ... even though it never made it to space, it did travel up and down the East Coast in the water and was my home for most of my adult life. (Amazing things that can be done when one does not spend time watching TV).

I think Anime addiction is good if it inspires and encourages us to do our very best, to push ourselves beyond our limits and to be and to try to do awesome things.

I am bummed out tonight because I have to go to birthday party where everyone will be drunk and then have to play Pictionary with them for a few hours. I would rather watch Anime or try to get my 3D printer fixed. Luckily they are used to me leaving by the 2nd round of drinks ....

Thank You for reading through all this.
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