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Fable 2
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29 / M / Washington
Posted 2/18/09
You know what that Game Is tooooooooooooo Short If they only they release it little more and Make More Side quest it would be good but That game is a waste of time, cause its Boring after you beat it, nothing to do cause the Quest is like a minutes to finish and the story line it self was really short.... OH and the Co op was Really stupid I have never played a game that was really retarded.... man if only you can play the game like single player game in the co op it would be good.... and whats up with the add on it should be like every thing included or something.... I think they Release it WAY TO EARLY....
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26 / F
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
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24 / M / Riyadh,KSA
Posted 6/30/09
Fable 1 disappointed me so probably so is 2.
Revolver Dogelot
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36 / M / somewhere that is...
Posted 7/7/09
Well it is considerably better than the original but again it isn't for the average gamer. Too many people these days are only in games to "been there done that" finish as fast as possible. If that is what you do with a game stay away from fable 2 because you wont like it. However if you are more into exploration, being a completionist, enjoying the details of a well made game, and rpg's obviously, you will probably like Fable 2. It is not "hard", the story is "short". But it is still plain fun to play and has a very well developed world around it this time.

However the co op complaint is 100% legit. If you like to play games co op on Xbox Live in the case of Fable 2, don't bother. It just doesn't work well mostly due to camera problems and the lack of scaling to compensate for two players.
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23 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 10/15/09
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27 / M / Philippines
Posted 10/15/09 , edited 10/15/09
ugh, i just bot the GOTY edition. everything is ok in this game. i just hate all the NPC in town
Posted 10/21/09
I love that game, too short though, but I just re-played it and chose different paths, I was good then turned evil haha.

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29 / M / Kan-uh-duh
Posted 11/3/09
bought the game and never finished playing it lmao. kinda sucks
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19 / F / denial river :3
Posted 1/22/12
Fable 2, sounds so familiar, totally heard of it before, can't recall what it is.
Posted 8/26/12
Twas a piece of garbage
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