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Post Reply Do you know Enma Ai's lines? lol.
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21 / F / In my own world!
Posted 10/31/09
I'm kinda late but I'll still post!!

hmm... let's see.....

Pitifull shadow is cloacked in darkness
You've caused great pain and suffering
Your hollow soul drowns in your sins.

Do you want to see what death looks like....

I also know the japanese one, but it was already given. hehe!!
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Posted 11/30/09
Kono uraimi, jigoku he nagashimasu.

This revenge will ferry you to hell.

It's actually "he"... not "e"....
and "naGAshimasu" not "naKAshimasu". ^^

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19 / F / Ice palace
Posted 10/8/10
(dont know all of it or is it is it)

oh pittifull shaddow
lost with in the darkness
bringing nothing but tourment
and pain to others.

prahapes it time to die
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23 / F / Alabama
Posted 10/10/11
Here is mine:

You've summoned me.

My name is Ai.

Take this.

If you truly seek revenge, untie the scarlet thread from his neck.

Once the thread is pulled, you are bound into a convenant with me, i will take the soul of your tormentor straight into the depths of Hell.

However, once vengeance is served you will have to deliver on your end of the bargain.

There always has to be a price, so when you die your soul will also belong to Hell.

But only after you die of course.

The decision rests with you
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