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who is ur favorite character in sailor moon ?? part 2
Posted 7/10/08
def. neputne
Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08
i like pluto's seriousness..

but neptune's pretty with her light green hair..
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Posted 7/21/08
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Posted 7/21/08
Sailor Saturn
Posted 8/20/08

animeboy2000 wrote:

who is ur fav outer senshi

Duplicate of your own poll.

You made three polls about Sailor moon, of which one is a dupe, and the third one is about Sailor moon again, about the same thing, just different characters to pick from, but seriously, instead of making three polls about the same topic, why didn't you just write "others", so that people could just simply chose "others" and would write in their post to whom they are referring when they chose "others".

While I am aware that this poll(link above) has been created later on, I would say that this one should stay and the other ones(the ones linked above the line) should get locked, because this one (link above) has a better constitution...


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Posted 8/20/08
saturn, always was - always will be.~~
Posted 6/28/09
Repeated thread

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