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Posted 3/28/08 , edited 4/1/08
ok.. i have 6 friends in school... hehe.. its kristine C., Kristine O., Angelita, Emeliza, Mary Grace M. and Raquel

ok.. no. 1. Kristine Orcales

~ The smart one. uh, yeah.. in our group.. she was the smartest, actually she's a candidate to become school valedictorian.. haha.. she's kind, she always make me a reviewer for exams even i dont ask to, and sometimes she lend me her notes..haha.. ok, since elementary we are classmate but not too closed she was too quiet and i, was the noisy one alway make fight with her best friend w/c is tomboy...hehe.. but wen we are in high school, we are bcome true friends..hehe.. wen we make a chit-chat we always burst with laughter..haha.. u will like her wen u know her..

2. Angelita Elegado

~ the cute one. haha.. she's the cutest in the group.. she's a funny, kind(note we are all kind..hehe..), and always have smile wen u saw her(coz she's inlove..hehe). i just met her wen we are in 1st year collage, but we talk less.. coz that time im not friendly(weehh.. im kind too, even though im alof to everyone), but wen were in nd year and she bcome one of my member in our project(im the we bcome good friends. ^.^.. that time angie was known as a playgirl coz she always give her bfs a time limit in relationship,not more than 3mo. then slit and find another one.(she always found another one easily coz she's too cute..haha) but now wen she meet MEL(not me, its her bf nickname, i 4got his real name..^,^v) she bcome serious to mel.. yush! goodluck both of u.. mwuah!

3. next is Emeliza Mabanag Labaco

~the mountain girl. nyah! she's not really a mountain girl..haha.. she was just called as a mountain girl coz she's too noisy and loud.. nah! even though i still like her, wen we start talking we always laugh as if no one ppol around us, we talk about commrcials we've watch, anime, everything u can found anywhere even a single dust we always talk about it while laughing at the same time.. wat else we bcome friends since 3rd year high scool( i was a transfer student), we just bcome close wen we are in 4rt year high school,. uhm.. and now she have a husband, his nickname again is MEL..^.^

4. is Mary Grace Manlapig

~A.K.A. hopeless romantic. haish.. if angelita was known as playgirl b4. this one, i dunno wat i call to her, hmm.. she have lots of bf..yay! really.. but wen i ask her if she loves them all, she said yes.. *sigh*.. she always run to us crying saying that she have fought with her bf and we ask her in chorus "who?" hehe.. she always give us SMS w/c is always gloomy msg. haish.. but all in all, i like her, i like teasing her and laughing at her, haha...

5. Kristine Cipriano

~the silent type. uhm.. i cant say to much to this girl..haha.. he was too quiet. if u ask her, her answer wont be long. i always talk to her coz i always smile wen she just answer u a nod or just yes or no..haha.. u cant tell that she's a mute coz sometimes she laugh too and talk wen she have mood..

6. Raquel Bravo

~the hot girl. haha.. the 4 gf i have namely kristine Orcales, emeliza, mary grace and angelita hate this girl..haha.. they said she was a liar, haish.. i dunno.. hehe.. anyway, she's the type of girl who always boyfriend, after a weeks she have another one.. haha.. uh.. yeah, she's a lead singer of their band,, thats wat she always said to me, i still didnt see her band but she have good voice..

7. ofcourse im one of this group, Melody

~the single devil. yay! thats wat my friend said, i was the meanie in the group, i always said wat i want to say even it good or bad w/out thinking. i always make fun w/ Grace and tell everything i want even though it will hurt her, i know its bad, but i cant just watching her like that, so i always tell to her that she was dumb.. hehe.. ehh.. but they love me anyway, they call me single devil coz in our group i was just the one who dont have bf, *sigh* hahaha..and one thing is my friend said i can be easily fooled by anyone..haha.. coz everytime wen theres something they want to say to me, and they looked so serious i easily believe them or even they are not serious, haish.. in the end they laugh at me and said it was a joke.

this is my friend.. ^^
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Posted 4/1/08
MY good friends in RL~ (i've got quite a i'll only write a lil bit about them XD)

FIRST UP my best friend -> Janet Fan
I've known her since kindergarten (12 years ago! when i first moved to australia~) she's very much like me in more ways than i can count~ we can share anything with each other..and no matter how long we've been apart, once we see each other....we don't stop talking!

Sean , Sabrina
Sean is the "gay"(inside joke) he's australian and Sabrina is chinese..but was born in she doesn't understand chinese >_>. i met them when i changed schools...if it wasn't for them...i would've possibly been crying after school each day XD coz it was so hard to get used to! They both joke and love talking about TV/movies etc (they are best friends~)

Lucy aka..the REALLY crazy one XD
Also met her when i first changed schools. she was so bright, funny and happy all the time! the first thing she said to me (was in art class, and we had to look @ this artwork which looks like the american flag..and the question asked was "what does it look like?" and lucy answered - it looks like a pony! she made going to a new school so much easier! but sadly she had to move away and was quite unhappy during the last term (in yr 9) because of a family crisis...>_<

THE KHHS "ASIAN" group (drama discussion group +more!)
Sumire (japanese)
Known her since primary school as well~ she's the perverted one of the group XD haha~ but real fun and nice to hang around =]

Ginny (korean)
Although i've only known her for a yr and a few months..we've become really good friends! =] she's a joy to hang around, always skipping/dancing or singing randomly XD

Fumi (japanese)
Met her b4 i even changed schools! it's destiny! met [email protected] piano lesson. we had the same teacher..and had our lessons on the same day XD hahaha~ she's very smart and funny! always helping me with my hwk when i need it~~ =]

Ayumi (japanese)
She was very quiet when i first met her...but we gradually became really good friends! she's always laughing and makes all of us very happy! she's also the pretty one of the group! she's a pretty australian/japanese mix~~ ^___^ the first christmas card she gave me was filled with chibi drawings (SHE"S WONDERFUL @ DRAWING MANGA! even her scribbles look wonderful!) and she wrote that she regrets not being able to talk to me a lot that yr..but hopes for the yrs to come we can talk more, understand each other and become good friends!

When she first came to the school, i actually walked up to her and talked to her XD (a very rare thing for me!) and that was because from her look, we guessed her to be chinese. and there was only 2 chinese girls in the whole grade @ the time! so we were very excited. and turns out she's from Hong KOng just like me~ she's a very emotional person which troubles us sometimes >_<. she's my cantonese speaking, fangirling (for Hk stars..and some japanese) buddy!

She's new~ only known her for a yr and a bit~ but she's really smart and real nice! too bad she doesn't do same subjects as me..cept eng...but she still helps me if she can! =] she's from america~ and is half taiwanese, half australian =]

(end asian)
Kayla (well...she's an "AZN IN DISGUISE" for us~~)
She was in pretty much all my classes when she first came to KHHS. she's such a crazy girl to hang around. esp after coffee (or if i feed her japanese candy...O_O) she loves anime, drawing (she's great!! but her drawing style is more "realistic" mix manga!) and she's always there for me!

My overseas buddies
Kayoko (Japan)
she was an exchange student (my school has this exchange program with japanese schools..where their students come for 2 weeks..sadly we havn't worked out a way for us to go to japan! >_<) and it was my first yr doing the program! =] it was wonderful~ we had a bit of trouble communicating..but now her engilsh is real good and my japanese has improved a bit XD haha~ we still send letters to each other! she's my favourite japanese penpal~~ =]

Winnie (holland)
met winnie on youtube actually XD and she's also on CR! she's from holland..but parents from HK~ so she can speak canto too!! =] she's a very nice friend to talk to~ we talk about dramas, fangirling over _______*insert name(S)* lol, and any random things we can think about!

well..i better end it there XD they are all the good friends i hav! and i'm very grateful =] i ackonwledge how lucky i am to hav so many good friends in life!
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