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Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/29/08
Welcome to The Twilight Series Club!!! I like to thank all of you for joining and i hope it will be fun. :D

My username is chocolate_lover789, as you can see from my username i luv chocolates. :P
I am 16 yrs. old and i luv to listen to any kind of songs, read books, watch anime, movies and dramas.
Umm.. my favourite colour is blue and i am obsessed with the Twilight novels.

KK, enough chit chat from me, i want you people to introduce yourself!!! Come on! Don't be shy!!!
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Posted 3/29/08 , edited 3/29/08
My username is Rosa_1991 because I was born in 1991 and whenever I write stories I always use Rosa as my main character. If you have done the calculations, I am 17 years and 1 month old. I love watching animes, and reality dance shows on TV as dancing is my passion.

In this group I am known as the moderator. Feel free to ask me any questions about the club or contact our creator chocolate_lover789.
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Posted 4/5/08 , edited 4/5/08
wu hwn ti sa?
Am an artist, a writer, lov dif cultures & my own

have been to many countries,

love good books, movies, music, major on sports; I'll try any sport once, but jumpin outta a plane-no, never gonna happen
want my art to inspire.

plannin on visiting Japan soon.
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Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
username: Gureisu1
i LOVE Jacob Black! back off he's mine! (Edward's married, so unavailable )
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