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Soundtrack of Your Life
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26 / F / Southern California
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/29/08
Okay. It's Easy.


1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing and who the artist is
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... just type it in man!

if there's a thread like this, feel free to take this down


Okay. Me first.


Opening Credits: Meds // Placebo (ummmm....yes? XD)

Waking Up: Your All That I Have // Snow Patrol (Aww.)

First Day At School: Cut // Plumb (what a depressing first day. i must've been really hating the school lol)

Falling In Love: Accidentally In Love // Counting Crows ( FINALLY. something PERFECT :)

Losing Virginity: Addicted // Kelly Clarkson (woah....ummm....awkward, much?)

Fight Song: Irreplaceable // Beyonce (LOL. To the left, BISMATCHEZZZ )

Breaking Up: Hello Goodbye // The Beatles (Awww...i LOVE the Beatles.)

Prom: The Walk // Imogen Heap (sure)

Life: Read My Mind // The Killers (Can YOU read my mind? i actually like this one for this part)

Mental Breakdown: Forever // Papa Roach (Pfft. bleh. sure. )

Driving: Stop And Stare // One Republic (Ahaha! It even talks about driving in a car! damn. im feeling lucky today! )

Flashback: The Shake // My American Heart (...)

Getting Back Together: Shooting Star // Air Traffic ( )

Wedding: So Close // Jon McLaughlin from Enchanted Soundtrack (close to perfect)

Birth of Child: Hey Jude // The Beatles-Across The Universe Style (its like a sign saying that i should name my child Jude.)

Final Battle: Vindicated // Dashboard Confessionals (Yaaaaaay~)

Death Scene: Kiss Me Goodbye // Angela Aki (Nice. 8D)

Funeral Song: Heaven // DJ Sammy (well this is just depressing)

End Credits: Home // Daughtry (Weird end song, but whatever. XD)
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/29/08
Opening Credits: gun in hand- stutterfly

Waking Up: tree tops- eisley

First Day At School: broken- daughtry

Falling In Love: august winterman- dead poetic

Losing Virginity: are you catching my drift- a rocket to the moon

Fight Song: nutshell- staind

Breaking Up: howards tale- sick puppies

Prom: brackish- kittie

Life: day old hate- city and color

Mental Breakdown: animal i have become- three day grace

Driving: entombent of a machine- job for a cowboy

Flashback: beauty through brokwn glass- eyes set to kill

Getting Back Together: hit the floor- bullet for my valentine

Wedding: the dream club murders- dead poetic

Birth of Child: letters to you- finch

Final Battle: runaway world- making april

Death Scene: wish- arashi

Funeral Song: the levy- from first to last

End Credits: rescue me- tokio hotel
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30 / M / Under pile of HW
Posted 4/3/08 , edited 4/4/08
Opening Credits: Go To Sleep - Eminem

Waking Up: Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's

First Day At School: Just Lose It - Eminem

Falling In Love: Without Me - Eminem

Losing Virginity: Apologize - Timbaland

Fight Song: Kim - Eminem

Breaking Up: Challenge - FFX

Prom: Summoned Beast Battle - FFX

Life: What Goes Around - Justin Timberlake

Mental Breakdown: Sonne - Rammstein

Driving: Lose Yourself - Eminem

Flashback: My Love - Justin Timberlake

Getting Back Together: Love Stoned - Justin Timberlake

Wedding: Du Hast - Rammstein

Birth of Child: Seymour Battle - FFX

Final Battle: Tokyo Drift - Terryaki Boyz

Death Scene: Superman - Eminemi

Funeral Song:Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

End Credits: In The End - Linkin Park
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32 / F / ❤Indonesia, Singa...
Posted 4/7/08 , edited 4/7/08
Opening Credits: Ordinary people (take it slow) - Hadi Mirza

Waking Up: Will you wait for me - Kavana

First Day At School: To the future - Danny Elfman

Falling In Love: Invincible - Christian Bautista

Losing Virginity: Screwed - Paris Hilton (no wonder)

Fight Song: Stay the same - Joey McIntyre

Breaking Up: Turn you on - Paris Hilton (weird!)

Prom: If you are not the one - Daniel Bedingfield

Life: Give me the simple life - Jamie Cullum (surprisingly)

Mental Breakdown: Not Leaving Without you - Paris Hilton

Driving: Right where you want me - Jesse McCartney

Flashback: Wherever you will go - The Calling

Getting Back Together: One Step Beyond - Karsh Kale

Wedding: Welcome to the black parade - My chemical romance (what's that suppose to mean!)

Birth of Child: Just the two of us - Hadi Mirza

Final Battle: The love i found in you - Jim Brickman (luv it, but it didnt match at all)

Death Scene: The Evil Plan - Danny Elfman ( =.="")

Funeral Song: Setting Things Right - Danny Elfman ( ?? )

End Credits: That's the way it is - Celine Dion (huh?)
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30 / F / kl
Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
Opening Credits: a certain romance - arctic monkeys ( song for opening)

Waking Up: predictable- good charlotte ( its nice..)

First Day At School: kiss kiss - holly valance ( perfect)

Falling In Love: the best damn thing - avril lavigne ( not perfect..but wuteve)

Losing Virginity: my list- the killers (haha...)

Fight Song: blurry - puddle of mudd (cool..)

Breaking Up: walk away - kelly clarkson ( so perfect..!! great)

Prom: senorita - justin timberlake ( good)

Life: the rock show- blink 182 (yeah..dats it..!!)

Mental Breakdown: whenever,wherever- shakira (yeah..wuteve)

Driving: all the small things - blink 182 (sounds great)

Flashback: california(the o.c soundtrack) - phantom planet (still cool)

Getting Back Together: thing i'll never say - avril lavigne (dunno..okie i guess)

Wedding: sad story- loveholic (huh..this is come this song came on my wedding)

Birth of Child: running - no doubt (no way..)

Final Battle: love today- mika (not suit at all)

Death Scene: every heart that is breaking- lena park (no)

Funeral Song: for reasons unknown - th
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78 / ~wherever sarcasm...
Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
Opening Credits: This is why I'm hot

Waking Up: Buttons <_<;

First Day At School: We ride - Mary J Blige

Falling In Love: Vulnerable - Secondhand serenade

Losing Virginity: Brighter- paramore

Fight Song: Haunted- Rihanna

Breaking Up: Awake- Secondhand serenade

Prom: Zhi Dui Ni you Gan jue- fahrenheit ft. hebe

Life: Another you <_<; - Cascada

Mental Breakdown: For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic - Paramore

Driving: Dance dance- Fall out boy

Flashback: Mistake- Nickleback

Getting Back Together: Back into you- Amber Davis (lol at this one )

Wedding: Rose- NLT

Birth of Child: Gemini

Final Battle: Everytime I think of you- Paula DeAnda

Death Scene: Let me love you- Mario

Funeral Song: Kiss me- Three doors down

End Credits: This ain't a scene,it's an arms race- Fall out boy
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F / ☆MH「オシャレ⇔L∀ND」☆
Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
Opening Credits: Anti-pop - the GazettE (let's go, it is our that's fitting,actually..)

Waking Up: Naitomea - crevasse (wtcf?)

First Day At School: Ma'die Kusse - Yurikago (...indies...right...)

Falling In Love: alice nine. - Akatsuki (O___o;)

Losing Virginity: An Cafe - Ichi Hatsu Gyakuten Renai Game (....O__O anything An Cafe would be lulz for that..XD )

Fight Song: Merry - Lulululalala (*falls on the floor laughing*)

Breaking Up: alice nine. - Gin no Gatsu Kuroi Hoshi (-___-;;;)

Prom: Gackt - Mirror ( ...WTCF O_o;;; )

Life: alice nine. - Byakuya ni Kuroneko ( O___________o;;;;)

Mental Breakdown: Ayabie - Kagen Sakura (Hentai Saishuuketsu) <__<;

Driving: Kar+te=zyAnose - Machibouke no Kouen de....O__O ...I guess..?

Flashback: The Candy Spooky Theatre - Ferris Wheel ( -__-;)

Getting Back Together: jealkb - Julia (LOL jealkb FTW!)

Wedding: the GazettE - Social Riot Machine$ <-----AHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! *ROFL*

Birth of Child: alice nine. - Kokkai no Kurage ( instrumental) ..kinda fitting..

Final Battle: Ayabie - Tetsu no Shima (...O__O ...MH woulda been better...)

Death Scene: the GazettE - Zetsu ( ....O__O;;;;;; )

Funeral Song: the GazettE - Sumire

End Credits: the GazettE - anagre [SP] ...O__O;;;; ...okay..?
Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
Opening Credits: Good Times Roll - The Cars
Waking Up: Surrender - Cheap Trick
First Day At School: Highway Star - Deep Purple
Falling In Love: I wonder If I take You Home - Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Losing Virginity: Whip it -Devo
Fight Song: Bad Company - Bad Company
Breaking Up: Centerfold - J. Geils Band
Prom: Shear Heart Attack - Queen
Life: TNT - AC/DC
Mental Breakdown: You Wont See Me - The Beatles
Driving: Jeremy - Pearl Jam
Flashback: Echoes - Pink Floyd
Getting Back Together: End of the Road - Boyz II Men
Wedding: Killer Queen - Queen
Birth of Child: Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats
Final Battle: Crossroads - Cream
Death Song: Let's Groove - Earth Wind and Fire
Funeral Song: Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters
End Credits: Another one Bites the Dust - Queen

Edit: I wasn't paying attention the first time I wrote these. After actually going through the songs on random, I still think it turned out pretty well, except near the end (Although dying to Let's Groove is hilarious)
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F / lolwhut
Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
Opening Credits: Lies Evanescence

Waking Up: Not like that,Ashlee Tisdale

First Day At School: Last Resort, Papa Roach

Falling In Love: Beating Heart Baby,Head automatica

Losing Virginity: He said she said, ashlee tisdale(not bad actually...i mean how it matches up)

Fight Song: Everything is alright,Motion City Soundtrack

Breaking Up: Destroy Everything You touch,ladytron

Prom: Extraordinary girl,green day

Life: My Vietnam,P!NK (not to bad)

Mental Breakdown:Broken Heart,Motion City Soundtrack

Driving: Realize, Colbie Calliet

Flashback: When your evil,Voltaire

Getting Back Together: Feel good inc.,Gorillaz

Wedding: nine in the afternoon,Panic!at the disco

Birth of Child: Technolagic,Daft Punk

Final Battle: Getting away with murder,Papa Roach

Death Scene: Whered You go?,Fort Minor

Funeral Song: Extraordinary,Liz phair

End Credits: Love song,Sarah bereilles
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F / lolwhut
Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/7/08
bump some1 needs to post
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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/8/08
you guys, everything you type is too many!
me? I just have one song to describe my life, or rather my personality:
papercut by linkin park
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28 / F / it's all in your...
Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
Opening Credits: Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

Waking Up:
How Soon Is Now? - Love Spit Love

First Day At School:
Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Falling In Love:
Just Like Heaven - The Cure

Losing Virginity: Fast Cars - Tracy Chapman

Fight Song: I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley

Breaking Up:
Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessionals

Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

Life: Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap

Mental Breakdown:
Creep - Radiohead

Drive - Incubus

Flashback: Move Along - The All-American Rejects

Getting Back Together: Follow You Down - Gin Blossoms

Wedding: Always You - Amber Pacific

Birth of Child: Name - Goo Goo dolls

Final Battle:
Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

Death Scene:
Uninvited - Alanis Morisette

Funeral Song:
Little Death - +44

End Credits:
Colors - Amos Lee
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28 / F / somewhere, in my...
Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/1/08

Opening Credits: "Here's Your Letter" - Blink 182

Waking Up: "Sympathy for the Devil" - Rolling Stones

First Day At School: "Vagina" - Bloodhound Gang

Falling In Love: "Scissors" - Slipknot

Losing Virginity: "Far Away" - Nickelback

Fight Song: "Don't Stay" - Linkin Park

Breaking Up: "I'm Your Little Butterfly" - from DDR

Prom: "Animals" - Nickelback

Life: "Total Eclipse" - Iron Maiden

Mental Breakdown: "Santeria" - Sublime

Driving: "Get It Up" - Mindless Self Indulgence

Flashback: "To Live Is to Die" - Metallica

Getting Back Together: "Everybody's Fool" - Evanescence

Wedding: "I Know What Boys Like" - The Waitresses

Birth of Child: "Another One Bites the Dust" - Queen

Final Battle: "Night Bird Flying" - Jimi Hendrix

Death Scene: "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen

Funeral Song: "Suicide Snowman" - Marilyn Manson

End Credits: "Little Wing" - Jimi Hendrix
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30 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/6/08 , edited 10/6/08
Opening Credits: anata no tame ni - l'arc en ciel

Waking Up: wish - arashi

First Day At School: gloria - kat-tun

Falling In Love: last song - gackt

Losing Virginity: ultra music power - hey!say!jump!

Fight Song: the cape of storms - hyde

Breaking Up: we can make it - arashi

Prom: sakura sake - arashi

Life: dreams come true - hey!say!jump!

Mental Breakdown: lips - kat-tun

Driving: precious one - kat-tun

Flashback: vivid colors - l'arc en ciel

Getting Back Together: le ciel - kat-tun

Wedding: kitto daijoubu - arashi

Birth of Child: hadashi no mirai

Final Battle: hurry xmas - l'arc en ciel

Death Scene: ame ga yamanai - smap

Funeral Song: kasou - l'arc en ciel

End Credits: sayonara - orange range
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