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Soundtrack of Your Life
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46 / F / wherever my imagi...
Posted 1/21/11

opening credits: Again/Yui (yes lucky desu~!)

waking up: rewrite/idk, all ik is its a fma brotherhood opening

first day at school: uso/sid (CRAPPPP thats not a good sign.... its a sad song.... crappppp)

falling in love: tsunaida te/ Lil'B (HOLY FUCK THIS FITS XD!)

L V:te wo tsunaide/younha (holy fuck noooo )

fight song:Undo/idk, again from fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood (YESSSSSS FITS PERFECTCLY! at least for ed vs. wrath.... guess it should work for me :P)

breaking up (uso would work SOOOO PERFECTLY HERE! its basically saying that "we stood against the blue sky and said 'until next time' but i knew this was a lie, for we should have said goodbye because we will never see each other again.'"):hologram/nico touches the walls (omg this fits too! basically saying.... oh forget it xD it fits)

prom:melissa/porno grafitti (NOOOOOO FAIL)

life: golden time lover/sukima switch (YESSSS HOW EPIC IS THAT?)

mental breakdown:ready steady go/idk, again fma... not brotherhood (LOOOOL EXACT OPPISITE.... its a song saying to keep going no matter what.... well then i guess that kinda fits but idk its too happy)

driving: again/yui

flashback(it better be golden time lover >:C): golden time lover (YESSSHHHH IM LUCKY!!!! LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!!!)

getting back:tsunaida te

wedding:melissa (HAAAAA fits well)

birth of child: uso/sid (omg fail)

final battle:te wo tsunaide (shows that its gonna be my final perfectly, but would fir better for death scene, but some others like hologram would fit perfect too.... no this fits for funeral.)

death scene:hologram (HA HOW LUCKY AM I?! it litterally shows im going to the other side, bc it says im going to an unseen world.... litterally those r exact lyrics o.o)

funeral song:again/yui (no comment)

end credits(damn u should ahve been again!):uso (ha!)

freak this crap, im doing that again with my long playlist xD (alot of the songs i dont like anymore but oh well!)
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46 / F / wherever my imagi...
Posted 1/21/11
opening credits: just loose it/ eminem

waking up: hamster on a piano/parry grip (LOOOOL!)

first day at school: suna no oshiro (baaaaad sign, emo song)

falling in love: blah blah blah/kesha (NO 3OH!3) (hellll no lol slutty song!)

L V:rolling star/yui (in that sense it could be slutty too omg D:)

fight song:(oh no..... im so embarrased of this song..... no way x.x i dont like this song anymore.... i liked it when i still played toontown LOL but....) cartoon hereos/aqua

breaking up when im gone/eminem (PERFECT! >:3)

prom:superstar/toybox (LOOOOL)


mental breakdown:yui/again

driving: nom nom nom nom nom nom nom/parry grip (xD)

flashback (omg epic!) the world/nightmare

getting back:hamster on a piano (YESH RETURN OF THE HAMSTER..... can u tell im less then 13?xD)

wedding:rewrite/fmabrotherhood (epic)

birth of child: la bomba/eddy wata (no comment)

final battle:(THERE COULD NEVER EVER BE A BETTER ONE THEN THIS!!!!) higurashi no naku koro ni/eiko shimamiya! (heck yeah luckiness! this means im kickass in my final battle >:3)

death scene:halloween/stephen lynch (eh..... kinda scary xD)

funeral song:bones shatter/hedley (omg o.o)

end credits we r who we r/kesha (xp)
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21 / F / US
Posted 1/28/11
Opening Credits: 0010 - Ayabie.

Waking Up: Seshiri Kuse - Ayabie.

First Day At School: The Previous Night of Hell - ScReW.

Falling In Love: Kokuu Kara no Tegami - Matenrou Opera.

Losing Virginity: Mayakashi - The GazettE.

Fight Song: Untrust Us - Crystal Castles.

Breaking Up: Hitsuyouaku - SID.

Prom: The Dropping Sky - Clearveil

Life: Reila - The GazettE.

Mental Breakdown: Last Game - Matenrou Opera.

Driving: Needle - -OZ-.

Flashback: Baby Star - ScReW.

Getting Back Together: Brutal - DJ Sisen.

Wedding: Abyss - Deathgaze.

Birth of Child: Mitsuki - Canzel.

Final Battle: Hoozuki - Ayabie.

Death Scene: FOOLS! GET LUCKY!! - The Piass.

Funeral Song: Ready, Set, Go! - Tokio Hotel.

End Credits: Havestar (Combichrist Mix) - DJ Sisen.
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22 / F
Posted 1/28/11
Opening Credits: Lia - Tori no Uta

Waking Up: Mitsuoka Masami - Last Cross

First Day At School: Lisa Komine - Faith

Falling In Love: UVERworld - Colors of the Heart

Losing Virginity: Nightmare - Alumina

Fight Song: Simple Plan - Me Against the World (Hell yes)

Breaking Up: Breaking Benjamin - What Lies Beneath

Prom: Breaking Benjamin - Breath

Life: Daughtry - Used To

Mental Breakdown: Decibelter - Moon

Driving: The Brilliant Green - Ash Like Snow

Flashback: 30 Seconds to Mars - This Is War

Getting Back Together: Tommy Heavenly6 - Paper Moon

Wedding: Hearts Grow - Kasanaru Kage

Birth of Child: Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie - Just a Dream

Final Battle: Flow - Re:member

Death Scene: Three Days Grace - World So Cold

Funeral Song: Nightmare - The World

End Credits: Trading Yesterday - Shattered
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26 / Gensokyo
Posted 2/17/11 , edited 2/17/11
Opening Credits: Shinzou - Aicle

Waking Up: Gothic Party Speed Session - Ayabie

First Day At School: Kuusou riron kyozetsu shugi - Anjyu'

Falling In Love: Forever - The Piass

Losing Virginity: Cubic [L/R]'ock - Ayabie

Fight Song: Insult Kiss Me - DEATHGAZE

Breaking Up: X - X Japan

Prom: Shirokuro Polaroid - EIMY→☆

Life: One Way Love - An Cafe

Mental Breakdown: Mahou no Lamp ~Abracadabra~ Oyuugi Wagamama Dan x [PaRADEiS]

Driving: Glass Skin - Dir en Grey

Flashback: Hoshikuzu Drop - Hime Ichigo

Getting Back Together: WISH - Luna Sea

Wedding: Smile Ichiban Ii Onna - An Cafe

Birth of Child: FAREWELL ~kodoku no naka no hiai~ The Piass

Final Battle: End Roll - Delphinium

Death Scene: Eyes Love You - hide

Funeral Song: Zombie - Versailles

End Credits: Side Effect - Himeyuri
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40 / M / Austin
Posted 2/17/11
@Amuchan: Ready Steady Go is by L'Arc en Ciel. I had it on my old mp3 player before it bricked.

Now for my list-

Opening Credits: Escape- Susumu Hirasawa

Waking Up: Girl U Want- Devo

First Day At School: Face of Fact- KOTOKO

Falling In Love: Marijuana- Reverend Horton Heat

Losing Virginity: Feel the Universe- Juno Reactor

Fight Song: Fight for Your Right- Richard Cheese

Breaking Up: Black Out Fall Out- Polysics

Prom: Swamp- Talking Heads

Life: Duvet- Boa

Mental Breakdown: Same Man I was Before- Oingo Boingo

Driving: Gin and Juice- Richard Cheese

Flashback: Buggie Techinica- Polysics

Getting Back Together: Jocko Homo- Devo

Wedding: Chaser- Susumu Hirasawa

Birth of Child: After School- Chicochair

Final Battle: Ghostdancing- Simple Minds

Death Scene: Moon Marguerite- Pillows

Funeral Song: Nosferatu- DJ Krush with Mr. Lif

End Credits: Mad Drums- Delgados

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24 / M / USA - Ohio
Posted 2/17/11
Opening Credits: Nirvana- Big Long Now

Waking Up: Beck- E-Pro (Nice!!!)

First Day At School: Mudvayne- Forget To Remember (Epic)

Falling In Love: Limp Bizkit- My Way (lol)

Losing Virginity: Chevelle- Shameful Metaphors (Not the best, Not the worst)

Fight Song: Alice In Chains- Rooster (Hells Yeah!!! Couldn't have gotten better!!!)

Breaking Up: Nine Inch Nails- Beside You In Time (kinda good)

Prom: Nirvana- Heart Shaped Box (SCORE!!!)

Life: Tool- Disposition

Mental Breakdown: 10 Years- Wasteland (am I having good luck or what?)

Driving: Stone Temple Pilots- Sex Type Thing (Audioslave- I Am The Highway, would of been better)

Flashback: Chevelle- Another Know It All (interesting)

Getting Back Together: Chevelle- A New Momentum (cool)

Wedding: Stone Temple Pilots- Vasoline (interstate love song would have been better)

Birth of Child: Nine Inch Nails- The Becoming (WTF, is my child the anti-christ?)

Final Battle: Linkin Park- By Myself (Good but not great)

Death Scene: Audioslave- Heaven's Dead (Great match)

Funeral Song: Marilyn Manson- The Beautiful People (Best Funeral ever!!)

End Credits: The Offspring- The Kids Aren't Alright (cool)

Great results!!! Could of been better, but for a random line up, I think I was pretty lucky.
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18 / F / marylandd .
Posted 7/8/11 , edited 7/8/11
Opening Credits: Rebecca Black - Friday ( WHY DO I..? )

Waking Up: Go Go Power Rangers - Tippin' on my dick ( Lmao, okay c: )

First Day At School: Demi Lovato - Got Dynamite ( Yes. xD )

Falling In Love: Ke$ha - Tik Tok ( Uh..Ayyee,i'm drunk xD )

Losing Virginity: Timbaland ft. Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again ( i hope i meet the person i'm losing my virginity to again, lol get it? no..? uh okay. moving on. )

Fight Song: Katy Perry - Thinking Of You ( WTF. )

Breaking Up: Ke$ha - Cannibal ( HEELLYAH. if chuu break up with me, imaa eat chuu. lolwtf o.o )

Prom: Drake - Find Your Love ( Drake is sexy. )

Life: Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says ( "I'M NOT BEAUTY QUEEN, I'M JUST CHARLIE SHEEN." lmfao wtff. XDD )

Mental Breakdown: Paramore - Misery Business ( UH..OKAY? )

Driving: Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes ( FUCKYEAH. i would actually turn this up full blast. and drive like there's no tomorrow. do it like a boss, mmmhhm. c; )

Flashback: Paramore - I Caught Myself ( lolwut..? )

Getting Back Together: Avril Lavigne - I'm With You ( thats the perfect song for "getting back together" right..? xD )

Wedding: Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You ( OMFG. THATS PERFECT.OMFG. )

Birth of Child: Jonas Brothers ft. Demi Lovato - Bounce ( "let me see that body bouncee, babyyy" hell yeah, my baby has to bounce. xDD "

Final Battle: The Cataracs - Bass Down Low ( This..)

Death Scene: Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye ( Epic. perfect. goodbye, bitch. mmhmm ;D )

Funeral Song: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream ( LOL, OKAYY. XDD )

End Credits: Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up ( This is just epic. )
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 7/9/11

Opening Credits: if i were a boy - beyonce

Waking Up: faster kill pussycay - brittany murphy

First Day At School: it's all wrong but it's alright - michael johns

Falling In Love: im a slave for you - britney spears

Losing Virginity: listen - beyonce

Fight Song: miss independent - ne-yo

Breaking Up: is it you - cassie

Prom: another way to die - alicia keys and jack white

Life: someone to save you - one republic

Mental Breakdown: eat you up - boa

Driving: the first cut it the deepest - sherryl crow

Flashback: apologize - one republic

Getting Back Together: we will rock you/ we are the champions - michael johns

Wedding: noel - josh groban

Birth of Child: across the universe - michael johns

Final Battle: just dance - lady gaga

Death Scene: seduction song - beyonce

Funeral Song: superhuman - chris brown

End Credits: she's out my life - josh groban

sounds more of my sister's playlist >_<
Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
Opening Credits: Dez Moines by The Devil Wears Prada

Waking Up: A Lesson Never Learned by Asking Alexandria

First Day At School: Diamonds Aren't Forever by Bring Me the Horizon

Falling In Love: Juliette by SHINee (?)

Losing Virginity: Bodies by Drowning Pool

Fight Song: You Should Have Killed Me When by A Day to Remember

Breaking Up: Miss Murder by AFI

Prom: Puppets (The First Snow) by Motionless in White

Life: Comin' In Hot by Hollywood Undead

Mental Breakdown: Paparazzi by Lady GaGa

Driving: Open Your Eyes & Look North by Dance Gavin Dance

Flashback: California by Hollywood Undead

Getting Back Together: Someone, Somewhere by Asking Alexandria. c:

Wedding: Dear Insanity by Asking Alexandria

Birth of Child: Crucify Me by Bring Me the Horizon. :c

Final Battle: Look Alive Sunshine by My Chemical Romance

Death Scene: It Was Written in Blood by Bring Me the Horizon

Funeral Song: The Sadness Wil Never End by Bring Me the Horizon

End Credits: Breathless by Asking Alexandria
Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
Opening Credits: What's My Name? - Rihanna

Waking Up: Over You - Daughtry

First Day At School: The Climb - Miley Cyrus (XD)

Falling In Love: Taking Over Me - Evanescence

Losing Virginity: Buttons - Pussycat Dolls (LOL)

Fight Song: Marry The Night - Lady Gaga (Uhhh...)

Breaking Up: Womanizer - Britney Spears (Back off womanizers :P)

Prom: How Do You Sleep? - Jesse McCartney

Life: Airplanes - B.o.b. & Haley Willams

Mental Breakdown: Hey Ya! - Outkast (O.o Well it is a little mental sounding I guess XD)

Driving: Irreplaceable - Beyonce

Flashback: Not Afraid - Eminem

Getting Back Together: What About Now - Daughtry

Wedding: Breakeven - The Script (So I'm unhappy?)

Birth of Child: Whataya Want From Me? - Adam Lambert (Oh poor child XD)

Final Battle: In The End - Linkin Park

Death Scene: When Love Takes Over - David Guetta & Kelly Rowland (Oh only at death am I happy. Great :P)

Funeral Song: Beautiful - Akon

End Credits: Government Hooker - Lady Gaga (Oh Governmet Hooker you show up at the darnest times XD)
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21 / F / Strawberry Fields
Posted 1/17/12 , edited 1/17/12
Believe- Cher.
Why Should I Cry- Sting
Sacrifice- Elton John.
Sweet Child O Mine- Guns N' Roses.
Crash and Burn- Savage Garden.
So Far Away- Staind.
Numb- Linkin Park.
Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5.
Just Lose it- Eminem
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22 / F / Studying at home.
Posted 1/17/12
Opening Credits: Mine - Jin Akanishi

Waking Up: Kokoro - SS501

First Day At School: Walking on Air - Kerli

Falling In Love: Korean Dream - G-Dragon

Losing Virginity: The End - Groove Coverage

Fight Song: I AM ME ~Prologue~ - Yuya Matsushita

Breaking Up: Ambulence Chaser - Search The City

Prom: Let me be the one - SS501

Life: Santeria - Sublime

Mental Breakdown: Photograph - Nickelback

Driving: More Than Alive - The Ready Set

Flashback: ふたり - Yuya Matsushita

Getting Back Together: Fences - Paramore

Wedding: Young Forever - The Ready Set

Birth of Child: Gossip - G-Dragon

Final Battle: Bigger Scars Make Better Stories - Search The City

Death Scene: Niji - Aqua Timez

Funeral Song: Reach For the Stars - Cash Cash

End Credits: This is War - MBLAQ

I died of laughter doing this XD
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