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Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/28/08

One of the Gundam Machines owned by Celestial Being. Mounted in the center of the chest is a G.N. Drive which supplies a steady stream of G.N. Particles, giving the suit near infinite energy and mobility. Also it can release G.N. in the air to create an electromagnetic field making it immune to radar detection.
It can handle beam weaponry and the like, and in comparison to typical MS, its light years ahead in technological prowess.

Height at the top of the head: 18.3 meters
Total Weight: 57.2 tons
Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei

One of the Gundam Machines owned by Celestial Being. Like the other Gundams, it has a G.N. Drive mounted in the chest, giving it near infinite energy and marvelous maneuverability..
Dynames' fuselage is modified to place priority on firepower, and among it's standard equipment is a G.N. powered sniper rifle, though it has a wide range of weaponry available to suit its mission.
At times when ultra precision is required, the head can change into a sniper mode, and a hidden camera eye used for this purpose becomes visible. At those times within the cockpit, a special rifle shaped controller is used specifically for this type of sniping.

Height at the top of the head: 18.2 meters
Total Weight: 59.1 tons
Pilot: Lockon Stratos

One of the Gundam Machines owned by Celestial Being. It's a type designed for aviation and is capable of a graceful transformation. Since it is an aerial type, on it's rear is equipped a container which can be used to fit the purpose of each and every mission. The pride of this suit is it's ability to win with one hyper speed attack in aviation mode, so in it's MS mode it is not as powerful as the other Gundams.

Height at the top of the head: 18.9 meters
Total Weight: 54.8 tons
Pilot: Allelujah Haptism

One of the Gundam Machines owned by Celestial Being. It is a super heavy armor type, armed with a G.N Bazooka, G.N. Cannon and other such super powerful weapons in its arsenal. It emits a G.N. field around it forming a barrier, giving it remarkably high defensive power as well.

Height at the top of the head: 18.4 meters
Total Weight: 66.7 tons
Pilot: Tieria Erde


The Union's variable type MS. It can change into an aviation mode, though doing so in combat is not feasible. For armaments, it fires bullets electromagnetically accelerated with it's "Linear Rifle." For close range combat, it has a hyper vibrating blade known as a "Sonic Blade." In one part of it's fuselage, an energy blade, the "Plasma Blade" is hidden. There are countless variations of this model.

Height at the top of the head: 17.9 meters.
Total weight: 67.1 tons.

Since their orbital elevator remains unfinished, the AEU's dignity hangs on this, their latest MS, which runs on solar power. The AEU's ace pilot Patrick Chrysler boards it, and sets out on the 10th anniversary day of the Human Reform League's orbital elevator's completion.

Height at the top of the head: 17.6 meters
Total weight: 66.8 tons

An MS of the AEU, Since the AEU produces such a vast number of these, they sell them to other nations as well. Because of this there are many cases of terrorists and the like getting their hands on them. It has abilities to change into an aviation mode, which is old news since the developing of the Enact, the fate of this unit seems to be to fill any holes in the front lines that the Enact can not. There are many variations on it's head style and weapons to suit it's mission.

Height at the top of the head: 15.4 meters
Total weight: 58.2 tons.

A mobile suit used by the Union. Since there aren't enough Flags to fully represent the Union army, this suit is still deployed in large numbers. It has the same aviation mode transformation capabilities as the Flag, but unlike the Flag it is unable to shift back and forth between it and human mode mid flight.

Height at the top of the head: 15.3 meters (17.7 altogether)
Weight: 60.0 tons

Graham's Custom Flag

An improvement on the Union's latest mobile suit, the Flag. Belongs to Graham Acre and was developed by Professor Raife Aifman, both of the Anti-Gundam investigation force. Comparing it to other suits, this one is capable of speeds of more than 2 times that of a normal Flag. Among it's arms is the new experimental linear rifle from Iris Corp.

Height at the top of the head: 17.9 meters
Total Weight: 66.6 tons
Weapons: Experimental Linear Rifle/Defense Rod/Sonic Blade(Plasma Blade)/20mm Machine Gun/Missiles.

Sarshes' AEU Enact

A enhanced prototype suit tuned for Ali Al-Sarshes. On the point of its Blade Rifle, a sonic blade is equipped. The Sonic Blade, which is usually sored within the arm is replaced with other weaponry.

Height at the top of the Head: 17.6 meters
Total Weight: 66.2 tons
Weapons: Blade Rifle/Defense Rod/Sonic Blade (Plasma Blade/Leg Missiles/Grenades/Carbon Dagger.
Pilot: Ali Al-Sarshes


The mass produced MS of the Human Reform League. From Earth to Space Types, many variations of this suit exist. Compared to other MS, the frame is very heavy, making it quite slow. But what it loses in speed it makes up for with defensive power, it is capable of carrying super heavy weaponry. It's standard weaponry includes a material rifle, and a carbon blade. Compared to other MS, it definitely falls in the old school category, though its reliability has been thoroughly tested.

Height at the top of the head: 18.1 meters
Total weight: 121.3 tons

The Human Reform League's Tieren's Space version. The tanks equipped on both legs are filled with water. Also even if the tank itself is used as a shield the suit can function for 10 minutes.
It's main weapon is a 200mm 25 caliber unrifled gun, capable of use in space. For the same purpose it is plated with anti radiation coating. Should it be sent on a close combat mission, it can also be equipped with a blade.

Height at the top of the head: 18.2 meters
Total weight: 127.5 tons

In secrecy the HRL continued its research in developing super human soldiers. This is the personal suit of the first in that line of soldiers, Soma Pieres. It is equipped with thrusters all over the body, including the massive ones on the shoulders and legs, giving it marvelous maneuverability. It has many extra optical cameras to increase the data input to the OS and the pilot, this and the high amount of Gs distributed on the pilot in flight make this a difficult suit to pilot, even for a super soldier. The HRL designed this suit with use in both space and on land in mind.

Height at the top of the head: 18.7 meters
Weight: 112.1 tons
Pilot: Soma Pieres.

The HRL's custom Tieren used for long distance shooting. there is a 300mm x 50 caliber rifle mounted on the head. Naturally there's no better MS for anti fort warfare, as no other MS can match it in terms of range. since its mobility is poor, on missions against a force with other mobile suits, it requires an escort to maintain its safety.

A variation on the HRL's Tieren suit. It has the same characteristics as the other unit, making use of it's super heavy weight, while raising it's weak point, mobility, to the limit. It can hover, making high speed movement possible. It has two wings on the back, used primarily for gliding, but they can also be used to change course in hover mode as well.

Height at the top of the head: 18.3 meters
Total Weight:101.1 tons


"Anf" means "nose" in Arabic. A Human Reform League designed to be sold to third world middle eastern nations. Originally designed as the HRL's MSN-04 "Fanton," but since the army decided to rid itself of dependance on fossil fuel, it was discontinued as such.

Height at the top of the Head: 17.3 meters
Total Weight: 134.9 tons
Weapons: 30mm Machine Gun/200mm x 25 caliber unrifled head gun

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Posted 3/28/08

Model Number: GNW-001

A Gundam of Celestial Being's second team. Throne Unit #1.
The Eins, Zwei, and Drei are all modifications on the same suit, however the Throne Unit #1; Eins is specialy designed for long range bombardment. It was made with the best features of Dynames and Virtue in mind. The proof of it being a Gundam; it's GN drive, is called a "T (tau)" type, Releasing a different color of GN Particle than the Gundams seen to this point. The special warship of the thrones has a GN Drive on board, that can fire an extraordinarily strong beam when all 3 Throne units are connected to it.

Height at the top of the head: 18.6 meters
Total weight: 67.1 tons
Weapons: GN Launcher / GN Beam Rifle / GN Beam Saber / GN Shield
Pilot: Yohan Trinity

Model Number: GNW-002

A Gundam of Celestial Being's second Team. Throne Unit #2. It has a GN Drive[T] on board which releases the red GN Particles. It's Gundam Meister is Mihael Trinity, the middle child. It has a massive GN Buster Sword, which accumulates GN Particles on the sides, effectively making it a massive beam saber. It's GN Fangs are remote controlled beam rifles, however they can also draw out beam sabers, which are used to pierce enemy suits.

Height at the top of the head: 18.6 meters
Total weight: 67.1 tons
Weapons: GN Fangs / GN Handgun / GN Buster Sword / GN Beam Saber
Pilot: Mihael Trinity

Model Number: GNW-003

A Gundam of Celestial Being's second team. Throne Unit #3. It has a GN Drive[T] on board which releases the red GN Particles. It's Meister is the youngest of the Trinity, Neena Trinity. It is a suit designed for support, It is capable of deploying a GN Stealth Field over a huge area, the only unit capable of making one of such a size. Inside it's GN Shield Pod are all sorts of missiles and spare beam sabers and such, also capable of bringing whatever military equipment needed for any mission.

Height at the top of the head: 19.4 meters
Total weight: 67.7 tons
Weapons: GN Stealth Field / GN Handgun / GN Beam Sabers / GN Shield Pod / GN Shield
Pilot: Neena Trinity

Model Number: GN-X

Mobile Suits equipped with solar furnaces produced as a result of a data leak from Celestial Being. They have the same G.N. Drive [T] equipped as the Gundam Thrones. Only the best pilots from the three superpowers are elected to pilot these suits as part of the United Nations Army. Using the tactics of superior numbers they fight on par, if not above the Gundams.

Height at the top of the head: 19.0 meters
Total weight: 70.4 tons
Pilot: United Nations Army Pilots.

This is the alternate form of the GN-005 Gundam Virtue with all of its body armor unattached. The hair-like cords are what attaches the many armored components of the Virtue to it. Without the heavy body armor that it wears, it becomes a much faster Gundam that excells in mobility and speed. It's armaments are nearly identical to the Virtue's except it uses the Dual GN Cannons as a hand weapon instead of on its shoulders.

Height at the top of the head: 18.1 meters
Total Weight: 54 tons
Weapons: G.N. Beam Saber
Pilot: Tieria Erde

Model Number: GN Arms Type-E

A Mech designed by Celestial Being to support the Gundams.
In place of Ptolemaios' containers, Combat Containers are equiped in their place, from the stern of which GN Arms can deploy. When combined with a Gundam, it becomes called a GN Armor.
The Combat Container has all kinds of weapons built in like GN Missiles, which can be used as it is, still attached to Ptolemaios. In particular it's jumbo GN Cannons equipped at the front effectively become the main wepons of Ptolemaios. While it s possible for the GN Arms and container to separate and fight independently, because of their reliance on a GN Drive, they must combine with a Gundam as a GN Armor to fight for an extended period. When docked to the GN Arms, a section of the wing effectively becomes like the Clavicle Antenna on the Gundam, raising it's effective use of GN Particles. When docked with a GN Arms, the Gundams' have a whole new arsenal at their disposal. As of know only two of them have been manufactured, the Type-E for Exia and the Type-D for Dynames.

Weapons: Giant GN Sword / GN Beam Gun / Giant GN Cannons
Pilot: Lasse Iron
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Posted 4/30/08
thank you so much for translating the their main site! I always wanted to know want to read it but I can't read kanji! thank you thank you!
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Posted 5/6/08

Overall length: 56.1 m
Overall width: 37.9 m
Overall height: 42.6 m
"An enormous weapon used in the UN Forces' final battle against Celestial Being. It's equipped with 7 pseudo-solar furnaces. With a gigantic beam cannon capable of firing extremely long distances, a strong GN Field, as well as other weaponry, it boasts the overwhelming power of past solar furnace-equipped units. Its armament also includes large, melee combat-use arms and midrange combat-use Fangs."

Head height: 17.6 m
Base weight: 69.2 t
Pilot: Alejandro Corner
"A pseudo-solar furnace equipped mobile suit stored inside the Alvatore. In reality, the Alvatore is only an enhancement for this unit, its true form. The wing portions can function as large beam cannons that make extremely long distance attacks. The pilot is one of Celestial Being's observers, Alejandro Corner, who betrayed his organization and gave pseudo-solar furnaces to the UN."
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