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Posted 3/28/08 , edited 5/25/08

Anyone here have a blog that they like to go to that has something to do with the Japanese language? It can be a blog on learning Japanese, a blog in Japanese, just something that has to do with the language. I'd love to hear about more blogs, especially blogs in Japanese.

Currently, these are the blogs I read: (Japanese)
On this site, each region of Japan has a blog of its own on mainly the weather in Japan. They also feature other information, such as info about cherry blossom trees, holidays, etc. The blogs are accompanied by short video weather reports, and are updated daily. I study from the Hokkaido weather reports, but I also like to watch all the other reports from the other regions. (English)
This blog has a lot of motivating articles on learning Japanese. A lot of the methods Khatzumoto writes about I use myself, and they are really helpful. This is a blog worth reading. (English)
I don't really read this blog anymore, but I occasionally go back to it. This blog helps you learn Japanese through media. This site is especially helpful for beginners. Rather than quickly glancing over each video, take time to study it. Watch the videos over, and over again, repeat what the people in the videos are saying, study the script that the author has written for you, pick it apart to learn what each word means individually. It'll really help you improve.

Please share what blogs you read!
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Arigatou Lumiina for the helpful blogs I'll try and put up some sites that might be useful.
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I just made a writing blog at Ameblo. Apparently this is a popular blogging site where famous japanese actors/actresses and singers blog about their life.

It's my first time writing sentences in japanese characters. I don't really know how to space the words. Can someone tell me if what I wrote is correct?
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