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Posted 3/28/08

Shino sends his bugs surging towards Tobi. Tobi jumps away, offering his further disgust. Kakashi states the Aburame fight by dispersing their bugs and taking control of a wide area. The bugs spread to fill the air around Tobi. Kakashi offers that their opponent is now trapped.

Shino thinks that any movement will be detected and he will learn how Tobi's jutsu works. He then forms a bug sphere which moves towards Tobi. Shino offers that he'll take care of him, because he's part of the mission and to make up for missing out last time. The bugs engulf Tobi and Sakura marvels at Shino's control. Hinata states Tobi is still within the bugs and Yamato extends his wood.

Shino states the bugs are sucking up Tobi's chakra and Naruto yells for him to take it all. Suddenly the bugs disperse, revealing a missing Tobi. The team looks on in surprise and Sakura asks if it was Shunshin? Shino says no, as that's just fast movement which he could detect. Kakashi considers if it was a space/time technique, but decides that can't be true, as there were no hand seals or summoning marks.

Such a jutsu would surpass even the Fourth Hokage's technique. Yamato wonders if he can simply cease to exist? Sakura states that might be the case, it would explain how he avoided Naruto's earlier attack as well, by simply removing portions of his body. Hinata searches the area again and locates Tobi on a nearby tree limb. Tobi greets the team and Kiba jumps to attack with his Tsuuga technique.

Tobi sidesteps the attack, causing Kiba to drill through the limb and plant himself into the ground. A dizzy Kiba offers that he slipped through Tobi, but Hinata states he simply dodged it. Zetsu emerges beside Tobi and Sakura asks what that is. Kakashi states the figure is in Kabuto's Akatsuki file. Zetsu states that Sasuke won the battle and that Itachi died. The team is shocked and Tobi offers that that was a big surprise!... but not really. He expected that.

Zetsu states Sasuke collapsed afterwards and is barely hanging on. Naruto and Sakura are shocked and determined by the news. Naruto demands Sasuke's location from "spiky aloe" man, which Zetsu takes offense to. As Kakashi looks on he reacts in shock to the Sharingan visible in Tobi's mask hole. Tobi as Madara states he'll deal with them some other time...

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